BFI Finance Gave Away a Car for a Welding Workshop Businessman

2019-04-15 00:00:00 5524

Cirebon, April 15, 2019 – PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) gave away a car to Juanda, one of the winners of UBER Milyaran 2018 in the final stage of the national draw in Bandar Lampung in last January. One unit of Mitsubishi Xpander was presented at Swiss-Belhotel, Cirebon (15/4), directly to Juanda by the Regional Manager of BFI Finance for Region of West Java 1, Stefanus Wibowo, accompanied by the Area Manager of BFI Finance for Cirebon Region, Hermawan Hidayat, and Branch Manager of BFI Finance of Cirebon Branch 1, Hendrikus Aryanto.

Juanda is listed as a customer of BFI Finance domiciled in Cirebon, who performs welding workshop business daily. He has trusted the financing of BFI Finance since last year to increase his working capital. With good track record and no payment is past due, Juanda was very lucky to get Mitsubishi Xpander as the prize. The 25% tax on the prize was borne by BFI Finance as the organizer of UBER Milyaran 2018 program.

“At the beginning, I was never expected to get such special gift when a team from BFI Finance called me. I would like to thank BFI Finance. Keep moving forward and hopefully they will be able to provide the best service to the consumers and public," said Juanda.


Stefanus Wibowo is giving welcome speech at the event opening

Juanda is officially one of the grand prize winners of UBER Milyaran 2018 program