Can I Apply for a Loan for Emergency Needs?

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19 August 2021
Can I Apply for a Loan for Emergency Needs?

It is impossible to predict when an emergency will come. Of course, not everyone wants to experience this. But to overcome this, of course, you need an emergency fund that can be used for urgent needs. Emergency funds can be obtained from anywhere; both from savings and choosing the option to apply for a loan that can be obtained in a short time.

Having an emergency fund is important to use when the need is urgent. Unfortunately, sometimes the emergency funds that have been prepared are not enough so you inevitably have to look for additional funds. So direct online cash loans were taken as a temporary solution to increase the lack of funds. There are various forms of money loans; including unsecured loans (KTA), secured loans, and credit cards.

Even though you are in a desperate position and need additional funds, you should not be careless and just apply for an emergency loan.

There are various things you should consider before applying for a fast loan for emergency needs. What are some?


Ability to Pay

Even though you need a loan, you also have to take into account your ability to pay. It is feared that your financial problems will increase if you apply for a loan that you yourself cannot afford. Don't let yourself be trapped in debt that has accumulated due to growing interest.

Ideally, you should apply for a loan with an amount of no more than 30% of your monthly income. Be sure to take this into account, especially if you are pledging your valuable assets such as vehicle registration certificates or house certificates. Of course, you don't want to lose those assets, do you?

Loan Products and Interest Rate

The second thing you should pay attention to is the interest rate. Similar to the first point, make sure to choose a loan product whose interest rate is in accordance with your ability to pay. Also, be sure to compare interest rates between different financial institutions and choose the lowest interest rate. Generally, interest rates for secured loan products are lower than for KTA.

Alternative Financial Institutions

Finally, make sure you choose a safe and trusted financial institution to get loan funds. You can check the credibility of your destination financial institution through the official OJK website. Choose a financial institution that offers loan products that suit your needs and ability to pay.

Applying for a loan may be used as a temporary solution. However, make sure that you have considered the things that have been mentioned carefully.

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