BFI Srikandi, Financing Program For Indonesian Women

2019-02-09 00:00:00 5146

Surabaya, February 9, 2019  ̶  PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) has just rolled out BFI Srikandi program, which is a financing and inclusive financial services program for women aimed to facilitate women to have access and ample room for acceleration in order to develop their potential in the business industry. It is also expected that they will be more empowered and capable of organizing their domestic needs more properly. 

After the launching of the program on February 9 in Surabaya, BFI Srikandi will run more intensively through weekly programs that directly engage women’s communities and groups. The activities include both service and mentoring programs to encourage financial independence and inclusiveness for women in Surabaya.

"We also aspire to provide concrete contributions through various activities and special financing packages that we have prepared. BFI Srikandi is also expected to serve as a platform for women to share their experiences, enrich financial knowledge, and give positive influences to each other to move forward and develop," explained Tan Eng Han, BFI Finance Regional Manager of East Java Region 1.


Press conference session

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BFI Srikandi, dedication to Indonesian women