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CSR Activities of Nganjuk Branch

2019-02-01 00:00:00 5135

Friday, February 1, 2019 - BFI Finance of Nganjuk Branch provided staple needs for Amanah Orphanage as part of its CSR activities. This program was also carried out to celebrate the first anniversary of BFI Finance’s presence in Nganjuk Regency, East Java. BFI Finance also held fun education to tell inspiring stories from the six pillars of Iman (rukun iman), the five pillars of Islam (rukun islam), and ablution (wudhu’) procedure. Moreover, this activity was complemented with Al Qur'an reciting contest.

The purpose of this activity was to grow children's love for Allah SWT and His Messenger and to emulate the morality of the Prophet Muhammad. As we strive to grow virtuous generation, it is expected that those foster children in the orphanage can grow as valuable people that can benefit the society and the country.


Posing with the children and board members of the orphanage

Donation handover from Branch Manager of BFI Finance of Nganjuk Branch,
Lina Windiana (left) to a board member of the orphanage