11 Business Ideas After Retirement and Tips to Stay Productive

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1 August 2022
11 Business Ideas After Retirement and Tips to Stay Productive

When entering retirement, some people use this time to relax and gather with family. However, there are also some who prefer to stay productive. Choosing to stay productive after retirement is a fairly common thing to do. Financial problems, feelings of wanting to continue to be productive, or feeling lonely are often the basis why people who have entered retirement intend to return to work.

Starting a business after retirement has many benefits. You can keep yourself productive, keep your income, and play a role in reducing unemployment by creating jobs.

If you are one of those who choose to start a business after entering retirement, here are tips so that you can stay productive and live a better quality of life. In addition, don't forget the BFI Finance team provides business ideas after retirement that you can consider trying. Listen!


Tips for Staying Productive When Retirement Arrives

1. Don't Withdraw Your Pension Fund Too Early

Although your pension fund can be used as additional working capital, it is recommended that you do not take your pension fund early. If you withdraw your retirement funds earlier than the withdrawal deadline, you can be subject to substantial penalties and taxes. Therefore, make sure that you prepare for your retirement well.

2. Doing a Job You Love

If you want to start a business after retirement, make sure that you do the kind of work that you enjoy. You can also hone the skills you have mastered. This is so that you do not feel stressed or pressured to complete the work you have chosen.

In addition, it is also recommended that you establish more communication with your customers. Besides being able to get to know consumers' desires more deeply, you can also prevent feelings of loneliness.

3. Keep Investing

After entering retirement, you can still set aside some of your income and invest. By investing, you can earn passively. Make sure that you choose the type of investment that suits your needs and abilities.


11 Business Ideas After Retirement A la BFI Finance

While enjoying retirement, here are 11 post-retirement business ideas that you can try.

1. Photocopy

The photocopying business is the first type of business after retirement that you can try. Even though everything is now technologically advanced, the photocopying business is still a promising business opportunity. You can hire employees or manage the photocopying business yourself. Photocopying businesses are sought after by school children, students, and office workers. Try to choose a location with a school, campus, or office.

The capital needed to run this photocopying business ranges from Rp. 40,000,000, including photocopiers which have a unit selling price of Rp. 16 million.

2. Franchise Business

The second type of business after retirement that you can run is to start a franchise business. You can choose the type of culinary franchise business, laundry, minimarket, and others. Generally, minimarket and culinary franchise businesses are the most widely run franchise businesses for retirees. For a minimarket franchise business, you can choose a franchise brand that is not too big. With a capital of Rp. 25 million, you have got a franchise package containing wholesale materials to be sold, storage racks, refrigerators, inventory management systems, and others.

Meanwhile, for the food and beverage franchise business, you can choose the types of food and drinks that are on the rise and are popular, such as egg rolls, crispy tofu, boba drinks, and others. With a capital of IDR 8 million, you can already run this food franchise business.

3. Laundry Business

The next business after retirement is a laundry business, both clothes laundry and shoe laundry business. A laundry business on a small scale does not employ too many employees, so a laundry business is a right business for you to run after retirement. You can also manage it yourself, starting from washing dirty clothes in the washing machine, and ironing it to financial management.

The laundry business is also suitable to be done in areas that are crowded with students and office workers. The capital needed to run this clothing laundry business can start from Rp. 9 million, including washing machines and laundry perfumes. Meanwhile, for a shoe laundry business, you can run it with a capital of Rp. 20 million.

4. Food Stalls

Opening a food stall or grocery store is also the right choice to run a business after retirement. The basic food stall business can be run in your own home, so you can carry out daily activities while maintaining the basic food stall. Sell ​​daily supplies that many buyers are looking for such as rice, cooking oil, eggs, snacks, groceries and others at your basic food stall. This business does not require large business capital. With a capital of IDR 5 million, you can already run this basic food stall business. With careful preparation, of course, a basic food stall with a capital of 5 million is very likely to be realized to accompany your retirement.

