10 Business Opportunities with 10 Million Capital. Do you want to try?

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20 June 2022
10 Business Opportunities with 10 Million Capital. Do you want to try?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a very visible effect on various aspects of life. Especially for businesses and workers. This results in the loss of jobs and businesses that inevitably have to stop.

10 Business Opportunities with 10 Million Capital. Do you want to try?

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Even so, gradually we continue to learn to make peace with the situation. Start everything from scratch and keep innovating. No doubt, opening a new business can be used as a solution to stabilize economic problems. From this effort, we can also get results that can help increase monthly income, especially for those who already have jobs.

In the following article, BFI Finance has summarized 6 business opportunities with a capital of 10 million that can be used as inspiration for those of you who are interested in opening your own business.

1. 10 Business Opportunities with 10 Million Capital

1.1. Online Reseller

In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 as it is now, there are many business opportunities that you can choose from. Moreover, everything is very easy, all online, especially with the existence of e-commerce. Well, one of the 10 million capital business opportunities that you can try is by becoming an online reseller. What is an online reseller? Online reseller is an activity where you resell products obtained from suppliers or sellers at a higher price so that you can make a profit. The products would be sold online.

If you are interested in starting this business, the method that can be used is quite easy. First, make sure you get a reliable supplier. Second, opening an online store account in e-commerce (such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and so on). After these two steps are complete, then you can start selling. There are 3 advantages that you can get from this business. Among them, there is no need to bother renting a place, being able to sell any goods (varies), and this business can be run from anywhere.

1.2. Thrift Shop

In recent years the thrift shop business or selling second-hand goods is very promising and much loved by young people, especially fans of the fashion world. In addition to the very varied choices, the price of thrift goods is relatively low with quality that is still very good. On the other side, if you have a good taste in fashion and unique items, this can be a plus and a hallmark for your store in the future. Is not it fun? Here are some ways that you can take to start this business:

  • Determine capital

The capital required for this business is not fantastic, it can start from IDR 500,000-1,000,000. This capital will later be used to purchase thrift goods, packaging costs, and other additional costs such as laundry fees, stickers, greeting cards, and others.

  • Define store characteristics

This is important to support the smooth running of the business which can later be a differentiator from other competitors.

  • Determine the selling price

Thrift goods that are sold are of course no longer new goods, therefore the marketed price will have to be lower. There are several ways that can be used to determine the price. Among them is the condition of the goods, whether there is damage, branded goods, goods with high demand (high demand), prices on the market, and the level of difficulty in finding them.

  • Item Sorting

Sorting is very important to ensure the quality of the goods and models that are in accordance with market demand.

  • Consistency

Consistency is needed so that existing businesses can continue to run and can follow the latest thrift clothing trends. Consistency here consists of shopping for goods, product photos, photo editing sessions, and taking care of social media and e-commerce.

1.3. K-POP Merchandise

The following business opportunities cannot be underestimated. Korean culture in Indonesia is increasing mushrooming, especially K-POP which has fans from various backgrounds and ages. The more popular an idol or group is, the more fans there will be. It's no secret that K-POP fans are also willing to spend a lot of money on items related to their idols! Of course, you can take advantage of this opportunity to open a business. One of them is by selling k-pop albums, Korean food, and other K-POP merchandise such as photo cards, light sticks, and various other items. Another good news is that you don't have to bother to provide stock in advance, you can start this business through a pre-order system.

Here are tips that you can do if you want to start this one business. The first is the desire to find out. Finding out here means finding out which boy groups or idols are currently popular. You don't need all of them, you can choose one of them. Only after that determine what items will be sold. Second, build community. It aims to gather potential buyers and determine a good price for the product being sold.

1.4. Frozen Food

Selling frozen food or what we normally call frozen food can be a worthy business opportunity. Besides being liked by many people because of the practical way of serving, the price of frozen food is relatively affordable, and for business people, storing frozen food is very easy. Durable and not stale quickly! With a business capital of 10 million, you can start this one business by buying a freezer to fill stock from suppliers. And because frozen food doesn't go stale easily, you can also sell it online. Of course, if you sell it online, you will get more profit.

