How to Manage BFI Finance Loans for Business

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25 February 2021
How to Manage BFI Finance Loans for Business

Having a thriving business is certainly the dream of all entrepreneurs. The business capital owned must also be sufficient to support the strategy and business needs in order to develop. So, applying for a loan is a common thing for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

BFI Finance is a financial institution that can support entrepreneurs in meeting their financial needs in the form of business financing with guarantees.


As an entrepreneur, of course, you must understand how to manage loan funds properly and carefully. If you are unable to manage the loan funds, the loan funds will easily run out. Instead of bringing profits to your business, it will actually bring losses. Of course, you don't want the loan funds to end up in vain, right?

So, how do you manage loan funds properly and correctly? Let's see the following review!

1. Making Careful Planning

Long before you apply for a loan, make a mature business plan. Make a plan for your next business expenses. For example, production and promotion costs, increasing inventory, business expansion, and so on.

This way, you are able to estimate the detailed cost required for each expense. You are also able to determine how much loan funds are needed for your business needs. Loan funds can also be used according to need.

2. Using Loan Funds As Planned

After making a thorough plan, the next step is to ensure that the loan funds are used according to the plan that has been made previously. Because, after you receive loan funds, it is not impossible to want to use the loan funds for other needs. It could be for things that have nothing to do with business needs.

Focus on the business plan that you have created. So that the loan money does not run out in vain without any development for your business.

3. Prepare a Special Budget to Pay Loan Installments

Don't forget to also prepare a special budget to pay your loan installments. You can set aside this budget from the existing business capital. Or from some of the business profits that you have gotten after developing your business with loan funds.

By preparing a special budget, your finances will be more organized. You will also be calmer without the risk of being fined for being late in paying installments.

4. Making Business Financial Records

Finally, make sure to keep neat and detailed business financial records. So you can find out the flow of money in and out, including loan funds. Thus, you can monitor where the loan money is used to develop your business. And monitor the progress of your business.

Those are some ways you can take advantage of loan funds for your business from BFI Finance. Let's apply for a loan to BFI Finance and enjoy fast disbursement of funds with low interest!

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