5. Ranch or Plantation

If you live in a rural area, then running a livestock or plantation business is a type of business after retirement that is no less interesting to try. Try running a catfish farming business or a laying hens business, which is a type of livestock business with minimal capital and maximum profit. Meanwhile, for the type of plantation business, you can try to run a hydroponic and non-hydroponic plant business according to the contours and soil type of your settlement.

Running a farm or plantation business can certainly be a fun activity. While managing your business, you can teach your grandchildren how to do gardening properly and correctly, or education about farm animals.

6. Boarding or Renting Business

Running a boarding house or rented business is certainly a lucrative business, especially for retired people. Especially if the location of your boarding house and the rented house is in an area that is crowded with students and office workers. The boarding or rented business is included in a business that provides passive income. Because you will enjoy business results from immovable assets and you do not need high mobility. Indeed, to run a business or rent requires large capital. Given the high selling price of properties and increasing every year. You can use money from savings or retirement funds as additional capital for this boarding and rented business.

7. Vehicle Rental Business

The next business after retirement is to open a car or motorcycle rental business. To open this business, you do not need to have a large number of physical vehicles. You can be an intermediary to the vehicle owner as to whether his vehicle can be rented out or not. The vehicle rental business will be visited by more customers if you are located in a tourist area, such as Bali and Jakarta. However, don't worry, you can maximize your promotional activities so that your car rental business will attract many customers.

8. Credit Counter

Although nowadays people can top up their credit or buy data packages through an application, the credit counter business is still in great demand by customers, especially those who want to buy a new mobile phone number. Not only selling pulse reloads, but the pulse counter business can also contain various services such as:

  • Purchase a new mobile number
  • Purchase of prepaid electricity tokens
  • Payment of PDAM, postpaid electricity, Cable TV, BPJS, leasing, etc.

The pulse counter business is also a type of business that can be done in your own home. If you have vacant land around your house, you can use it as a place to sell credit counters.

9. Freight Forwarding Business

The trend of purchasing goods through e-commerce also supports the development of the business of shipping goods or expeditions. Currently, there are many shipping brands available and have collaborated with e-commerce. Usually, this expedition service opens a franchise system for anyone who wants to be part of the expedition service. The capital needed to buy this expedition service franchise is indeed not small. You can ask the customer service section of the expedition service for an estimate of the costs needed to buy a franchise.

The location of this freight forwarding service business can be found in many urban shophouses, but there are also many franchise buyers who do their business in their own homes.

10. Café Business

Enjoying your retirement free time, you can take advantage of the time to manage a café business. This never-ending business is certainly an attractive option to run a business after retirement. You can determine the size of the cafe that you will build, whether it is a small or large café. You can also determine your target market, whether you want to target customers from students or the general public. This will determine the location of your cafe.

Opening a simple cafe business is certainly legal and not always a simple café empty of visitors. This depends on the business plan of your café business. This includes the selection, selling price of food and beverages, location, and decoration of your café.

11. Online Business

If you don't want to bother opening a new business location and want to run a business after retiring at home, opening an online business is very worth trying. Back again, whether you want to open an online business that focuses on food or other creations. If you like to cook, it never hurts to try a healthy catering business or a pastry business that is sold online. Moreover, when approaching major holidays such as Eid and Christmas, the pastry business will be crowded with incoming orders.


So, those are the eleven BFI Finance business ideas after retirement that you can try along with tips to stay productive when retirement comes. Don't worry, if you need additional funds to start one of these businesses, of course, BFI Finance can help realize additional funds through the available business capital loan products. You only need to guarantee a motorized vehicle BPKB or house certificate to be able to enjoy BFI Finance's business capital loan. BFI Finance has been registered and supervised by OJK and has helped the financial needs of thousands of customers from all over Indonesia. Come on, submit your financing immediately through BFI Finance! Other information and conditions related to loan applications through BFI Finance can be accessed at the link below.


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