Get to know Word of Mouth, a Marketing Strategy with Many Benefits

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30 May 2022
Get to know Word of Mouth, a Marketing Strategy with Many Benefits

To run a business or business, of course, business people will do promotions as a way of marketing. There are various types of marketing, ranging from using attractive marketing content, binding influencers/KOLs as brand ambassadors, and giving discounts, and word of mouth strategies. These strategies are carried out to increase sales, increase brand awareness, and create a good image of a product. Then, what is word of mouth? For information, read this article to the end!


Definition of word of mouth is

Word of mouth is one of the marketing strategies or marketing carried out by word of mouth or in short recommendations from people around to buy a product. There are several definitions of word of mouth according to several experts.

According to WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) 

Word of mouth is a marketing effort that triggers consumers to talk about, promote, recommend, and sell products to other customers.

According to Kotler dan Keller (2009)

Word of mouth is an oral, written and electronic communication between people related to the advantages or experiences of buying or using a product or service.

According to Hasan (2010)

Word of mouth is the customer's praise, recommendations, and comments about their experience of services or products that really influence customer decisions or their buying behavior.

Types of Word of Mouth 

Word of mouth marketing strategy is divided into two, namely organic word of mouth and also amplified word of mouth.

  • Organic Word of Mouth is a conversation that flows naturally from the quality of a service or product. Usually, organic word of mouth is a sentiment from consumers, either positive or negative.
  • Amplified Word of Mouth is a deliberate talk to get people to talk about the product. You can find real examples of this in some of the major campaigns for a product or service.

Things to Pay Attention to When Executing a WoM Strategy

If you are a business actor or intend to open a business or business, then you need to pay attention to the following three factors so that the strategy carried out produces results.


The first factor is an engagement or the efforts that are included by presenting a sense of belonging or a sense of belonging from consumers. This can be done by listening to consumer opinions about products or services. There are many platforms or channels that can be used as a place to get engagement, one of which is through social media.


Next is equip, equip in question is to develop the quality of products or services offered to consumers so as to create good engagement from consumers.


The last factor is empowerment. You can make consumers as one of the human resources involved in the promotion process. Such as giving gifts that allow consumers to talk about your products or services or involving consumers in the equip process through engagement that comes from social media.

Advantages of Using a Word of Mouth Strategy

word of mouth adalah - keuntungan menggunakan strategi marketing word of mouth

From an explanation of what word of mouth is, you can also benefit from using the marketing strategies listed below.
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Get Free Promotion

The first advantage is that you can get free promotions if consumers leave good reviews that encourage other consumers to use your service or product. Therefore, make sure you provide the best service so that the sentiment or engagement given is positive.

Help Build a Good Image

Next is to help build a good image of your product/service. If the incoming or present sentiment is good, then the image of your company will also be good. A good image can have an effect on the motivation or encouragement of people to buy.


The next advantage is that it is cheaper, especially if the promotion is an organic word of mouth. Although amplified word of mouth, you can also target non-artist consumers with low commissions to build a good image and increase sales.

Increase Brand Awareness

The last is to increase brand awareness. Although not all good images and sentiments end in sales, you can still get exposure in the form of increasing brand awareness because indirectly your product/service/company has been exposed to many people. Thus, making your brand more recognized and remembered.

Ways to Improve your Word of Mouth Strategy

Given the many benefits, some people still use word of mouth strategies in offline and online campaigns. To improve the strategy, you can do several ways.

Providing Sharing Services

Not only getting input or suggestions, you are also required to reply to every sentiment or comment that comes in from consumers. Occasionally you can also be asked about the experience of using the products/services offered. This can create a good interaction between you and consumers. In addition, you can also get an image of "friendly service" for consumers.

Utilize SEO Articles

word of mouth adalah - cara meningkatkan strategi marketing word of mouth

If you run an online business, you can take advantage of good SEO articles to increase sales. SEO articles can make your blog website enter the top page with optimized keywords. Make sure the keywords or keywords used are relevant to the content of your article.

Maximizing Quality

The next way to improve the word of mouth strategy is to maximize the quality of the products/services offered. You can do several things, such as more stringent quality control of the goods you sell, monitoring the overall business process, and providing the best service to consumers.

Providing More Budget for Souvenirs

The last is by providing souvenirs or gifts that can trigger consumers to give good sentiments or comments about the products or services offered. In addition, you can also provide promotions in the form of discounts, buy 1 get 1 free campaign, and so on.

Example of a Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy Case

word of mouth adalah - contoh word of mouth

Here are some examples of real cases of word of mouth marketing strategies that occur naturally (organically) or intentionally through campaigns.

Endorse influencers to recommend their favorite products

Consumers provide pure testimonials on the selling platform of a brand/company

Consumers share promotional content from their idol influencers/artists

From the information above, it can be concluded that the word of mouth strategy is very possible and is still being applied by several companies and online businesses. In order to get the benefits, you can also do some of the things described above, including providing a special budget for giving gifts such as souvenirs or other forms of promotion. Although it requires more capital, this strategy is quite profitable for sales.

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