Encouraging Healthy Living, BFI Finance Builds Sanitation Facilities

2020-01-01 00:00:00 5761

January 2020 - The availability of sanitation facilities in our daily activities is absolutely necessary to live a healthy life. As a trusted financial solution partner, PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) contributes to improving people's lives in all aspects, including through rehabilitation of sanitation facilities.

A number of activities were carried out in 2019. What are they?

  • Team from Konawe Branch of Sulawesi Region 1 built three drill wells for Desa Sanuanggamo, Southeast Sulawesi, where access to clean water was difficult previously. Now, the locals can enjoy clean water to meet their daily needs (8/9)
  • In Kalimantan, Team from Banjarmasin Branch of Kalimantan Region 1 renovated toilets of two schools, namely SDN Gudang Hirang 2 and SDN Teluk Tiram 5. In addition, BFI Finance also distributed aid by providing sinks and septic tanks to create a clean and healthy school environment. (9/25).
  • Team from Kotamobagu Branch of Sulawesi Region 2 Team also rehabilitated sanitation facilities at SDN Lobong, Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi. Activities undertaken included renovating school toilets, painting buildings, and building clean water reservoirs (24/10).

Let’s together with the community create a healthier environment. Remember, cleanliness is the basis for health! With a healthy life, we can continue to work and achieve success together.


Installation of drill wells at Desa Sanuanggamo, Regency of Konawe

Inauguration of sanitation facilities renovation at SDN Gudang Hirang 2
and SDN Teluk Tiram 5, Banjarmasin

Toilet condition of SDN Lobong, Kotamobagu, which has not been renovated

And has been renovated