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A Current Account Is: Definition, Function, and How to Get It

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1 February 2023
A Current Account Is: Definition, Function, and How to Get It

The word checking account is a word that may be familiar to some people. This word refers to a banking term that means a transaction report on an account within a certain period of time.

Many checking accounts are used as one of the administrative requirements for various things. For example, business capital loans, car loans, applying for VISAs, and many more.

Because of its quite crucial function, you need to understand newspaper reports to make it easier for you to take care of them in the future.

BFI friends, let's understand this one term. Take a good look at the following article.


What is a Current Account?

A checking account is a comprehensive summary of financial transactions that displays financial transactions in an account for a certain period. With a checking account, customers or account owners can monitor all transactions in their account at any time and ensure that every transaction made is recorded correctly.

A checking account applies to both individual and business entity account types. This document is generally printed by the bank within a certain period, such as three or six months. To get it is fairly easy. You can get it by visiting the nearest bank or downloading a bank statement online on the bank's website or mobile banking.

6 Important Parts of a Current Account

There are at least 6 important parts in a checking account. The six sections of the checking account are bank information, information related to the company or account owner, period dates, account summaries, and transaction summaries. For more details, see the description below.

1. Bank Information

In the bank information section, some information is contained in the form of the bank's name, address, and CS (customer service) telephone number. This information is intentionally displayed to facilitate financial statement adjustments (reconciliation) if transaction errors or printing errors are found.

2. Company or Business Related Information

As with bank information, for those of you who have a business or company account, in the checking account section, you will find some information that includes information about your business. Such as business name, business owner's name, address, and telephone number.

3. Account Information/Account Owner

In this section, the information displayed is in the form of basic information such as the account owner's name and account number.

4. Period Date (According to the Period Selected)

The period date is the date listed in each period of issuance of existing checking accounts. For example, if you print a bank statement in January, then the period displayed for the last month is December.

5. Account Summary

The account summary contains information about the balance from the beginning to the end of the period, total deposits, and total withdrawals.

6. Transaction Summary

Finally, the transaction summary. This section displays a list of transactions that occurred during a period according to the period you have specified and determined chronologically (sequentially). Each existing transaction is arranged based on the date, description, nominal amount, and balance after the transaction.

6 Functions of a checking account

Apart from being able to display all transactions that exist at a certain time, a checking account also has other crucial functions that you should know about. What are these functions?

1. Displays all forms of existing transactions

The most common function of having a checking account is as proof of transactions for a certain period. The checking account will display all transactions that occurred during the time frame you selected.

Many people intentionally or routinely print checking accounts to minimize the occurrence of crimes such as misuse of accounts and so on. Because, if this happens, the customer or account owner can report it directly to the bank for further processing.

2. As Legal Evidence

Times are getting more modern and sophisticated. Not a few irresponsible parties deliberately look for loopholes to commit crimes. For example through falsifying proof of transfer or pretending not to receive money that has been sent.

With a checking account, you can be a little more relieved because you have legal proof of every financial transaction that occurs. This document can also be used as evidence that allows for legal proceedings.

3. As a condition for applying for a loan

The majority of non-bank financial institutions or banks make a checking account a mandatory requirement in applying for a loan. For example, types of loans guaranteed by Vehicle BPKB or house certificates, KPR (House Ownership Credit), KTA (Unsecured Credit), KBB (Motor Vehicle Credit), and other types of multipurpose loans.

This rule is deliberately set to ensure that the prospective borrower's finances are in the healthy category and have the ability to pay off existing installments.

In addition, a checking account can also be used as evidence if the prospective debtor in question actually works as an employee at a company. This can be seen clearly through the inflow on behalf of the company.

Many financial institutions or finance companies engaged in the capital sector prefer borrowers who work as employees in a company because they have a stable income so they have the opportunity to pay off their installments on time and avoid the possibility of default.

4. VISA Application Requirements

When you are about to make a VISA, a checking account is one of the requirements that you need to attach. This is because the existing checking account can prove that you have sufficient funds to guarantee your financial condition while in the destination country.

5. Join the Auction

Interested in participating in the auction? Don't forget to attach a bank statement, OK? This document is used as one of the requirements for participating in the auction to prove that the balance in your account is sufficient.

6. Company Financial Audit

The presence of a checking account is very important in the operation of a business, especially to match existing financial transactions. If there is a recording error, you can submit a reconciliation to the bank.

