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BFI Finance Distributes Aid and Renovates School Facilities

2020-01-01 00:00:00 5112

January 2020 - PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) distributes aid and renovates teaching and learning facilities in several cities last year. As a concrete realization of our care about the next generation, BFI Finance branch team manages these activities to be implemented in each location.

All the activities carried out is summarized below:

  • Team from Batam Branch of Sumatera Region 2 in the Riau Islands Province renovated 18 toilets in SMPN 18 Galang, repainted school building walls, and fixed several other facilities (2/11).
  • In a different location, Team from Sampit Branch of Kalimantan Region 1 donated desks, chairs, and a number of computer units to support the preparation for school exams and to motivate students of SDN 1 Padas Sebut, Telawang (7/11)
  • Team from Pekanbaru Branch of Sumatera Region 2 also donated some items to complement classroom facilities, such as desks, chairs and books on popular science for library collection of SDN 044 Karya Indah, Kampar (11/16).

Not only providing donation, the implementation team also held counseling activities and dissemination to students and teachers, one of which was computer skills courses for students.

BFI Finance's contribution is expected to improve the quality of social and economic welfare of the surrounding community. This activity is also part of the Company’s support to improve the living standard of the community by contributing in educating the nation’s children.

Happy smiles from SDN 044 Karya Indah, Kampar, Pekanbaru

Students of SDN 1 Padas Sebut, Sampit, eagerly learning computer skills