It's okay to apply for a loan of money, as long as...

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9 April 2021
It's okay to apply for a loan of money, as long as...

In this life, sometimes a person encounters unexpected circumstances that require liquid funds in a short time. Applying for a loan is one solution that is taken in a state of urgency. One of them is to submit an application for borrowing money through a finance company.

There are various needs that require extra funds in quite large amounts. For example, for business capital needs, education costs, health costs, or other things that are consumptive in nature.

Submitting a loan application does look negative for your finances. However, if there is no other way, applying for a loan is actually quite natural. The following are the conditions under which you may apply for a loan, as quoted from


Ideal Loan Amount

In applying for a loan, the documents you provide will be assessed whether you are able to pay off the loan bill later. Also, you will be asked to state your ability to pay the bill. If the loan amount you are applying for does not exceed your ability, then applying for a loan is normal.

Before applying for a loan, you can do a loan simulation online to find out your ability to pay. You can choose the tenor and nominal of the loan according to your abilities and needs. So, the loan you apply for does not burden your financial situation.

Productive or Urgent Needs

Applying for a loan is normal, as long as the purpose of the loan is clear. Don't let you apply for a loan to fulfill a consumptive lifestyle or unimportant shopping. This will only complicate your financial situation.

Submit a quick liquid loan application only for productive needs, such as business needs, or urgent ones. Thus, you can meet your financial needs without risking your finances.

High Credit Score

A credit score is not the main criterion that determines the success of your loan application. However, the credit score will be assessed wherever you apply for a loan. If you have a high credit score, the chances of your loan application being approved are also high.

A high credit score indicates your ability to take responsibility for your existing credit. Your credit score can be improved by being disciplined in paying off all loans, and managing finances to be able to be responsible for the loans you have.

However, if your credit score is good, don't use it as an excuse to take a loan without any important need. Use these advantages as provisions to reduce your burden in paying off debt.

Apply for a loan at BFI Finance

Those are the various situations in which you can apply for a loan. Come on, be wiser in submitting a loan application, OK?

You can apply for a loan at BFI Finance as a trusted financial solution. With a vehicle BPKB guarantee or certificate, your loan application can be approved in just a day.


Come on, apply for a safe and reliable loan at BFI Finance!

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