5 Benefits of Business Capital Loans and Easy Ways to Get Capital

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7 October 2022
5 Benefits of Business Capital Loans and Easy Ways to Get Capital

Applying for a business capital loan is a common thing that many people do. Especially for those who want to start a business or plan to develop a business that has been running for a long time.

If used properly and wisely, the business capital obtained can provide a myriad of benefits for the sustainability of your business.

Then, what are the benefits of a business capital loan, and how easy is it to get that capital? Read more in this article.


Types of Business Capital Loans

Business capital loans are divided into several types. Among them are multipurpose loans, people's business loans (KUR), small business capital loans from cooperatives, small business capital loans from KTA, online loans, working capital loans, and venture capital loans. The full explanation is as follows.

1. Multipurpose Credit

Multipurpose credit is a type of loan that requires the debtor (borrower) to provide collateral in the form of assets to the creditor (the party providing the loan).

The collateralized assets must be in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply to the bank or finance company. For example, a car BPKB guarantee, a Motorcycle BPKB guarantee, and a house certificate guarantee.

The benefit of a loan from a multipurpose credit is that the amount of the loan you get depends on the amount of the value of the goods or assets that are guaranteed. The higher the estimated value, the greater your opportunity to obtain large amounts of business capital.

2. People's Business Credit (KUR)

People's business credit or abbreviated as KUR is a type of loan provided by the government, both for entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs who need capital.

The benefits of this loan can be easily felt for companies engaged in the industrial, agricultural, fishery, marine, forestry, and financial sectors in the form of savings and loan services.

To get people's business credit, you can apply for a loan from a bank that has organized this program.

3. Small Business Capital Loans from Cooperatives

You can also get business capital loans from cooperatives. Borrowing from a cooperative can give you loan benefits in the form of convenience in applying for a loan without complicated conditions.

However, to get this convenience you are required to become a member of the cooperative first.

4. Small Business Capital Loans from KTA

KTA or an abbreviation of unsecured credit is one type of loan that you can use to get business capital.

As a borrower, the benefit of the loan you get from this KTA is that you don't need to pledge assets in the form of vehicles, house certificates, or other securities.

In addition, KTA also offers a fairly low-interest rate with a tenor of up to 60 months or 5 years, depending on the policies of the bank and finance company you choose.

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5. Online Loans

Online loans or more familiarly called lenders are types of loans that are quite widely used today.

This type of loan operates online, so you can apply for a loan from anywhere as long as there is an adequate internet connection.

Pinjol offers a series of loan benefits, especially for those of you who need business capital. Among other things, the requirements are easy and the tenor is quite flexible.

Although it is quite easy and even instant, make sure to make online loan transactions at a company that has been officially registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Beware of all forms of lending that offer loans via SMS, WhatsApp, or phone.

6. Working Capital Loans

A working capital loan is one of the programs made by the bank which is intended for small business capital loans.

The terms and conditions that you must meet in order to experience the benefits of this type of loan include having a business license, an existing business that has been running for approximately one year, to attaching complete documents such as an ID card, family card (KK), savings book, income statement. , proof of dependents or installments if any.

7. Venture Capital Loans

The last type of loan is a venture capital loan. In this type of loan, the capital obtained is obtained directly from a venture capitalist on the condition that a cooperation agreement is made for a certain period of time.

In short, the lender owns some of the rights of the company or business institution that has been given capital, similar to the shareholder.

This type of loan is classified as an investment with a high level of risk for the lender. Therefore, the venture as a lender will carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of a business plan before actually investing in a business.

5 Benefits of Business Capital Loans

After you know the various types of loans for business capital, next, let's look at the benefits of what loans we can get, especially if you apply for a loan from a finance company.

1. Easy and Fast Application Process

Business capital loans, especially in financing companies, are processed easily and quickly. The terms and conditions are not complicated. You can adjust the selected loan according to your abilities. Safe and easy.

You can apply online or come to the branch. After that, the funds you borrow can be immediately disbursed if all the terms and conditions are in accordance.

2. Low-Interest Rates

Each finance company has a different interest rate. Choose a finance company with low-interest rates and a long enough tenor so that it can benefit you.

The benefit of a loan with a low-interest rate with a long tenor, among others, is that you have enough time to pay the installments each month while earning profits at the same time. So, when your capital loan installments have been completely paid off, the profits you will get will be even more.

3. Helping to Develop Business

Business capital is the spearhead of the success of a business. Although there are other supporting factors such as the spirit of leadership and the persistence of the entrepreneur, if it is run without adequate capital, it is very likely that the golden opportunity that comes to you is simply missed.

Well, with sufficient business capital, you can experience a series of loan benefits. One of them is to help grow your business.

In addition, you can use this capital to pay employees properly, rent a place of business such as a shop or building, buy various kinds of inventory needed, open new branches, to emergency funds to prepare for various obstacles or disasters that can happen at any time. your business.

4. Improve Quality of Life

Another benefit of business capital loans is that they are able to improve the standard of living of entrepreneurs or borrowers of capital.

The reason is, with capital loans, business actors and MSMEs have the opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals for businesses that are being initiated or those that have been running for a long time.

5. Innovate In Business

Business is a very dynamic field and will continue to grow with changing times.

Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to innovate so that their businesses can continue to survive and develop even more.

Now, with this business capital loan, entrepreneurs can feel the benefits of the loan they get to innovate by conducting various new experiments.

How to Get a Business Capital Loan at BFI Finance

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What are you waiting for? Come on, apply for a business capital loan at BFI Finance so you don't miss a golden opportunity that might come at any time.

Get interesting information about finance, business, loans, and more on the BFI Blog. See you again in our next article. Business greetings!


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