BFI Finance Achieves Top 20 Financial Institutions 2019

2019-12-11 00:00:00 5449

Jakarta, December 11, 2019 - PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) continued to thrive by winning the "Top 20 Financial Institutions 2019" award, an appreciation from The Finance, a digital magazine from Infobank Group, which was received by Sudjono, Finance Director, at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta (11/12). BFI Finance achieved this award for the category of “The Best Performing Multifinance 2019 Based on Financial Performance 2017-2019 for the Category of Assets over Rp10 Trillion".

The underlying basis of the granting of this award is to appreciate companies that successfully grow amid global economic turbulence. Despite declining economy that is forecasted to continue in the years to come, the government is optimistic to reach 5.3% economic growth target in 2020.

In determining award ranking, the performance of each financial institution from four financial industry sectors, i.e. banking, life insurance, general insurance, and finance, will be measured, with financial statements of the last three years or periods being the main benchmark. The results will then be filtered according to the company’s size.

This award is dedicated to all customers, business partners, and other stakeholders who contribute to BFI Finance’s growth. This appreciation has encouraged BFI Finance to offer better services to all people in Indonesia in the following year and many years to come.

Speech from Eko B. Supriyanto (Editor in Chief of The Finance)

Sudjono (right) receives an award certificate for the Company