Kemilau BFI, Appreciation and Concrete Interaction With Consumers

2019-07-20 00:00:00 5282

Pekanbaru, July 20, 2019 - The existence of PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) for 37 years is inseparable from the public’s trust, especially consumers, who have made BFI Finance as their financial solution partner. As a form of appreciation and to foster good relations with consumers, BFI Finance organized Kemilau BFI, a prize draw worth billions of Rupiah dedicated to all consumers across the archipelago. Pekanbaru became the city of honor that witnessed the first period of draw which was successfully held at SKA Mall Pekanbaru, Riau (7/20).

Kemilau BFI presents a range of special prizes with four units of Xpander cars offered as the national-scale grand prize. Besides Xpander, BFI Finance has also prepared other prizes such as Mio motorcycle, smartphones, 10 grams of precious metals, 32" of LED TVs, and 1-door refrigerators to be drawn for each island, including Sumatra, Sulawesi & Eastern Indonesia, Kalimantan, as well as Java & Bali. All BFI Finance consumers who have made financing from January 1 – June 30, 2019 and do not have past due are automatically included in this draw. This program of course applies to all BFI Finance financing products.

The festivity of Kemilau BFI will continue to be echoed in other cities, namely in Balikpapan (3/8), Manado (24/8), and Bekasi (14/9). Keep following BFI Finance’s website, social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and other advertising media for more information. Let’s apply for financing at BFI Finance and get extra benefits!


The launching of Kemilau BFI before press conference

Special enlivening collaborative performance from the Pekanbaru team and the public

(Second from the right) Regional Manager of BFI Finance for Kalimantan region
Hernandi Kusno drew Mio motorcycle prize

Door prize for customers and mall visitors

Augusnen Silalahi (Regional Manager of BFI Finance for Sulawesi 2 &
East Indonesia Region – forth from the right) prepared for drawing the prizes

Art performance stole the attention

Tan Eng Han (Regional Manager of BFI Finance for West Java 2)
drew motorcycle prize in Bekasi

Local arts enliven the drawing event