15 Ideas for Selling Takjil Iftar That is Delicious and Profitable

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5 April 2022
15 Ideas for Selling Takjil Iftar That is Delicious and Profitable

Entering the month of Ramadan, there are many moments that are always awaited. One of them is from the sellers of takjil iftar who are often found on the side of the road selling various kinds of dishes. Takjil has become a mandatory dish when breaking the fast before eating the main course. There are takjil dishes that have a sweet, savory, and refreshing taste. Takjil with a sweet and refreshing taste is usually the most sought after because it can quench thirst after fasting for 13 hours. Speaking of takjil, is there any BFI friends here who plan to sell takjil during the month of Ramadan? Selling activities during the month of Ramadan can certainly be a fun activity and a field of reward, BFI Friend. Well, for BFI friends who want to sell during the month of Ramadan, this time the BFI Finance team provides an interesting idea for selling takjil iftar that is refreshing and makes a profit! Come on, take a look at the following 15 ideas for selling takjil a la BFI Finance!


15 Ideas for Selling Takjil Break Fasting a la BFI Finance

1. Fried Foods

The idea of ​​selling the first takjil is, of course, none other than selling fried foods. Fried food is a complementary food that can be found at any moment, especially during this fasting moment. The warmth of the fried food adds to the enjoyment of breaking the fast, especially when served with rice and cayenne pepper. You can sell various types of fried foods such as tempe mendoan, bakwan, stuffed tofu, aci tofu, fried bananas, and others. Generally, the selling price per fried food can start from Rp. 500 to Rp. 2,000. You can start selling 2 to 3 hours before iftar time, and close until the products are sold out. If you need a cart for selling, choose a simple trading cart that starts from IDR 500,000 per unit. The current fried food business is also on the rise, you know, maybe you can try it!

2. Fruit Ice

The freshness of fruit ice is unavoidable as a mandatory dish for breaking the fast. Selling fruit ice can be the next idea for selling takjil iftar for you. One serving of fruit ice can be priced starting from IDR 5,000. Very affordable price, right? You can combine various kinds of fruit such as apple slices, grapes, avocado, watermelon, and others in one serving of fruit ice. Don't forget to add a mixture of coco pandan syrup and sweetened condensed milk to make it taste more delicious. One serving of fruit ice at a price of Rp. 5,000 can make a profit of approximately Rp. 3,000, you know. So, if you sell 30 servings in a day, the profit you can get in one day is IDR 90,000.

3. Ice Cantaloupe

Another idea for selling fresh iftar takjil is by selling cantaloupe ice. Cantaloupe is a fruit that comes from the same family as melons. Besides being refreshing, cantaloupe ice is beneficial for health, you know. Cantaloupe is believed to facilitate digestion, lower blood pressure, and has low calories, making it suitable for dieting. You can sell various flavors of cantaloupe ice such as milk cantaloupe ice, basil seed cantaloupe ice, coco pandan cantaloupe ice, grass jelly ice cantaloupe, and others. The price of one portion of cantaloupe ice can be priced starting from Rp. 10,000.

4. Banana Compote

The fourth idea of ​​selling takjil is to sell banana compote. Banana compote is also one of the most sought-after menus during Ramadan. Its sweet and nutritious taste is the reason why banana compote has many fans. To make it is quite simple. You just need 4 main ingredients, namely bananas, coconut milk, sugar, and pandan leaves.

The capital required to make 10 servings of banana compote can range from IDR 40,000 to IDR 60,000. With details, 1 kapok banana comb is priced at IDR 17,000, the price of 200 ml of coconut milk starts from IDR 7,000, 1 bunch of pandan leaves costs IDR 2,500, and 1 kg of granulated sugar starts from IDR 14,400.

5. Assorted Porridge

In addition to banana compote and fruit ice, selling various porridges can be an idea for selling the next takjil which is no less delicious and profitable. Sell ​​a variety of porridge such as mung bean porridge, pearl porridge, and the most sought-after marrow porridge. The price per one serving of porridge ranges from Rp. 5,000. The capital required is also not too large. For example, to make 30 servings of mung bean porridge, approximately 52,500 capital is required. The main ingredients needed include 1 kg of raw green beans IDR 24,000, coconut milk IDR 7,000, and 1 kg of granulated sugar IDR. 14,000, 1 bunch of pandan leaves IDR 2,500, and kg of ginger IDR 5,000. In addition to its delicious taste, the serving of green bean porridge has a high nutritional content.

6. Processed Dates

Dates are identical fruits and always appear in the month of Ramadan. The reason is that dates are a fruit favored by the Prophet Muhammad and is a sunnah practice if someone eats them during the month of Ramadan. You can sell dates in smaller quantities for example per 100 grams and have been wrapped in plastic. In addition to selling finished dates, you can sell various processed products such as date milk and date cakes. Date milk can be an alternative to cow's milk or soy. Various date-based cakes that can be sold include date cake, date pudding, and date fried bread. The idea of ​​selling takjil processed dates is certain to have a lot of fans like other takjil dishes, such as various porridge and compote.

