How to Get a Business Capital Loan for MSMEs

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22 February 2021
How to Get a Business Capital Loan for MSMEs

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are quite promising business opportunities. The number of MSME business actors is also increasing and the competition is also getting tougher. Thus, they began to think of various strategies to develop their business. This encourages business actors to seek assistance in the form of business capital loans to develop their businesses.

Citing data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the number of MSME actors in Indonesia reached around 64 million in 2020. However, not all business actors are able to develop their businesses. One of their obstacles is the lack of working capital. Of course, without sufficient business capital, business actors will find it difficult to realize their business plans and strategies.

Are you one of the MSME business actors who need additional capital? Quoted from, here are some ways to get additional capital and business capital loans to develop your business!

Selling Assets or Used Goods

To get business capital, you can sell anything that can be sold in your home. Starting from assets to used goods. You can collect items that are still in decent condition but are no longer used in your home. For example clothing or electronic devices. After that, you can sell it on the marketplace or make a garage sale.

You can also get additional working capital from selling assets. Such as vehicles, jewelry, and so on. However, do not forget to also take into account the needs and pros and cons.

Collaborating with Partners or Investors

You can get a business capital loan by cooperating with partners or investors to develop your business. Investors can come from the people closest to you, such as friends or family. However, to convince partners or investors, define a clear vision, concept, and business direction. Thus, partners or investors will not hesitate to inject funds into your business.

Applying for a Business Capital Loan

The last step you can take is to apply for a business capital loan from a trusted financial institution. You can mortgage your assets as collateral for a business capital loan. Today, many online loan services are available that you can choose according to your needs.

Choose the right loan service, which suits your needs and abilities. In addition, make sure that the loan service you are aiming for has been registered with the OJK such as BFI Finance to avoid unwanted risks.

Hopefully, the tips above can help you get the business capital loan you need, OK!

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