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Opposite word of FOMO, here are the benefits of JOMO in everyday life

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19 September 2022
Opposite word of FOMO, here are the benefits of JOMO in everyday life

The term FOMO is often used on various online platforms. Many people use this term to refer to someone who is afraid of missing out on the latest trends.

In addition, the widespread use of social media has opened the door for people to be infected with FOMO.

Well, the emergence of FOMO coincides with the existence of a term that has the opposite meaning of the term JOMO.

JOMO is defined as a person's attitude towards something and regarding how to act. What is JOMO and why is it considered better than FOMO? Let's discuss more in the description of this one.


1. What is the difference between FOMO and JOMO?

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is fear, the fear of being left behind. This sense of fear does not rule out the possibility that it only applies to trends in social media, but involves all aspects that are considered important by an individual. For example, fear of not being successful with peers, fear of missing the discount on the target product, and so on.

While JOMO is the opposite of FOMO. JOMO or Joy of Missing Out is a situation where a person enjoys missing out on things he or she doesn't want to miss. This comfortable feeling makes the person more able to be grateful for what he has and establish good relationships with himself and those around him.

It should be underlined, that although JOMO is defined as the convenience of letting go of something, it cannot be interpreted as an excuse to be unproductive. Because to fight the existing fear (FOMO) is not by avoiding or breaking away from the world.

As reported by, psychologist Adi Dinardinata, S.Psi, M.Psi., argues that "If we enjoy skipping anything, we enjoy doing nothing, even though enjoying it is not good because it is not productive. chasing what we want, that's a problem too, even though we're happy. A good way is a middle way, the middle way, what's healthy is that we want to keep updating, but also don't force ourselves to always update. In other words, the desire to stay updated not to be thrown out, but also not to be forced.”

2. FOMO Negative Effects

FOMO is a condition in which a person is afraid of being left behind. Feelings of anxiety and fear that are increasingly haunting can have a negative influence on us. The following are some of the bad effects of FOMO.

2.1. Threatened Mental Health Conditions

Much different from JOMO, FOMO can also be said as an obsession with something that causes a sense of fear of something to arise in us. This feeling of fear can encourage us to feel unsatisfied, less grateful, stressed, and become paranoid, and this if left unchecked can threaten our mental health condition. Moreover, people affected by FOMO almost never stop comparing themselves to others.

2.2. Disruption of Social Relations with People Around

People affected by FOMO focus their minds on something they consider important and try their best to always be on track and updated on it, unlike JOMO.

This behavior can lead someone to tend to close themselves off, have difficulty communicating with people around them, and even tend to underestimate people who are not in line with their thoughts.

2.3. Tend to Impulsive or Extravagant Lifestyle

The fear of being left behind can trigger anyone who feels it to act beyond reason and be willing to do anything. Without exception spending some money to satisfy the ego and fear itself.

Imagine if someone was exposed to the FOMO of a recent trend such as automotive or care products. It is not impossible that every month that person will spend a lot of money to be able to keep up to date with these trends.

This is one of the most threatening dangers and can plunge someone into debt and desperate to borrow on illegal online loans (Pinjol).

3. How to Apply JOMO in Daily Life

JOMO we can achieve and apply in everyday life. Some of the ways that you can take include the following.


Image Source: Pexels/Ketut Subiyatno

3.1. Focus on what you want to achieve

The first way to implement JOMO is to know what goals we want to achieve. Focus on that and set aside things that have the potential to distract or have nothing to do with your goals.

That way, you won't be easily swayed to follow the latest trends and fall into the FOMO phenomenon.

Not only do you focus on what you want to achieve, but you must also commit to actually pursuing it. For example, you create a series of activities with a clear time target.

3.2. Limit Social Media Use

The second way to implement JOMO is to limit the use of social media. Social media is one of the factors that trigger FOMO. On social media, many people tend to post or show the positive side of their lives.

This is perfectly legal to do because basically, no human being likes to be considered bad.

However, keep in mind that what we see on social media does not always appear that way in real life. So, make sure not to be fooled let alone start comparing yourself to others.

Focus on yourself and the loved ones around you. Do hobbies or other interesting activities besides playing social media.

If you find it difficult to get away from social media, you can try the following tips to reduce the frequency of their use.

  • Schedule social media playtime
  • Turn off less important notifications, keep crucial notifications on like work emails and the like
  • If possible, choose a day to take a break from social media and do other activities

3.3. Spending More Time With People Around

As mentioned earlier, FOMO has a negative effect on our social life. Through JOMO, you will be invited to set aside available time for quality time with loved ones. It could be family, children, siblings, friends, and others.

For example, setting aside a few hours or minutes to just chat while enjoying hot tea in the afternoon. Or visit an old friend and decide to meet up at the nearest coffee shop.

Whatever the activity, being with loved ones is much more meaningful and brings a lot of positive influence on us. Make sure to always maintain good relations with the people around you, okay?

Thus the explanation about JOMO, hopefully with this information we can be more grateful, focus on the main goal to be achieved and stop comparing ourselves with others.

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