Business Certificate: Definition, Benefits, Terms and How to Make it

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27 March 2023
Business Certificate: Definition, Benefits, Terms and How to Make it

Do you have a business certificate or what is commonly referred to as an SKU? BFI friends, SKU ownership is very crucial, especially for those of you who are just about to start up or already have a business, be it a micro, medium, or large-scale business.

So, what do we need to know about business certificates? How easy is it to make? Read more in the following description!


What is a Business Certificate (SKU)

A business certificate (SKU) is an important document that must be owned by business actors. SKU is a proof of business legality issued by the authorities such as the local sub-district or sub-district to state if the person concerned owns a business with clear business activities.

In short, a business certificate is an informative document that contains various important information related to a business, starting from the company name, address, type of business being carried out, business license number, validity date of the received business license, and so on.

The legal basis for SKU ownership has been regulated in Law no. 3 of 1982 concerning Compulsory Company Registration. As for the validity period, the SKU is valid for 1 year from the date this document was first issued.

Apart from SKUs, as a business owner, it's a good idea to also complete other business legalities documents, such as Trading Business Permits, Business Identification Numbers (NIB), Business Location Permits, and Halal Certificates.

5 Functions of a Business Certificate

Apart from being related to legality, a business certificate has other important functions that you need to know about. Among others, the following.

1. Business Legality

The first SKU function is business legality. By having an SKU, you can be sure that your business is running according to the procedures and laws that apply in Indonesia.

2. Terms of Submission of Loans to Banks

SKUs can be used as one of the requirements for capital loans to financial institutions such as banks. One of the business capital loan programs supported by the government for the development of people's businesses such as MSMEs and so on is KUR (People's Business Credit).

3. Requirements Documents to Follow the Auction / Tender

The next advantage of owning an SKU is that it will be easier for you to be able to participate in auctions/tenders held by certain institutions. For example, projects or activities held by the government or private parties.

4. Entrepreneurial TIN Requirements

SKU can be used as one of the requirements for making other documents related to business legality, one of which is as a requirement for making an entrepreneur's NPWP.

5. Conditions for Changing the Class of Electricity Tariffs

Finally, with the SKU document, you can adjust the existing electricity rates by changing the electricity rate group. The reason is, this class change can only be made if you attach the requested requirements, including the SKU document.

Requirements for Making a Business Certificate

Making a business certificate is now even easier because it can be done offline or online. In order for the manufacturing process to run smoothly, make sure you prepare the requirements for making the SKU below, as reported by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's PM & PTSP Service.

1. Personal identity

2. SKU application letter with a signature on an Rp. 6,000 stamp duty (It contains a statement that the authenticity of all existing documents can be ascertained.)

3. Supporting forms (specifically residents of the DKI Jakarta area can download the form at

4. Letter of introduction from the local RT/RW

5. If authorized, it is obligatory to attach:

  • KTP/Identity of the Authorized Person

  • Power of Attorney signed on stamp duty of IDR 6,000

6. A statement stating that they will not sell on the sidewalk, or on the shoulder of the road, and will not interfere with public activities.

7. Photo of business location.

8. If renting a place or business location:

  • Statement of no objection
  • KTP of land/building owner
  • Land/building lease agreement

Keep in mind, the time for making a business certificate offline is generally around 10 minutes or less than a day. Even so, sooner or later the manufacturing process depends on the number of existing queues. Try to arrive early so that your documents can be processed faster.

As for the cost of making it, the business certificate is free of charge or FREE.

An Easy Way to Make a Business Certificate

How to make a business certificate is quite easy. First of all, make sure you have prepared the required requirements. After that, follow the procedure below according to how to create the SKU you choose.

surat keterangan usaha

Ilustrasi Cara Membuat Surat Keterangan Usaha | Image Source: freepik/jcomp

How to Create SKUs Offline

Here's how to make an offline business certificate.

1. Prepare all the requirements needed, including a letter of introduction from the RT/RW.

2. Visit the local kelurahan/kecamatan office by bringing all the required documents.

3. Fill out the form provided by the officer.

4. Submit the completed form together with the requested required documents.

5. Wait a moment until your name is called according to the number of queues that exist.

6. You can then take the SKU that has been approved (signed and stamped) home to use according to your needs.

How to Create SKUs Online

For those of you who don't want to bother queuing to go to the local sub-district/kelurahan, the following way to make an online business certificate can be an option. Follow these steps.

1. Visit the official OSS website at this link.

2. If you don't have an account, register immediately by clicking 'Register' in the upper right corner, then follow the steps.

3. Activate the account via the registered email.

4. You will receive a username and password to register for the SKU.

5. Login with the username and password you received.

7. On the homepage you will be directed to fill in the business actor's data.

8. Fill in the complete data then select the type of business in the 'business permit' column

9. Complete all the requirements requested

10. Make sure all the data filled in is correct, then click the bottom button.

11. Data on the final result of registration will appear on your page, this data is a business statement that you can directly download or print for further use for various purposes.

Examples of Business Certificates

Reporting from detikfinance, here are some examples of business certificates that you can use as a reference or a big picture regarding the SKU format.

1. Example SKU Version 1
contoh surat keterangan usaha

2. Example SKU Version 2

contoh surat keterangan usaha

3. Example SKU Version 3


contoh surat keterangan usaha

4. Example SKU Version 4

contoh surat keterangan usaha

5. Example SKU Version 5

contoh surat keterangan usaha

6. Example SKU Version 6

contoh surat keterangan usaha

BFI friends, that's a discussion regarding business certificates and other important things you need to know. Having an SKU is not only a legal obligation that you need to comply with, but it can also benefit you in terms of legality and other conveniences.

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