How to Carefully Take Advantage of the Money Loan Application

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28 July 2021
How to Carefully Take Advantage of the Money Loan Application

Applying for a loan from a money loan application service provided by a finance company is a common solution. The goals can vary. Starting from additional business capital, education costs, home renovation costs, and much more.

There are various loan products available. Starting from loans with vehicle BPKB guarantees, home certificate guarantees, to those without collateral or KTA.

The money loan application itself provides many advantages. The disbursement process and requirements are fast and practical. In fact, some finance companies offer disbursement of funds in less than one day. So, this method is mostly done by those who need funds to be disbursed quickly in a short time.

Unfortunately, this convenience is sometimes not matched by the wisdom of its customers. There are still many people who are not wise in using loan funds. As a result, instead of helping, they end up falling into debt and deteriorating financial conditions. So, applying for a loan is often considered negative.

In fact, applying for a money loan is okay as long as you know how to carefully use the loan funds. Oneshildt Personal Financial Planning Financial Planner, Budi Rahardjo, said that as long as the loan you are seeking has been registered and supervised by the OJK, you can use a loan application as an alternative for your financial needs.

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Eko Endarto, Financial Planner at Finansia Consulting, advised that you must always be disciplined and not use borrowed funds for consumptive things. Use loan funds according to the original plan and purpose of borrowing, and do not use them for other things.

Apart from being disciplined in the use of funds, Eko is also advised to be disciplined in paying off loans by making loan installment payments a priority. Preferably, the number of installments does not exceed 30% of income.

Before applying for a loan, you should really consider whether the purpose of using the loan funds is productive or not. Then, understand the terms and administrative costs, including interest, how to pay installments, to fines.

Debt Management

In addition to studying the requirements, interest schemes, installment payments, fines, and sanctions, you should also consider the loan tenor.

This of course must be adjusted to the amount of the loan and your financial situation. However, it is recommended that you take a long-term loan, for example, 6 months. So, you can minimize the potential for default.

For this reason, the use of borrowed money should be for things that are productive and productive. Thus, the proceeds from the loan can compensate for the payment of installments and interest.

In other words, applying for a loan must be balanced with a good ability to repay so as not to complicate your financial situation in the future. 

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