Here are 15 Korean Street Food Business Ideas for Small Capital!

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12 August 2022
Here are 15 Korean Street Food Business Ideas for Small Capital!

Korean culture fever (Hallyu) is rampant everywhere. This phenomenon has moved many people to try many things related to South Korea. One of them is Korean street food.

Korean street food is a typical Korean snack that is generally sold in public places such as the roadside or when there are certain events.

Spicy, sweet, savory taste, and affordable price, make this food able to shake anyone's tongue and match the tastes of Indonesians. Not only that, making it is also fairly easy, it doesn't need to spend a lot of money.

Well, for BFI friends who are interested in having their own business, and have additional income, the following Korean street food business ideas can be an okay choice!


15 Korean Street Food Business Ideas

If you are interested in starting a Korean street food business, the following food ideas can be your inspiration!

1. Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

Tteokbokki is one of the most popular Korean spicy foods. Spicy taste with thick spices and chewy texture, this dish is made from rice cakes.

2. Odeng/Eomuk (어묵/오뎅)

Shaped like a large intestine satay, this one dish is made from fish meat satay and cooked with broth. Very delicious enjoyed while hot!

3. Kimchi (김치)

Processed foods in the form of fermented vegetables. Usually used as a friend to eat and food this one very often appears in Korean dramas. The taste is fresh, sour, and slightly spicy.

4. Twisted Ice

Towering ice cream with various flavors. Each ice cream served generally consists of 2 different variants.

5. Mandu (만두)

A type of dumpling filled with seasoned meat, served warm, and become one of the mandatory foods during Chinese New Year celebrations. Mandu originally came from China and during the Goryeo dynasty this food began to enter South Korea.

6. Bungeoppang (붕어빵)

Fish-shaped cake with sweet red bean filling. This cake is believed to bring good luck!

7. Hweori gamja (회오리 감자)

Spiral-shaped potatoes or other names tornado potatoes are Korean snacks whose main ingredients are potatoes. It tastes savory and crunchy, with a dry seasoning wrapped in each part. Very delicious to eat!

8. Gimbab (김밥)

The shape is almost the same as sushi, making this food often referred to as Korean sushi. Even so, both have different flavors, you know!

9. Twigim (튀김)

Fried foods are not only available in Indonesia, there are also fried foods in Korea. They call it Twigim. This typical Korean fried food is usually made from various seafood or seafood such as shrimp, and squid, and some are made from fried meatballs or vegetables. It goes well with spicy Tteokbokki.

10. Bbopki/Dalgona 달고나

A type of candy made from sugar and baking soda. Usually shaped round with a little pattern in the middle. There are also those who mix coffee or dalgona for the raw material for making it.

11. Gamja hot dog (감자 핫도그)

Have you ever eaten corndogs? Yes, this one food comes from Korea! Generally made from a mixture of flour, mozzarella cheese, sausage, and potatoes. There is also a sweet flavor variant. A delicious meal in your spare time!

12. Gyeran ppang (계란빵)

Rich in nutrients and nutrients, this Korean snack is made from bread and eggs. It's delicious and filling! Even more delicious if eaten with additional toppings in the form of melted mozzarella and salt.

13. Garlic Bread 

Just like Gyeran ppang, whose main ingredient is bread, Korean street food garlic bread is also made from bread with fla or bread cream which is made from cheese and garlic. It's soft and savory. The scent is also very unique and tempting!

14. Yangnyeom-tongdak (양념치킨)

This Korean snack is made from chicken, wrapped in a Korean spicy sauce, and embellished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds on top. Delicious and appetizing! 

15. Sotteok sotteok (김밥)

One of the most popular Korean snacks. The name Sotteok is a combination of two syllables, namely sausage and tteok. Shaped like satay, this dish is spicy, salty, and sweet. In some places, you can find additional mozzarella cheese on it.

Korean Street Food Business Advantage

Why korean street business? What are the advantages so that this business is worth a try? Here are some reasons you can consider.

