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Looking to Buy a House? Pay Attention to These Aspects to Avoid Making the Wrong Choice

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26 September 2023
Looking to Buy a House? Pay Attention to These Aspects to Avoid Making the Wrong Choice

The experience of buying your first home can be both joyful and bewildering. The process of purchasing your first home involves several stages that must be followed to make the transaction legally binding. For someone inexperienced in the world of real estate, these stages in the first home purchase process may seem confusing. Therefore, for prospective first-time homebuyers, it is important to understand the aspects to be considered before committing to a home.


1. Consider the Following Before Buying a Home

Before deciding to buy a home, there are several essential things to consider and carefully contemplate. These are key steps that you must evaluate before making this significant decision.


1.1 Family Needs

First and foremost, consider your family's needs. Do you have children or plan to have a family in the future? This will impact the size and type of home you require. Additionally, consider the necessary facilities such as the number of bedrooms, neighborhood safety, and access to public amenities.


1.2 Financial Capability

When planning to buy a home, it is crucial to conduct an honest and thorough financial evaluation. First and foremost, carefully determine your budget for purchasing a home. Don't just focus on the home's selling price; consider all additional costs associated with property acquisition. This includes taxes, notary fees, administrative costs, and even potential repairs needed for the house you intend to buy.


Additionally, assess your ability to comfortably pay the mortgage installments. Avoid putting yourself under too much financial strain with monthly payments, as this could lead to sacrificing other essential needs. Create a detailed budget plan to ensure that buying a home will not disrupt your financial stability. By conducting a careful and realistic evaluation of your financial capacity, you will be able to purchase a home with greater confidence while maintaining financial stability in the future.


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1.3 Location of the Home

When contemplating a home purchase, remember that the location of the house is a highly critical factor. Location not only affects the physical aspects of the property but also significantly impacts your daily lifestyle and convenience. Therefore, there are several factors you need to consider carefully when determining the right location for your home.


Consider the proximity of the home to your workplace. A shorter commute can save you time and daily transportation costs, providing greater flexibility in managing your schedule. Additionally, assess access to public transportation, which can enhance your mobility, especially if you don't own a personal vehicle.


Don't forget educational factors. Quality schools suitable for your children should be within easy reach. This ensures that you can conveniently transport your children to school and provide them with a good education.


The location of your home should also be close to public amenities such as shopping centers, markets, and healthcare facilities like hospitals or clinics. The presence of these facilities will simplify your daily life and make you feel more comfortable in the area.


1.4 New or Pre-Owned Home

One final consideration is whether you are more interested in buying a new or pre-owned home. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to carefully consider your preferences and budget.


Pre-owned homes often offer more affordable prices compared to new ones. However, you should be prepared for possible repairs and renovations needed to bring an older home up to your standards. This can be time-consuming and entail additional costs, but it can often be a wise investment if you have the skills and resources to do the work yourself or hire professionals.


On the other hand, new homes typically come with modern facilities and require fewer immediate repairs or renovations. However, this also means a higher initial cost. New homes tend to be priced higher than similarly sized pre-owned homes. Nonetheless, you will have a ready-to-occupy home without the need for extensive additional work.


Choose an option that aligns with your preferences and budget. Consider whether you want to save money initially and are willing to undertake repairs or if you prefer a new, modern home despite the higher cost. This decision is highly personal, and the most important thing is to ensure that the home you select suits your needs and long-term lifestyle.


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2. Tips for Buying a Home to Avoid Mistakes

When entering the housing market to purchase your dream home, there are several crucial tips to consider to prevent making costly mistakes. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right decision in your property purchase.


2.1 Trust Real Estate Agents

Consider utilizing the services of an experienced real estate agent. Real estate agents can assist you in navigating this complex market, offering advice tailored to your needs and identifying properties that fit your budget and criteria.


2.2 Conduct On-Site Surveys

Don't solely rely on online pictures or descriptions. Perform on-site surveys of the homes you are interested in. This allows you to assess the actual condition of the property, gain insight into the surrounding environment, and ensure the home meets your expectations.


2.3 Ensure Warranties

If you are buying a new home or one still under warranty, ensure you thoroughly understand the terms of the warranty provided by the developer. This includes what repairs are covered by the warranty and the duration of its validity. Understanding this can provide additional protection against issues that may arise after the purchase.


2.4 Verify Contractor Work

If you are buying a new home or one that has undergone renovations, verify the quality of the contractor's work. Make sure the building meets the required quality and safety standards. You can ask for references or consult with property experts if necessary.


2.5 Verify Property Title

Ensure that the property's Certificate of Land Ownership (Sertifikat Hak Milik - SHM) is in good and clear standing. Check the completeness of property documents, such as certificates, land titles, and ownership history. This is essential to confirm that you obtain a legitimate right to the property.


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By following these tips, you will be able to make a more informed decision and minimize the risk of errors in your home purchase. Always remember that buying a home is a significant investment, and careful consideration is necessary to ensure long-term satisfaction.


Dear Sobat BFI, these are some valuable tips for buying a home, with the hope that your first home will be a comfortable place to live, especially if you are just starting a family. We understand that investing in a home is one of the most important steps in life and sometimes requires additional financial support.


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