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Stress Management and 6 Ways to Do It

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27 July 2023
Stress Management and 6 Ways to Do It

Stress management is a way to help someone deal with stress better. As we know, stress is the body's natural response to things that require attention or certain actions. Stress can come anytime and anywhere.

By knowing how to manage it well, you will always avoid things that are not desirable. Then, what is the right way to manage stress? Read more in the following article.


1. What is Stress Management

Stress management is a set of techniques and programs intended to help people deal with stress more effectively. Stress management aims to reduce stress and its negative impact on mental or physical well-being.

Stress management techniques can involve mental, emotional, and behavioral strategies that vary according to each individual's situational factors.

As quoted from, poor stress management can cause a person to vent their existing stress on the following negative things.

1. Smoking

2. Consuming alcohol in excess

3. Overeating or even not eating at all

4. Isolate yourself or avoid loved ones

5. Spending time on things that are less useful, such as oversleeping

6. Procrastination of work

7. Taking out stress on other people by means of violence, anger, and so on.

Therefore, it is important to manage stress well to avoid things that can harm yourself and others.

2. Types of Stress

After we know what stress management is, it's good for us to know what types of stress there are. Quoted from the article, stress is divided into 4 types as follows.

2.1. Acute Stress

The first type of stress is acute stress which is short-term stress and is the most common, can come suddenly with a short duration of time.

When someone experiences acute stress, generally that person will feel a slightly shaken emotional state. For example, when someone gets into an argument with someone they don't like while driving a vehicle on the highway.

2.2. Chronic Stress

The second type of stress is chronic stress. This type of stress can last for a long time and on a regular basis. If left alone, stress on this one can make your body feel tired easily.

Chronic stress can arise from traumatic experiences or childhood trauma that haunts adulthood. If left alone, it can cause health problems, such as headaches, sleep disturbances, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, and depression.

2.3. Episodic Acute Stress

As the name implies, episodic acute stress is stress that can occur continuously to create a life that is continuously depressed.

2.4. Eustress

It turns out, not all stress has a negative connotation, you know! There is a positive type of stress called eustress. Eustress is stress that is beneficial, whether psychological, physical (eg exercise), or biochemical/radiological (hormesis).

The term was coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye, consisting of the Greek prefix eu- meaning "good", and stress, literally "good stress". Eustress is a positive form of stress that has beneficial effects on health, motivation, performance and emotional well-being.

3. Triggers Emerging Stress

There are many things that can trigger stress, from work, friendships or family, to financial problems. By knowing some of the common stress triggers, you can do better stress management. Here are some of the triggers.

  • Personal Finance
  • Uncertainty
  • Physical Health
  • Relationships with Family and Friends
  • Job Security

4. Dampak Stress

Dilansir dari situs resmi Kementerian Kesehatan, stres dapat menimbulkan berbagai efek yang kurang baik terhadap tubuh, perasaan, maupun pikiran kita. Hal tersebjt dapat dengan mudah kita kenali melalui gejala berikut ini.

4.1. Feelings of Unrest

Stress can make a person experience feelings of unrest, such as anxiety, anxiety, sadness, irritability, crying, and being more sensitive to various things.

4.2. There is A Sensation of Pain in the body

In addition to feelings and moods, stress can affect the body which is characterized by the emergence of painful sensations, stomach pain, ulcers, palpitations, bloating, headaches, heavy breathing, difficulty breathing, a feeling of tension in the neck and shoulders, and itchy skin.

4.3. Eating Disorders

The emergence of stress can be marked by the disruption of eating patterns, which can start with a decrease in appetite, decreased body weight or even experienced a significant increase.

4.4. Disturbance of Sleep Patterns

Stress can affect the quality of a person's sleep, such as difficulty sleeping or vice versa, oversleeping.

4.5. Hard to Focus and Concentrate

People who are stressed often find it difficult to focus and concentrate on the things they are doing. As a result, work that should be easy and can be completed quickly becomes hampered.

5. How to Handle Stress

There are various ways you can do to deal with stress or what is commonly called stress management. Here are some ways you can do this.

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5.1. Exercise Regularly

The first way to deal with stress is to exercise regularly or actively engage in physical activity, such as walking, running, yoga, or swimming which can help release endorphins or the "feeling happy" hormone. This hormone functions to help reduce tension and improve mood.

5.2. Get Enough Rest

Make sure to get enough rest at night. Quality sleep helps the body and mind avoid stress that can come at any time.

5.3. Manage Time Wisely

The next stress management is managing time wisely. Many of us are still overwhelmed in managing time properly, even though everyone has the same amount of time, namely 24 hours.

With the discipline of implementing time management, we can avoid stress and prioritize things that are important. This is because time is not used properly and an empty mind can lead to feelings of anxiety and unnecessary thoughts (overthinking).

5.4. Limit the Use of Social Media

Spending too much time on social media can add stress and anxiety. Set limits on the use of social media and avoid opening the platform before going to bed.

5.5. Talk to Closest Persons

Talking to the closest people and those we trust is proven to lighten the emotional burden. Try talking about your problems with friends, family, or professionals who can be good listeners, and offer suggestions, or new perspectives on the problems or worries you're experiencing.

5.6. Do Meditation or Other Relaxation Techniques

Practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, or yoga nidra can help calm the mind and body. With regular practice, you can increase your resistance to stress and improve sleep quality.

5.7. Maintain Diet

The next way to manage stress that you can do is to maintain a diet. The reason is, by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, we will always avoid stress and improve body fitness.

Some of the things you can do include the following.

  • Eat foods rich in nutrients, including complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. These foods can maintain blood sugar stability, so you can avoid anxiety and mood swings which are symptoms of stress.
  • Meet the needs of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Omega 3. These substances can help fight the effects of free radicals and reduce inflammation associated with chronic stress.

5.8. Avoid Excessive Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine is a stimulant that affects the nervous system and the body as a whole. By consuming caffeine your brain activity will increase, as well as stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine (adrenaline). If consumed in excess, the increase in existing hormones can trigger symptoms of stress, such as tension and excessive anxiety.

BFI friends, that's a way you can do it as a part of stress management. If the stress you have doesn't get better, don't hesitate to go to the doctor for further treatment.

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