Sambal Packaging Business Idea and Profit Estimation

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14 April 2023
Sambal Packaging Business Idea and Profit Estimation

Indonesian people are known for their penchant for spicy food. Not surprisingly, packaged chili sauce business is mushrooming everywhere. Especially with the ease of technology now where buying and selling packaged chili sauce is getting easier.

So, for those of you who are interested in taking this business seriously, the following information will really help you to be successful in selling packaged chili sauce.


1. Packaged Sambal Business Opportunities

The chili packaging business is a very promising type of business in the F&B sector. Foods that taste spicy are part of Indonesian food culture. The spicy taste that comes from chili sauce is able to make the taste of the food we eat more delicious and appetizing.

Not only that, but chili sauce is also rich in nutrients. This is because the fresh ingredients used in making sambal such as chili peppers contain Vitamin C and Carotenoids. Meanwhile, garlic contains compounds that are equally good for the body, such as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Then, other mixtures used in making chili sauce such as fish and meat are just as good for nourishing our bodies.

In addition to the reasons above, here are some reasons why the packaged chili business is very profitable if you get into it.

1.1. Broad Target Market

As previously explained, most Indonesian people really like spicy food. No doubt, the sales target for packaged chili sauce can be said to be very broad with the same high market demand. This is an indicator that you will have no trouble selling it.

1.2. Easy To Market

Thanks to significant technological developments, packaged chili sauce is now easier to market throughout Indonesia! You don't need to worry about selling it because you can easily sell this food both offline and online. Most importantly, make sure you choose the right product marketing strategy.

1.3. Raw Materials are Easy to Obtain

You can easily find raw materials for making packaged chili sauce throughout Indonesia. Starting from traditional markets to supermarkets. The existence of this facility will certainly make the production process easier and can continue to run from time to time.

1.4. Capital That is Not Too Large

The chili packaging business can be started with relatively small capital. It all depends on the business model that you will use later. But generally, a chili business can be started with small capital, so it will be easier for you to get business capital and get started as soon as possible.

1.5. Promising Profits

The price of packaged chili raw materials is quite easy to reach as well as the price. No doubt, the opportunity to get big profits from every sale that is available is very possible for you to get.

Moreover, if the packaged chili sauce that you are marketing has good packaging nowadays, of course, it will be easier to sell it, and the more profit you can get.

2. Tips for Starting a Sambal Packaging Business

In starting a business, there are several steps that you need to pay attention to so that the business you are running can run well as it should. One of them is by considering a home-packed chili strategy, especially for beginners. Here are some tips you can do.

2.1. Prepare Business Capital

The first tip in starting a packaged chili sauce business is to prepare the required business capital. In determining the amount, you must know the costs required in the business starting from equipment costs, operational costs, and other costs. From there, it will be clear how much capital you need.

If the estimated capital is insufficient or you don't even have a budget at all, you can apply for business capital easily through BFI Finance. Starting from a vehicle BPKB guarantee or a house certificate, your loan application will be processed quickly and safely!

2.2. Define Target Market

Second, determine the target market or to whom you will market this product. Determining the target market is very important for the continuity of your business. The reason is, by knowing this you can determine what kind of product is suitable to be made, the appropriate packaging design, and the marketing strategy that might be chosen.

2.3. Use Fresh and Quality Raw Materials

To make delicious chili sauce with a distinctive taste, use fresh and quality raw materials. This is because the quality of the raw materials you choose can have a direct impact on the taste produced by the chili sauce you make.

Don't be desperate to use ingredients that are not fresh or not suitable for the sake of increasing big profits. To get fresh quality raw materials every day, you can look for reliable suppliers who are ready to send the raw materials you have requested according to a predetermined time agreement.

2.4. Choose the Best Recipe

Apart from using quality raw materials, another important thing that you need to pay attention to in the process of making packaged chili sauce is using the best chili recipe. You can try to make several different chili recipes before you settle on choosing 1 recipe that you will use to sell your special chili sauce.

2.5. Use Attractive Packaging

Humans are visual creatures where everything that is beautiful and pleasing to the eye will always attract our attention. Therefore, in order for your packaged chili sauce to be ogled by buyers, make sure you choose attractive and appropriate packaging, OK?

On the other hand, appropriate packaging can be a way to make packaged chili sauce so that it lasts longer and is safe for distribution to various regions in Indonesia.

2.6. Do Promotions

In order for your packaged chili business to sell well, make sure not to forget to do promotions, OK? You can take advantage of the social media presence that is currently being hit, such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and so on to introduce your products to the wider community.

