Complete Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business, Capital and Car Type

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31 August 2022
Complete Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business, Capital and Car Type

In an era that is growing, the types of businesses are increasingly diverse. One type of business that brings a sizable profit is the food truck business. This business requires relatively small to medium capital. No need to worry, you can get food truck business capital by utilizing business financing. Come on, see the full review below!

Food trucks are one of the most interesting types of contemporary food businesses. The capital required is relatively smaller than opening a restaurant. However, the benefits that you can get are quite large. You can also sell a lot of contemporary snacks that match the tastes of the trending market.

However, of course, you still have to prepare some capital to run this type of business. No need to worry, you can take advantage of business financing to develop your food truck business.

For those of you who are interested, let's see what you have to prepare to start the following contemporary food truck business!


Food Truck Business Idea

Here are 11 food truck business ideas that you can apply. You also have to be able to adjust to market tastes and the development of culinary world trends to be able to develop this food truck business.

  1. Burgers and Hotdogs

  2. Korean street food

  3. Kebabs

  4. Ice cream

  5. Roasted Chicken or other kinds of chicken

  6. Pancakes or Waffles

  7. Fish and Chips

  8. Coffee

  9. Sandwiches

  10. Sushi

  11. Local food


Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business

Check out the following 6 tips as a guide in starting your food truck business.

1. Decide on the Food and Drinks You Want to Sell

The first step in starting this food truck business is to determine the food and beverage menu that you will sell. The thing that can make your food truck business sell well lies in the delicacy and uniqueness of the menu you sell. It is different from the cafe business because this type of business does not only offer the delicious menu it sells but comfort and facilities are other factors that are a factor in the success of a café business. So, trying to make the menu that you sell in the food truck business can be a unique selling point or a prima donna.

Choose a menu that is easy to process because trucks have limited space. The selection of the type of food and drink that you will sell will also determine the design of your food truck. For example, if you want to sell healthy food, then a suitable food truck design is dominant in the green color which represents healthy.

Do in-depth research regarding the selection of the menu that you will sell, including the selling price.

2. Design a Food Truck

In addition to the menu you sell, an attractive truck design is also a determinant of the success of your food truck business. Again and again, you need to do design research that matches the menu you are selling and your target market. For example, if you want to sell Korean street food, then choose a design that includes elements of Korean writing in it, or a modern minimalist design because your target market is young people.

Also, pay attention to the equipment and utensils to support cooking that does not take up too much space. Do not forget to pay attention to the safety aspect so as not to endanger the car engine used.

After getting a suitable design, you can design it using a trusted food truck design service. It's okay to spend more for this food truck design post, because of course the price will determine the quality produced.

3. Determine Strategic Places to Sell

One of the advantages of this food truck business is that it has flexibility in determining the location of its business. You can change business locations as long as you have obtained a license to sell at that location.

What needs to be considered is to choose a busy business location so that your food truck is also visited by visitors. You can sell at certain events such as bazaars, school art performances, exhibitions, and other events to reach more buyers.

4. Manage Licensing and Legality

The fourth thing that is no less important in starting a food truck business is pursuing licenses and permits. For information, until now food truck licensing in Indonesia is still not very clear. Therefore, make sure that you get permission from the relevant parties before you sell in the location you are going to.

Apart from that, you also need to pursue a business license. Namely, all matters relating to licensing and patents. So, if your business is growing, you can take advantage of the license as a grant of permission to other parties to produce products that you have patented.

5. Use Social Media as a Promotion Tool

In this digital era, using social media as a means of promotion is the right choice. What's more, the food truck business can be said to be a contemporary business that targets young customers. So, create an Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook account to introduce and reach more customers.

A form of promotion using social media is that you can give certain discounts to customers who have followed your food truck business's social media.

6. Collaborate with the Event Organizer

The last tip for starting a food truck business is to collaborate with an Event Organizer (EO). You can find out what events you can participate in through information from the Event Organizer. As explained above, you can participate in several small to large-scale events such as food bazaar events, art exhibitions, art performances, workshops, and others. Opening an outlet with a food truck at the event will also be unique in itself and is expected to become more of an attraction.