7. Assorted Pudding

Selling various puddings is the seventh takjil selling idea that you can run. Pudding with a sweet taste and attractive appearance will certainly arouse the appetite for anyone who eats it. You can sell a variety of pudding offerings such as fruit pudding, chocolate pudding, moss pudding, milk pudding, regal pudding, and many other types of pudding that you can make. The price of a serving of pudding varies depending on the type of pudding it sells. However, some of them are sold at a price of IDR 10,000 per portion (200 ml).

8. Ice Banana Ijo

This archipelago takjil dish comes from the province of South Sulawesi. As the name implies, es banana ijo has a green appearance made from rice flour and pandan leaves to wrap the banana inside. Green banana ice is also served with coco pandan syrup and sweetened condensed milk for a fresher taste. The price of 1 portion of this green banana ice can range from Rp. 8,000 to Rp. 15,000. Selling green banana ice is an idea for selling fasting takjil that is different and of course profitable.

9. Salak Seeds

The idea of ​​selling Ramadan takjil with other basic ingredients of coconut milk is salak seeds. Called salak seeds because they look round and brown like the appearance of salak seeds in general. Salak seeds are made from yellow or purple sweet potatoes mixed with coconut milk, sweet palm sugar, and the scent of pandan leaves. The price of a small portion of salak seeds starts from IDR 7,000 to IDR 10,000.

10. Buko Pandan

Buko pandan is a dessert that comes from the Philippines. The composition of buko pandan contains pieces of jelly, jackfruit, and coconut served with coconut milk sauce and evaporated milk. Selling Buko Pandan is an idea to sell takjil that not many people have implemented. And of course, this can be more opportunities for those of you who want to sell. The price of a small portion of Buko Pandan starts from IDR 10,000. With a capital of Rp. 350,000, you can already run this Buko Pandan business, including the cooking utensils.

11. Young Coconut Ice

The idea of ​​selling takjil on this one is also not to be missed. Fresh young coconut ice can be a thirst quencher when it's time to break the fast. Young coconut contains antioxidants that function to prevent the entry of free radicals into the body. In addition, young coconut water contains electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium which play an important role in preventing dehydration. So, the young coconut ice dish is very suitable to be consumed when it is time to break the fast. One portion of young coconut ice is sold with prices starting from Rp. 12,000 depending on the area where it is sold. The profit obtained can reach Rp. 9,000 per portion.

12. Traditional Snacks

It's not complete if takjil only serves thirst-quenching fresh drinks. Eating a variety of traditional market snacks also adds to the enjoyment of breaking the fast. There are so many kinds of traditional market snacks that you can sell, such as kue cucur, risol mayo, mini martabak, mini sponge cake, apem cake, and others. The selling price per unit of market snacks is also relatively cheap. Starting from IDR 1,000 you can get risol mayo or apem cake. Seeing this opportunity can certainly be an idea to sell a promising Ramadan takjil, BFI pal.

13. Cappuccino Cincau

Ice Cappucino Cincau has long been a favorite drink for all occasions, especially during this Ramadan. Es Cappuccino cincau consists of pieces or shavings of jelly served with cappuccino iced coffee. Cappuccino grass jelly has a price that varies per unit. If you buy it at a roadside kiosk, it can be priced starting from Rp. 7,000, if you buy it at a restaurant, of course, the price offered is more expensive, BFI pal. If you decide to sell the grass jelly cappuccino as an idea to sell takjil, you can also sell it together with various other ices such as fruit ice or cantaloupe ice.

14. Ice Cendol

One more type of drink that can be used as an idea to sell takjil iftar is Es Cendol. Es Cendol is a drink made from coconut milk and palm sugar with a filling of rice flour shaped like jelly. Sometimes, there are also those who add jackfruit as a compliment. The price of a small portion of es cendol can be priced starting from IDR 10,000.

15. Mango Sticky Rice (Mango Sticky Rice)

The last takjil selling idea is to sell mango sticky rice or mango sticky rice. This food comes from Thailand and has long been a favorite food of the Indonesian people. As the name implies, the mango sticky rice dish is a dessert consisting of sticky rice wrapped in thick coconut milk and eaten with fresh mango pieces. The taste is quite unique, namely the sweet and sour that comes from the mango and the salty taste that comes from the coconut milk. The price of one portion of this sticky mango ranges from Rp. 15,000 only.


So, those are the fifteen ideas for selling takjil iftar that you can try. Which of the fifteen selling ideas will you be implementing in the near future? If you need business capital to buy cooking equipment for example or a booth to sell, you can apply for a business capital loan through BFI Finance! Enough with the guarantee of BPKB Cars, Motorcycles, or House Certificates, you have the opportunity to get a loan with low interest and various loan ceilings. In addition, we try to make the loan approval process not take more than 2 days! BFI Finance has been registered and supervised by OJK and has served thousands of customers in meeting their financial needs. So, always entrust all your financial needs including business capital needs to BFI Finance.


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