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12 Ways to Save Quickly and Precisely, Soon-to-be Rich!

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10 February 2022
12 Ways to Save Quickly and Precisely, Soon-to-be Rich!

Saving is something that is highly recommended if we want to quickly add the desired asset. However, in the process sometimes we often encounter temptations that make our saving period and nominal miss the target or even neglect it. In order for BFI friends to be more consistent in saving, the BFI Finance team will provide 12 ways to save quickly and correctly! Come on, let's practice together!

12 Ways to Save Quickly and Precisely

1. Set Clear Saving Goals

The first step on how to save quickly is to set a clear saving goal. For example, are you saving for education funds, emergency funds, or buying things that can't be bought at that time? By making clear goals, it will make us more focused on trying to achieve them.

2. Set Time Limit and Amount of Saving Funds

Next, after you set a goal for saving, you can determine the amount of savings you want to achieve and the time it will take. For example, you want to save for the cost of S2 education of Rp. 40,000,000. With your monthly income of IDR 7,000,000 and every month allocating 20% ​​of it for savings, you need to save for approximately 2.5 years.

3. Use a Financial Management Application

To make it easier for you to manage your monthly expenses, you can take advantage of the free financial management applications available on various platforms. Through this application, you can control what you spend per month, including saving.

You can also use the conventional method by recording expenses and the allocation of savings funds with simple written notes.

4. Create a Separate Savings Account!

Differentiate the account for daily expenses with savings! This greatly affects the smooth running of your saving business. By creating a separate savings account, you will be more focused and consistent in saving. You can set when you move your account for your own needs, for example at the beginning of each month or when you receive payroll every month.

5. Avoid Consumptive Lifestyle

You have to limit consumptive habits that can make your monthly expenses out of bounds. Limit spending for entertainment purposes for example 5% of your income. Living in accordance with your needs and income, will keep you from wasteful habits and accelerate your savings coffers.

6. Pay Off Debts First

If you have debt, make it a priority to pay it off before the specified deadline. If you pay more than the specified time limit, of course, it will cause new problems such as the emergence of fines and worsening your credit score. Paying debts on time will reduce your monthly obligations. With that, you will start to focus on saving again.

7. Take Advantage of the Discount Promo or Cashback

Take advantage of discount promos or cashback in buying goods or services. For example, to meet your daily food needs, you can occasionally buy food through online platforms that offer discount promos or cashback. Or if you want to buy clothes, usually retailers will give big discounts every year-end and big day celebrations. This is quite effective in increasing and accelerating your savings funds collected.

8. Bring Cash According to Needs

Try to bring cash only as needed. This is to avoid the temptation to spend more cash. For example, you consistently allocate Rp. 700,000 in cash per week for daily meals and unexpected expenses.

9. Turn It into a New Asset

If you have a lot of savings, you can divert your savings funds by buying current assets such as land, gold, or other items that have an increase in selling value every year. For example, land prices will increase every year many times the initial purchase price. The nominal may also be greater than if you only deposit your savings in a financial institution.

10. Consider Using Time Savings

The following ways to save quickly are quite powerful enough to withstand all kinds of unnecessary expenses. Consider using the term savings service offered by the Bank. Every month, your account will be auto-debited to the term savings account. If you use this time savings account before the maturity period, you will be subject to fines in accordance with the policies of each bank service.

11. Bring Own Food

This one tip has also proven to be effective in being able to set aside your money for savings. By preparing your own lunch to work or school, you will reduce the cost of eating out each month. Buying vegetables and other food raw materials from the market is generally cheaper than buying ready-to-eat food at a food stall.

12. Earn Extra Income

The last way to save quickly is to get additional income from freelancing activities or by doing a side business. Apart from earning income from your regular job, you can take on freelance work that is not against the Company Regulations where you work. In addition, you can consider starting a side business such as selling food, running a clothing business, or becoming a dropshipper. Use the income from the additional work as additional funds to save.


That's how to save quickly in the style of BFI Finance. Are there any of the twelve methods that BFI friends have practiced? If not, start right away! Remember, the key is focus and consistency. Hopefully, in 2022, BFI friends can achieve the goals that have been planned. If you need loan funds for business capital, investment, or consumptive purposes, you can always apply through BFI Finance. Simply by pledging a car, motorbike, or house certificate, you have the opportunity to get a loan with low-interest rates starting from 0.95% flat per month. In addition, you can also take advantage of long tenor loans in your loan application. Submit your financing through the following form.

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