Korean Street Food

Image Source: Unsplash/Mike Swigunski

1. Hallyu

Korean culture fever is increasingly widespread. Not only in big cities, this fever is also spread throughout Indonesia, even in remote areas. As if enchanted by the existing Hallyu, not a few people are willing to spend quite a lot to be able to enjoy this culture. Korean street food is no exception. Therefore, by running this business you will easily get customers regardless of your domicile.

2. Lots of fans, especially teenagers in their early 30s

Because the price is cheap and the taste is suitable for Indonesian tongues, Korean food is loved by many teenagers until their early 30s.

3. Does not require a lot of capital

Starting a Korean business does not require a lot of capital. You can even start through the pre-order (PO) system or according to the order requested. So, there will be no wasted raw materials or less fresh.

4. It's not hard to cook

Cooking Korean street food is not difficult. You can easily get the raw materials from supermarkets and traditional markets. If there are certain ingredients that are difficult to find, you can still use other materials.

5. Flexible, can be sold online

To reach many customers, you can participate in marketing them online. This way, your Korean street food business will grow faster.

Estimated Profit of Korean Street Food

One of the Korean street food businesses that you can try is spicy rice cakes or Tteokbokki. Here are the details of the capital and the estimated profit that you can get from this business.

Business Capital Details tteokbokki
Cooking Tools / Utensils
No. Equipment Type Price
1. Storefront Rp1.250,000
2. Stoves and Gas Cylinders Rp320,000
3. Basin Rp110,000
4. Pot Rp150,000
5. Steamer Rp155,000
6. Wok Rp130,000
7. Spoon Rp60,000
8. spice grinder Rp550,000
9. Plate Rp85,000
10. Banner Rp70,000
11. Tables and chairs Rp350,000
Total Cost of Purchase of Cookware Rp3.230.000
Monthly Operational Cost
No. Information Total
1. Rice flour Rp50.000 x 30 Rp1.500.000
2. Sesame oil Rp27.000 x 30 Rp810.000
3. Onion Rp25,000 x 30 Rp750.000
4. Carrot Rp20,000 x 30 Rp600.000
5. ChiliRp12.000 x 30 Rp360.000
6. Chili paste Rp25.000 x 30 Rp750.000
7. Fine granulated sugar Rp1.500 x 30 Rp45.000
8. Black pepper Rp15,000 x 30 Rp450.000
9. Onion Slices Rp16,000 x 30 Rp480.000
10. Beef flavored broth Rp20,000 x 30 Rp600.000
11. Garlic Rp18,000 x 30 Rp540.000
12. Packaging Rp25,000 x 30 Rp750.000
13. LPG gas Rp21,000 x 4 Rp84.000
14. Electricity Rp60,000 x 1 Rp60.000
15. Rental Costs Rp400,000 x 1 Rp400,000
16. Water fee Rp45,000 x 1 Rp45,000
Total Operating Costs Per Month Rp8.224.000
Total Business Capital Street Food Rp11.454.000

*The price details above are rough calculations, the price of each tool and material listed is subject to change. It depends on your needs and current prices.

The details of the advantages of the Tteobokki business can be seen in the following table.

Estimated Business Profits tteokbokki
No Description Amount Unit price Total Harga
1. Tteokbokki Sale for 30 Days 300 Rp17.000 Rp15.300.000
2. Monthly Operational Cost One Package - Rp8.224.000
Profit/Net Profit = Tteokbokki Sales Result 30 Days – Monthly Operating Expenses Rp7.076.000

If you total it as a whole, every month you can pocket a profit of Rp7,076,000. If accumulated for 1 year, then the annual profit from the Tteokbokki business is Rp7,076,000 X 12 Months = Rp84,912,000. That's a fantastic number, isn't it?

Keep in mind, the estimated profit above may be higher or lower. It depends on the gross income each month and the nominal capital used.

How to Get Korean Street Food Business Capital

After you have read the entirety of the Korean street food business, at this point you may be wondering how to get business capital to open this business.

If you are interested in opening this business, you don't need to worry because BFI Finance can help you to obtain business capital safely and quickly.

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Sobat BFI, that's the information about the Korean street food business idea. Hopefully it can inspire readers to start a business. See you again in a

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