House Certificate Pledge Terms and Other Things to Consider

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9 September 2022
House Certificate Pledge Terms and Other Things to Consider

There are several ways you can do to get a large loan of funds. One of them is by applying for a loan on the condition that the mortgage is a house certificate.

Pawning a house certificate is one way that you can choose to meet various financial needs in addition to pawning the vehicle's BPKB letter. Later, the loan funds obtained can be used as business capital, health costs, education costs, and so on.

Applying for a loan with a certificate guarantee is not wrong, but there are many things that must be considered carefully. This is reasonable, considering that the collateralized assets are of great value. You also have to make sure that you can be responsible for paying off the loan to completion.

Therefore, before pawning a house certificate, it's a good idea to understand the terms of pawning a house certificate and other things to consider. Anything? Let's discuss more in the following description.


Things to Consider Before Pawning a Home Certificate

Before completing the mortgage requirements for a house certificate and applying for a loan at the intended financing company, make sure you have considered the following 6 things as best you can.

Set Clear Goals

The first condition in applying for a loan with a certificate guarantee is that the loan is used for a clear and useful purpose. For example, additional business capital, education costs, health costs, and so on.

It is very unwise if these loan funds are used for consumptive needs or for extravagance. Because carelessness in managing loans will only cause you to be in debt and in a bad financial situation. So, make sure that the loan funds are allocated for a clear and useful purpose.

Ensure Stable Financial Condition

After determining the purpose of the loan, the second step that you must consider is related to personal financial conditions. Make sure that your financial condition is really supportive and for urgent needs.

No less important, also make sure that you have the ability to pay the following installments with interest every month. You can determine the number of funds needed according to your abilities and the loan application can be approved as long as it does not exceed the appraisal price of the guaranteed asset.

The point is, don't let your financial condition be burdened and your assets as a condition for pawning a house certificate must be confiscated and leave a bad credit record. This can be very fatal because it can cause you to have difficulty applying for a loan in the future.

Consider the Requirements Carefully

Before you apply for a loan with a certificate guarantee, make sure that you have carefully considered all the requirements for the mortgage. Because not everyone can apply for a loan at a finance company.

Basically, the requirements for applying for a loan from a finance company are almost the same from one company to another. Generally, prospective customers must be 21-60 years old and have a steady income for at least 1 year. As well as attaching documents such as ID cards, family cards, photocopies of salary slips, NPWP, as well as IMB and PBB for a certain period of time.

Make sure that you meet the applicable terms and conditions so that your loan application can run smoothly.

Determine The Loan Amount With The Price Of The House

When applying for a loan, also make sure that you have taken into account the loan nominal and the price of the house that will be guaranteed. Generally, you will not get a 100% disbursement of the value of the house that is guaranteed. You will only get about 60% of the value of the mortgaged house. In addition, this also depends on the location and condition of the house to be guaranteed. Determine the loan nominal and do not apply for a loan more than your needs and abilities.

Completeness of Loan Documents

The completeness of the documents will show your seriousness in the loan application process. Generally, the required mortgage documents for home certificates are:


  • Certificate, IMB, PBB

  • SHM / SHGB on behalf of yourself and/or partner

  • Salary Slips Last 3-6 Months (Employees)

  • Business legality (SIUP, TDP, AKTA CV/AKTA PT, NPWP USHA) (Entrepreneur)

  • Current Account / Business Bookkeeping 6 Months – Last 1 Year

Choose a Financing Company Wisely

The latter is also a requirement for a mortgage for a house certificate, make sure that you are careful in choosing a financing company. Choose a finance company with relatively small interest, and a good reputation, and make sure the financing company you are aiming for has been registered and supervised by the OJK. So, your loan process can run safely and smoothly.

Requirements for Pawning House Certificates that Must Be Fulfilled

Before applying for a mortgage with a mortgage through a house certificate, it's a good idea to understand the following requirements for a mortgage for a house certificate so that the process can run quickly and easily. Especially if you want to apply for a loan at a trusted institution such as BFI Finance.

Submission Terms

1. Minimum age 21 years and maximum 65 years (until full payment).

2. Only valid for the following branches: Serpong, Tangerang, Meruya, Sunter, South Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Malang and Gresik.

3. Ownership status of the prospective customer's house in the name of himself, spouse, or parents.

4. Prospective customers are permanent employees with > 2 years of service or have their own business, except for businesses that are illegal and against the law.

Home Profile

1. Have SHM/SHGB in the name of yourself, your spouse, or your parents.

2. Not in an alley, fit 1 car road (3 meters), and not in a village.

3. Not close to public facilities, Sutet, cemeteries, or DAS (Watershed Areas).

4. Not in the sales process.

5. The house is occupied or if vacant a maximum of 6 months.

Documents Needed to be Prepared

1. Personal documents: KTP, KK, NPWP, marriage book, and BPJS Health Card (not required).

2. PLN customer number or latest electricity bill, last PBB, and STTS payment

3. Asset Documents: PBB, SHM, and IMB

4. Income document (For Employees)

  • Personal statement or joint statement with a spouse for the last 3 months

  • Salary slip alone or salary slip with a partner for the last 3 months and work certificate

5. Income documents (For Entrepreneurs)

  • Bookkeeping/Business Invoice for the last 1 year

  • Proof of income

  • Current account for the last 6 months

  • SIUP/TDP, and SKU/Deed

  • Business NPWP

Tips to Increase Home Selling Value

Before you complete the mortgage requirements, there are other important things that you should not miss. These tips are important for you to do so that you get the maximum loan money you get.

Because a house in good physical condition will not only make it easier to apply for a loan with a guarantee that your certificate is approved by a financial institution. But it will also increase the selling value and become one of the considerations for financial institutions.

Syarat Gadai Sertifikat Rumah

Image Source: freepik

Interior and Exterior Renovation

The physical condition of the house will certainly determine the selling value and purchasing power of consumers. Before you offer your home, it's best to renovate some of the damaged parts.

For example, a leaky roof, a jammed door, and so on. In addition, the outside of the house also needs to be renovated by repainting. This is so that your home does not look dull and looks fresher. You can ask a builder for help to get maximum results.

By renovating the entire house, of course, your house becomes livable and the selling value of your home will remain high.

Cleaning the Outside and Inside of the House

In addition to renovating, the condition of a clean house also determines the selling value of your home. This is because, with a clean house, you also display a dwelling that is in good condition. Clean the crust and dirt on the walls and floors so that your home gives the impression of being well-maintained and still in good condition.

Which is Better, Pawning a House Certificate at a Financing Company or Bank?

Basically, both institutions are mutually beneficial. However, finance companies have their own advantages. Are as follows.

1. Large loan amount

2. The process of a certificate guarantee loan at a finance company is usually easier

3. Submissions are usually quicker to get approved. So, for those of you who need a loan in a short time,

Sobat BFI, this is information regarding the terms of a mortgage on the house certificate and other things that need to be considered. Hopefully, this information can be your consideration before applying for a loan with a mortgage. Make sure you choose a trusted financing company such as BFI Finance that has been registered and supervised by the OJK. You can guarantee your home certificate and get up to 60% disbursement of funds for your various financial needs.

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