10 Tips for Choosing Umrah Travel that You Need to Know

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22 April 2024
10 Tips for Choosing Umrah Travel that You Need to Know

Umrah has become one of the most significant religious practices for Muslims. Almost every Muslim desires to perform this pilgrimage. This is evident from the increasing number of Umrah pilgrims every year. Recognizing the high interest in Umrah, many Umrah travel agencies compete to offer attractive packages. These packages are designed to accommodate the financial conditions of people who wish to perform this religious duty.

However, with numerous Umrah travel agencies available, you need to carefully select the one that will take you to the Holy Kaaba. Here are some tips for choosing Umrah travel that you should know to avoid making the wrong choice!



1. 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Umrah Travel

1.1 Choose Official and Licensed Umrah Travel

This is the primary tip for choosing Umrah travel to ensure you are not deceived. Make sure the Umrah travel agency has official permission from the Republic of Indonesia's Ministry of Religious Affairs. This indicates that the travel agency has met the standards and regulations set by the government. Also, check if the travel agent is affiliated with an official Umrah travel association, as this can also demonstrate their commitment to the quality and safety of the journey.

1.2 Check Umrah Travel's Track Record

Find out about the reputation and track record of Umrah travel through testimonials, online reviews, or the experiences of others who have used their services. If possible, ask the travel agent for direct references to contact several previous customers to get a clearer picture of their experiences.

1.3 Review Facilities and Services

The next tip for choosing Umrah travel is to review the facilities provided. Pay attention to the facilities and services offered, such as airlines, accommodation in Mecca and Medina, meals, visas, and guidance during the journey. Also, investigate whether the travel agency provides additional services such as visits to historical sites or medical support during the journey to ensure your comfort and needs are met.

1.4 Check the Offered Accommodation

Ensure that the accommodation in Mecca and Medina is located in strategic, comfortable locations, and meets the standards you expect. This is a tip for choosing Umrah travel to ensure you feel safe and comfortable during the journey. Additionally, ensure that the accommodation meets your specific needs, such as accessibility facilities for the elderly or families with young children.

1.5 Check the Qualifications of Umrah Guides

Checking the qualifications of Umrah guides is the next tip for choosing Umrah travel. Ensure that the Umrah guides are qualified, such as having certifications and experience in guiding Umrah rituals. You can also inquire with the travel agency about any training programs or special preparations provided to their guides to ensure they can provide quality guidance.

1.6 Clear Departure Schedule and Itinerary

Pay attention to the precise departure schedule and detailed travel itinerary, including information about religious activities and religious tours. Ensure that the schedule allows enough time for worship, rest, and other activities according to your personal preferences and needs. This is an important tip for choosing Umrah travel so that you can adjust to the schedule and prepare your belongings adequately.

1.7 Double-Check the Contract and Terms and Conditions

Carefully understand the contents of the contract, including your rights and obligations and those of the Umrah travel agency, before signing it. Be sure to check all details related to payments, cancellations, and the responsibilities of both the travel agency and you as a prospective pilgrim to avoid misunderstandings later on. This is an important tip for choosing Umrah travel to avoid scams or losses.

1.8 Compare with Other Umrah Travel Agencies

Comparing the travel agency you are considering with other Umrah travel agencies is the next tip for choosing Umrah travel. Compare several Umrah travel agencies in terms of price, facilities, services, and reputation to get the best choice. Make a comparison list covering various important aspects such as accommodation quality, airline options, and customer satisfaction levels to help you make the right decision.

1.9 Consult with Relatives or Experienced Individuals

Ask for recommendations and advice from relatives or individuals who have used Umrah travel services to get useful information and input. They can provide valuable insights based on their direct experiences and help you choose Umrah travel that suits your preferences and needs. Choosing Umrah travel recommended by others is also a tip for choosing Umrah travel that can minimize fraud.

1.10 Don't Be Tempted by Cheap Umrah Packages

Be cautious of offers for Umrah packages that are significantly below market prices as the next tip for choosing Umrah travel. There may be inadequate service quality or even scams. As a precaution, conduct in-depth research on the travel agency, including viewing testimonials from previous customers and ensuring the authenticity of their permits and reputation before making a decision. Safety and comfort during the Umrah journey should not be compromised for a cheaper price. Beware of Umrah travel offers with unreasonably cheap prices.


Additionally, you should research the prices of Umrah travel. Make sure you don't choose travel that is much cheaper than the market price, as there is a possibility that the Umrah travel is a scam. You also need to know about the types of Umrah packages to avoid being tempted by prices below the market price.


