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The Spirit of Sacrifice as a Momentum for Sharing & Caring for Others

2020-08-03 00:00:00 5812

South Tangerang, August 3, 2020 – PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) celebrated Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) 1441 H by performing animal sacrifice ritual. This was one of the company’s acts of empathy toward its employees and neighboring communities. BFI Finance had two cows and two goats slaughtered. The slaughtering of sacrificed animals, usually carried out before in the basement parking lot of BFI Finance headquarters in South Tangerang, was implemented this year at a professional slaughterhouse in Sawangan, Depok, under tight health protocols necessitated by the government.

The annual Eid al-Adha celebration is not only about sacrificing wealth. The true meaning of sacrifice is to slaughter the ego and negative desires contained in every human being. For that reason, #SelaluAdaJalan (there’s always a way) to share and become a better person. May the One True God always bestow upon us good health and blessings.


The spirit of sacrifice for sharing

Distribution of meat of sacrificed animals to orphans