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Home Package Interest Starting from 0.9% - Home Certificate Guarantee Loan

Apply for a large capital loan from 1 billion with a Home Certificate Guarantee at BFI Finance! Interest starts at 0.9%.

Home Package Interest Starting from 0.9% - Home Certificate Guarantee Loan

Dear Sobat BFI who have a business now is the time for you to develop your business with additional business capital from BFI Finance. It's easy, just apply for a loan with the guarantee of your Home Certificate and get disbursement funds starting from 1 billion.

Submission Terms:

  1. Minimum age 21 years and maximum 65 years (until full payment).

  2. Only valid for the following branches: Serpong, Tangerang, Meruya, Sunter, South Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Malang and Gresik.

  3. Prospective customers are new customers or old customers who have finished their credit period.

  4. Ownership of a house or shop in the name of oneself or a spouse

  5. Prospective customers or spouses are entrepreneurs for more than 1 year who have a business not in a field that is directly affected by COVID: Tourism, Hotels, Aviation, Travel Agents, and so on.

Home or Shophouse Profile:

  1. Have SHM/SHGB in the name of yourself and your partner.

  2. Not in an alley, fit 1 car road (3 meters), and not in a village.

  3. Not close to public facilities, Sutet, cemeteries, or DAS (Watershed Areas).

  4. Not in the sales process.

  5. The house or shophouse is occupied or not vacant.

Documents Required to Prepare: 

  1. Personal documents: KTP, KK, NPWP, marriage book, and BPJS Health Card (not required).

  2. The last PLN customer number or electricity bill, last PBB, and STTS payment

  3. Asset Documents: PBB, SHM, and IMB

  4. Income document (For Entrepreneur)

  5. Bookkeeping/Business Invoice for the last 1 year

    -Proof of income

    -Current account for the last 6 months

    -SIUP/TDP, and SKU/Deed

    -Business NPWP

Promotion Terms:

  1. Minimum disbursement of 1 billion

  2. Maximum tenor of 5 years


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