Some tips you can do if you want to start a frozen food business:

  • Deciding what items to sell

This is so that you can focus on selling and developing your frozen food business.

  • Choose a reliable supplier

Choose a manufacturer that is trusted and provides a wide selection of food from well-known brands. Of course, those who already have a BPOM permit.

  • Product quality

Make sure the frozen food sold is in good condition, has intact packaging, and does not exceed the expiration date.

  • Promotion on Social Media

Take advantage of the ease of access and the latest trends to sell your frozen food. Among them is by creating a special account for your business and beautifying the appearance of the account through product photos.

1.5. Pet Shop

Love keeping animals? Starting a pet shop business might be your consideration! There are many animals that can be kept as pets with not too large a capital. Like cats, dogs, fish, birds, and reptiles. If you don't feel confident enough to sell pets, selling pet supplies can also be a great choice for you. Among them, you can provide animal cages, food, vitamins, accessories, and other necessities.

1.6. Franchise

Interested in pursuing an offline Franchise business? A franchise business with a capital of 10 million can be a great idea for you! It is enough to provide a strategic location and choose the right franchise, you can start this business! The business capital that is issued does not have to be large. There are many franchise owners who set a low price even under 10 million! Make sure you research various franchises first before deciding to choose one franchise.

1.7. Healthy Catering Business

The food industry is one industry that is almost never eroded by time. Because food is one of the basic needs that must be met every day. One of the businesses that you can engage in this industry is a healthy catering business. This business is perfect for you to pursue. Because, in this modern era, more and more people care about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, diet is no exception.

Strategies to start a healthy catering business:

  • Do planning carefully

  • Deciding what food to sell

  • Determine the selling price of the product

  • Creative and innovative

1.8. Laundry

Live in a densely populated area? Lots of students and workers? A kilo laundry business will be perfect for you!

Some of us may think that washing is a trivial thing. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough time to do this activity. Starting from washing, drying, then needing to be ironed and folded, of course, is very time-consuming. With this kilogram laundry business, it will certainly be very helpful for those who are busy, especially for workers and students.

With 10 million you can start this business. You can start by buying 2 washing machines, 1 iron, and other supporting tools such as clotheslines, plastic clothes, and others.

1.9. Selling Hijab

At this time the trend of Muslim clothing is quite rapid. We certainly realize that every month there will be a new model for the Muslim fashion industry, especially the hijab. Not only cover the genitals but wearing a hijab can also make your appearance more fashionable. To start this business, you don't need a lot of capital, you can start from a small business or small scale with a capital of only 10 million.

Some steps you need to know before starting a hijab business with a private brand:

  • Determine the hijab brand name

Choose a name that is unique, short, and easy to remember. This will make it easier for anyone to get to know the hijab products that you sell.

  • Choose a supplier and start production

Choose a supplier with quality fabric materials at a fairly affordable price. We recommend visiting the supplier's location directly so that the hijab material can later be ascertained according to the criteria you want. After that, you can go directly to the convection to be sewn and pinned your brand name.

1.10. Pastry

One business that is quite promising and relevant to the current ease of access is selling pastries. The reason is, that the dry cake texture tends to be stored for a relatively long time and the ease of access to selling online makes marketing this product easier.

If you are interested in starting this business, you can follow these tips:

  • Understand how to make pastries

  • Target the right market

  • Define a unique brand name

  • Creativity in making and packaging cakes

2. Easy Ways to Get 10 Million Capital

Special for Sobat BFI who are interested in opening their own business, BFI Finance provides capital loans with quick and easy disbursement of funds. You don't need to worry because BFI Finance has been verified by OJK. Definitely safe and easy! For any interesting products and promos related to loan funds, click the following link.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in starting your own business?

Don’t forget to check more articles for loans and finance on the BFI Finance Blog!

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