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Regular Car Packages - BPKB Car Guarantee Loans

Getting a loan with a car BPKB guarantee, death taxes, and a BPKB that has not been renamed can be helped. Come on, apply now!

Regular Car Packages - BPKB Car Guarantee Loans

Sobat BFI! Need a quick loan? Come on, apply for a loan with a car BPKB guarantee at BFI Finance. Haven't changed names and dead taxes can be helped. For further terms and conditions see below.

Submission Terms:

  1. Minimum age 21 years and maximum 65 years (until full payment).
  2. The status of house ownership is in the form of a house in one's own name, a house in the name of a parent, an annual rental house, and a house in the name of the family.
  3. Prospective consumers are not allowed to work in the APU-PPT category (high-risk/contradictory professions).

Vehicle Profile:

  1. BPKB is allowed on behalf of personal and other people
  2. Minimum vehicle year 2006 (for passenger cars), and 2011 (for trucks and pickups)
  3. Vehicles are not allowed to be used as taxis
  4. Dead vehicle tax maximum 2 years

Documents Needed to be Prepared : 

  1. Personal documents: KTP, KK, and NPWP
  2. PLN customer number or latest electricity account
  3. If you own the house, the documents that need to be prepared: PBB, SHM, and AJB
  4. If the ownership of the house is still rented, the documents that need to be prepared are: Contract/lease agreement
  5. If you own an official residence, the documents that need to be prepared are: Certificate of occupying an official residence
  6. Asset documents: STNK, BPKB, Taxes, and invoices
  7. Income documents: Salary slips, employment certificates, and account mutations for the last 3 months (for employees)
  8. Income documents: Bookkeeping/Business Invoice, bank statement for the last 3 months, SIUP/TDP, and SKU/Deed (for entrepreneurs)

Special Provisions:

1. Tenor

  • The minimum tenor of 12 months
  • For passenger cars with vehicle years 2006-2010, the maximum tenor is 36 months
  • The maximum tenor of 48 months is only valid for vehicles over 2011

2. Minimum disbursement of 10 million and a maximum of 85% of the market price of assets (for passenger cars) and 75% (for non-passenger cars)

3. Dead vehicle tax for a maximum of 2 years (Deduction of funds disbursement/withholding of funds equal to renewal fees/taxes)

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