Lampung Province Closes the UBER Milyaran 2018

2019-01-19 00:00:00 4843

Bandar Lampung, January 19, 2019 – Eight BFI Finance customers have been announced as the winners of UBER Milyaran 2018 in the final stage of the national draw in Bandar Lampung, on last January 19. The drawing event is the finale of UBER Milyaran 2018 series. During last year, the drawings of UBER Milyaran 2018 were successfully held in fourteen cities; including Bandar Lampung; which was honoured to be the last city to wrap the festivity series. BFI Finance draws more than 310,000 coupons, and names of the lucky winners were witnessed and legalized by the Social Service of Lampung Province, the Notary, and the local Police Department representative.

The event theme of “BFI Jak Ulun Lampung” presents various activities and entertainment, started from Zumba, creative competitions such as fashion show, photo-posing, coloring for kids, and also special performances from Hit-Pro Band, Joshua Nababan from La Academia Junior Indonesia 2, and Inka Marindra Mamamia. 

UBER Milyaran 2018 has been held successfully due to the support and trust from our loyal customers, business partners, stakeholders, and public in general. Do not miss our upcoming special programs with more benefits!

Here is the list of the winners:

Bandar Lampung:




New Honda CRV 7 Seater

Yuli Setiawan


Mitsubishi Xpander



Motor Yamaha NMAX

Horas Bangun Persada

Corporate 2A

Logam Mulia 10 gram

Rinna Indarwati


Ni Putu Roni Purnayanti

Denpasar 3

PT Rajawali Inti


Amir Suluong


Dina Efteria




BFI Finance meets the editorial team of Tribun Lampung

Fun talk show at Sonora FM Radio

Press conference and laptop sealing prior to the drawing session

The excitement of the competition participants are shown
since the beginning of the event

The Zumba exercise is catching the audience attention at the mall

The drawing results in the evening session bring out eight winners’
names coming from BFI Finance customers nationwide