Apart from that, you can also promote the products that you have in your environment, such as the environment around your home, workplace, market, and so on to increase sales of your packaged chili sauce. Some types of promotions that you can do include Word of Mouth and Endorse.

2.7. Don't be Afraid to Innovate

Finally, never be afraid to innovate. Innovation is one of the supporting parameters for your business's success. Make sure to always be up to date with the latest trends and make sure the product you make has a unique selling point (USP) that differentiates it from other competitors.

In addition to the seven tips above, you can also consider having a Trading License (SIUP) or a Business Certificate so that your business operations can run well and become legal proof of business ownership.

3. The Most Demanded Type of Sambal

The following are 8 types of sambal in Indonesia that are most in demand by people. You can use this list as a reference for packaged chili products for your packaged chili business.

usaha sambal kemasan

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3.1. Terasi Sambal

One of the most popular types of sambal in Indonesia. Made with the basic ingredients of shrimp paste, onions, sugar, lime juice, and other ingredients, rice sambal is often used as a complement to various dishes.

3.2. Onion Sambal

As the name implies, onion chili is made from onion which generally has a spicy and slightly sweet taste. Onion chili is one of the most popular types of chili sauce in Indonesia.

3.3. Sambal Matah

Next is the sambal matah. This Balinese chili sauce is very popular because of its fresh and spicy taste. How to make it quite easy, does not take a long time or special techniques.

3.4. Sambal Bajak

Sambal Bajakis a typical Javanese chili sauce that has a complex taste, such as spicy, savory, and sweet. This chili sauce is generally served with warm rice and various other dishes.

3.5. Sambal Roa

Sambal roa is one of the Indonesian chili sauces originating from North Sulawesi. Sambal roa is made from a mixture of fresh ingredients with a mixture of roa fish as the main ingredient. Apart from its unique and spicy taste, Sambal Roa is rich in high protein content from the fresh fish used.

3.6. Chili Green Sambal

Green chili sauce comes from West Sumatra. This chili sauce is made from raw green chilies which are then mashed together with garlic, shallots, and a mixture of other ingredients. Sambal Ijo is famous for its spicy, fresh taste and can increase appetite.

3.7. Anchovy Sambal

Sambal anchovy is a combination of chili sauce and anchovies which are processed in such a way with various types of spices and other fresh seasonings, so it feels very suitable to be used as a friend to eat with warm rice or other foods.

3.8. Squid Sambal

Sambal squid is a chili sauce made from a mixture of chili sauce and salted baby squid. It tastes spicy, savory, and very delicious to be used as a meal companion.

4. Packaging Sambal Business Analysis

The chili packaging business is a type of business in the culinary field that you can start with relatively minimal capital. The following is the calculation of estimated business capital and its profits in one production period.

Packaged Sambal Business Capital
No. Item Quantity Price Per Quantity Total
1. Cayenne pepper 3 Kg Rp 30.000 Rp 90.000
2. Red onion 500 gram Rp 19.000 Rp 19.000
3. Garlic 500 gram Rp 15.000 Rp 15.000
4. Fresh Tomatoes 500 gram Rp 13.200 Rp 13.200
4. Seasonings (Masako or Other Brands) 250 gram Rp 10.000 Rp 10.000
5. Salt 250 gram Rp 4.100 Rp 4.100
6. Elpiji Gas 3 Kg 3 Rp 25.000 Rp 75.000
7. Sambal Jar 30 Rp 1.450 Rp 43.500
8. Labels 5 Rp 7.000 Rp 35.000
9. Clear Jar Seal 1 Package Rp 6.750 Rp 6.750
10. Cooking Oil 2L 3 Rp 39.000 Rp 428.550
11. Marketing and Promotion Expenses Inadequate Rp 200.000 Rp 200.000
Total Rp 511.550

Next, let's calculate the profit earned from selling homemade packaged chili sauce if you are able to produce 30 jars of packaged chili sauce per day with a selling price per product of IDR 30,000.

30 Jars X Rp 30,000 = Rp 900,000 (Gross Profit One Time Sales)

As for how to calculate net profit, the existing gross profit is reduced by business capital and operational costs.

Rp 900,000 - Rp 511,550 = Rp 388,450

As a result, the estimated profit of the packaged chili sauce business in one production is IDR 388,450. Pretty good luck huh? The profit you get can be greater than the number if you are able to sell more than 30 jars within a month.

Keep in mind, the details above are examples of calculating estimated capital and profits. The results that you get later can be greater or smaller depending on the current prices of basic commodities that apply and the quantity of packaged chili products that you have successfully sold.

5. Easy Solution to Get Sambal Packaging Business Capital

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