Differences between checking accounts and savings account movements

Many people often think that checking accounts and savings accounts are the same thing. Though, the two are quite different. Here are some of the differences between the two.

1. Information Presented

The information contained in the checking account is more detailed information within a relatively long period of time. Meanwhile, account mutations generally only display transactions within the past 7 to 14 days.

2. Ease of Access

You can get a checking account by submitting it directly to the bank or the official website. Meanwhile, you can easily get account mutations through ATMs, Mobile Banking, or websites, and the process is shorter and easier.

3. Fees Charged

To get a checking account, there are a number of administration fees that you need to pay to the bank. As for account mutations, you can get them for free, aka FREE.

Requirements for Obtaining a Current Account

A checking account is a document that you cannot get at random. There are a number of requirements that you need to complete first. Here are the complete requirements.

1. Original Passbook

2. e-KTP or other identification cards such as NPWP, KK, or driver's license

3. Debit Card

4. Cost of Printing Account Statements

Launching from various sources, the cost of printing a checking account is determined by your destination bank.

  • Bank BCA: IDR 2,500/sheet.
  • BRI Bank: IDR 25,000/share with a displayed period of up to 12 months.
  • Bank BNI: IDR 2,500 - IDR 3,000 Per Sheet.
  • Bank Mandiri: IDR 2,500/share for transactions in the last 3 months and IDR 5,000/share for transactions in the last 6 months.
  • Permata Bank: IDR 10,000/share.
  • Bank Syariah Indonesia: IDR 3,500/share.

How to Get a Current Account Via Customer Service

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Image Source: Pexels/RODNAE Production

Printing a checking account can be done in two ways, namely by visiting the bank directly and secondly through internet banking. The way to get a checking account through a bank is as follows.

1. Visit the nearest bank branch office

2. Convey your intent and purpose to the officer or security guard

3. Take a queue number

4. Wait until your queue number is called by the Customer Service section

5. CS section will ask for the required document requirements. Don't forget to mention the checking account period you need

6. Wait a moment until the bank statement is printed

7. Make payments according to the predetermined rate

How to Get a Current Account Via Internet Banking

Here's how to get a checking account through an internet bank based on the bank you choose.

1. How to Print a Current Account at Bank BCA

There are two ways that you can choose to get a Bank BCA checking account online. The first is through klikBCA and the second is through myBCA. Follow the steps below to check it.

Check your checking account at KlikBCA

  • Log in on the official website of Bank BCA
  • Enter your user and password
  • Select the 'e-statement' menu on the dashboard
  • Then click 'Your Account'
  • Determine the transaction period that you want
  • After that click 'Download'
  • The checking account will be automatically downloaded in PDF format

Check your Account Statement at myBCA

  • Open your myBCA application
  • Log in by entering your user and BCA ID and password
  • Select the BCA account that you want to check
  • Then enter the 'e-statement' menu
  • Select the period of your desired checking account
  • Click 'Show'
  • Click 'Download' then select Drive to display the PDF file
  • Then the checking account will appear on your Drive
  • Click the three dots in the corner of the file then select 'Download' or 'Download' to save the PDF file on your device

2. How to Print a Current Account at Bank BRI

  • Visit the site
  • Enter the user ID, password, and validation code on the web page
  • Click 'Sign In'
  • Select 'Account'
  • Then select 'Change Account'
  • Select the account type
  • Specify the transaction period that you want to download
  • The checking account will be displayed on your screen
  • Download the file and save it on your device

3. How to Print a Current Account at Bank BNI

  • Visit the official website of Bank BNI at
  • Enter the user ID, password, and verification code
  • Click login
  • Then select 'Change Account'
  • Specify the period of the bank statement that you want to print
  • The checking account will be displayed on your screen
  • Click the print image then save the file on your device

4. How to Print a Current Account at Bank Mandiri

  • Visit Bank Mandiri's official website at
  • Enter user ID and password
  • Click 'Sign In'
  • Select the 'Account Information' menu
  • Select 'Online Mandiri Account'
  • Next, click 'Change Account'
  • Specify the period of the bank statement that you want to display
  • The checking account you requested will be displayed on your screen
  • Then click the download button to save the bank statement on your device

BFI friends, that was the discussion regarding checking accounts. If you plan to print it independently, make sure you follow the steps correctly and always be aware of suspicious actions from any party acting on behalf of the bank.

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