Recommended Food Truck Cars

Not all types or types of cars are suitable for use as the main vehicle for a food truck business. These six types of cars are food truck recommendations that you can consider using.

1. GranMax

The first food truck recommendation is the Daihatsu Gran Max. Perhaps this type of car is the most popular type of car recommended as the main vehicle for a food truck. The shape is large so that it is able to contain all the equipment and equipment needed by a food truck business.

The latest selling price of the Daihatsu GranMax starts from Rp. 193.2 million, while the second type is priced from Rp. 60,000,000.

2. Suzuki APV

This type of minibus also has a spacious cabin that is sufficient to accommodate all the equipment needed for this food truck business. The Suzuki APV cabin has a width of 160 cm, a height of 170 cm, and a length of 400 cm. The latest selling price of the Suzuki APV is IDR 213.5 million, while the second type has a starting price of IDR 85 million.

3. Isuzu ELF

If you need a larger cabin capacity, then you can choose the Isuzu ELF for your food truck business. You can add more complete cooking utensils if you use Isuzu ELF. With a larger cabin capacity also affects a larger selling price. The selling price of the latest Isuzu ELF starts from Rp. 300 million. As for the second type, the selling price starts from Rp. 100 million.

4. Viar

Actually, Viar is not classified as a car, but is more likely to be included in a three-wheeled motorized vehicle. However, in fact, Viar vehicles are widely used as the main vehicle for this food truck business. The cabin capacity offered by Viar is certainly not as big as the Isuzu ELF or GranMax. Thus, Viar vehicles are suitable for small-scale food truck businesses. The selling price also has a price range that is quite far compared to other food truck recommendations, starting from Rp. 17 million, you can already get a second Viar in excellent condition.

5. Mitsubishi Colt T120ss

The next food truck recommendation is the Mitsubishi Colt T120ss. This type of car is also often used as a car to transport goods because of its wide trunk capacity. However, since 2019, the production of this type of car has been discontinued. So, if you want to use the Mitsubishi Colt T120ss as the main vehicle for your food truck business, you can use the second type. The selling price of the second type of Mitsubishi Colt T120ss is priced at IDR 70 million.

6. Nissan Evalia

The last recommended food truck car is the Nissan Evalia. Unlike other types of food truck recommendations, the Nissan Evalia is included in the MPV class car or Multi-Purpose Vehicles for families. However, since 2021, Nissan has stopped producing this type of Nissan Evalia. So, if you want to use the Nissan Evalia type of car, use the second output which also has a lower selling price. The selling price of the second Nissan Evalia starts from Rp. 110 million.


Estimation of Food Truck Business Capital

Starting a food truck business does require a lot of capital. This is due to the use of cars that are used as food trucks. You don't have to use a new car as the main vehicle for a food truck, but using a second car can also be used as an alternative.

The following is an estimate of the business capital needed to run a food truck business:

No. Item Cost
1. GranMax Second Car Rp 65.000.0000
2. Custom Body Rp 30.000.000
3. Cooking Utensils (Pans, Frying Pans, Stoves, etc.) Rp 5.500.000
4. Tables and Chairs Rp 4.000.000
5. Mini Refrigerator Rp 1.400.000
6. Generator Rp 3.000.000
7. Groceries Rp 2.000.000
8. Employee Salary (1) Rp 1.500.000
9. Other costs Rp 1.000.000
  Total Rp 113.400.000

Thus, the initial capital needed to run this food truck business is Rp. 113,400,000. Of course, this capital can be reduced so that the capital issued is smaller. Because actually, a successful business does not come from the amount of capital that can be included but lies in the strategy and innovation of the business.

Manage Capital Through Business Financing

Most importantly, you must determine the capital needed to run this food truck business. Determine the nominal capital needed to buy or rent a car, basic foodstuffs, employee salaries, marketing, cashier application subscriptions, and so on.

No need to worry, if you need additional capital, you can take advantage of trusted business financing. One of them is BFI Finance. You can get financing for various needs, including business needs with long tenors and competitive interest rates. Other information and conditions related to loan applications through BFI Finance can be accessed at the link below.


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Well, those are the various things you have to prepare in running the current food truck business. Come on, make your dream business come true with BFI Finance!

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