2. Types of Umrah Packages

After learning about tips for choosing safe and reliable Umrah travel, you need to know the types of Umrah packages. Here are some types of Umrah packages along with estimated costs:

2.1 Regular Umrah

This common package offers standard facilities. Typically, this package includes flights, 4-star hotels, transportation, and Umrah equipment.

Cost: Rp 20-25 million per person.

Duration: 9-13 days.

Departure: After a minimum quota of 25 people is fulfilled.

2.2 Umrah Plus

This package is usually for family or small group travel. The facilities they offer are the same as regular packages but with additions:

5-star hotels near the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque.

Cost: Rp 28-35 million per person.

2.3 VIP Umrah (Plus City Tour)

The VIP Umrah package is a complete package with additional religious tours in Turkey or Dubai. The facilities they provide include:

Plus Umrah package facilities.

Religious tour packages in Turkey or Dubai.

Cost: Rp 37-40 million per person.


3. Tips for Choosing Umrah Packages

Choosing the right Umrah package is the key to a safe, comfortable, and satisfying pilgrimage journey. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right Umrah package:

3.1 Adjust to Your Budget

Determine your budget for the Umrah journey. This will help you choose an Umrah package within a suitable price range. However, it is important to remember that a low price does not always guarantee good quality, so thoroughly research the packages offered to ensure you get value for your money.

3.2 Adjust to Your Needs

Consider your needs during the Umrah journey, such as the type of accommodation, facilities, and services desired. For example, if you have specific preferences for accommodation or require special services such as halal food or accessibility facilities, be sure to choose a package that meets those needs. Additionally, consider whether you want a package that includes visits to specific historical sites or other preferences that may influence your choice.

3.3 Determine the Right Duration

Choosing an Umrah package is not just about budget and facilities but also about the duration of the trip. The length of time in the Holy Land can affect your experience in performing the Umrah rituals. Consider factors such as work or school leave and your physical fitness. Therefore, it is important to choose an Umrah package with a duration that suits your available time.

If you have limited time, choose a short-duration Umrah package, such as 9-12 days. This package focuses on Umrah rituals and visiting important places in Mecca and Medina. If you want more flexibility in worship and religious tours, choose a longer duration Umrah package, such as 13-15 days. This package allows you to visit more sacred places and religious sites outside Mecca and Medina.

3.4 Consult with Trusted Umrah Travel

Choosing an Umrah package can be confusing. There are many package options with various facilities and prices offered. Consult with a trusted Umrah travel agency to get the best advice and recommendations.

Experienced Umrah travel agencies will help you choose a package that suits your needs and budget. They will explain the details of the facilities and services included in the package, as well as assist you in the document and visa application process.


4. How to Check the Legality of Umrah Travel

4.1 Access the Website

Visit the website of the System Informasi Penyelenggara Ibadah Umroh (SIMPU) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia at This website provides official and verified information about Umrah Travel Organizers (PPIU) throughout Indonesia.

4.2 Select the PPIU Menu

On the SIMPU homepage, find and select the "PPIU" menu. This menu will direct you to the list of registered PPIUs that have official permission from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

4.3 Enter the Purposed Keywords

On the PPIU list page, you can search for Umrah travel agencies whose legality you want to check by entering some information, such as:

  1. Umrah Travel Agency Name: Enter the full name of the Umrah travel agency you want to check.
  2. PPIU License Number: Enter the PPIU license number of the Umrah travel agency (if known).
  3. Umrah Travel Agency Address: Enter the address of the Umrah travel agency.

You can use one or a combination of the above information to narrow down your search.

4.4 Click 'Search PPIU'

After entering the desired information, click the "Search PPIU" button to display the search results. The system will display a list of PPIUs that match the information you entered.

In the search results, you will see complete information about the PPIU, such as:

  1. PPIU Name
  2. PPIU License Number
  3. Office Address
  4. Establishment Date
  5. License Status (Active/Revoked)
  6. PPIU Category (BPIH/Non BPIH)
  7. Website and Email
  8. Telephone Number

Make sure the Umrah travel agency you choose is registered in SIMPU with an "Active" license status. You can also view detailed information about the PPIU by clicking on the PPIU name in the search results.

If you are still unsure, directly contact the Ministry of Religious Affairs or the regional office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs in your area for confirmation and further information.


By following the steps above, you can ensure the legality and credibility of Umrah travel before registering for a safe and reliable Umrah pilgrimage journey. If you are interested in performing Umrah using your assets, BFI Finance can help you. In the My Hajat program, you can pledge your car BPKB to conduct the Umrah pilgrimage.


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