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Fighting as a Hobby with Your Partner? Not Necessarily Incompatible, It Could Mean...

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1 November 2023
Fighting as a Hobby with Your Partner? Not Necessarily Incompatible, It Could Mean...

When we envision a healthy relationship, we often picture it as one filled with happiness, laughter, and endless love. However, in reality, conflicts and disagreements are an inevitable part of every relationship, including romantic ones. This article will discuss why having fights with your partner as a hobby is not necessarily a sign of incompatibility and can even indicate a strong relationship.


1. Fighting as a Sign of Sincerity in the Relationship

1.1 Concern for the Relationship

When you and your partner frequently engage in debates and conflicts, it can be a sign that you genuinely care about your relationship. When you feel anxious about the future of the relationship, you are more likely to be passionate about discussing and resolving issues. In fact, this anxiety can be a strong motivation to seek solutions and improve your relationship.


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1.2 Sincerity in Communication

One of the primary reasons why fighting with your partner can be a positive sign is that it indicates sincerity in communication. When you and your partner are comfortable talking about issues, even sensitive ones, it shows a high level of openness and honesty in your relationship. Both of you want to understand each other better and are willing to work hard to achieve mutual understanding.


1.3 Effort to Understand Different Perspectives

Conflict in a relationship can also show a sincere effort to understand your partner's perspective. When you and your partner engage in debates, you attempt to see the situation from your partner's point of view. This can help you grow as individuals and in your relationship, as you learn to understand different feelings and worldviews.


2. Learning and Growth

2.1 Opportunities to Improve Communication Skills

Fighting with your partner can serve as an opportunity to enhance your communication skills. In every conflict, you practice listening better, conveying messages clearly, and handling differences of opinion. The more you practice, the better you become at communicating, which can benefit your relationship in the long run.


2.2 Leadership in Problem-Solving

Conflict also provides an opportunity to sharpen problem-solving skills. You and your partner must collaborate to find adequate solutions to the issues that arise. This teaches you how to work as a team, and this ability is valuable not only in your relationship but also in your daily life.


2.3 Dealing with Conflict in the Relationship

Successfully overcoming conflicts with your partner is a significant achievement. It shows that you can work together to face obstacles and issues in your relationship. The ability to handle conflict strengthens the foundation of your relationship and can help you overcome greater challenges.


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2.4 Understanding Your Emotions and Feelings

During fights with your partner, you can better understand and manage your emotions and feelings. This is essential because relationships often involve a complex mix of love, desire, jealousy, and various other emotions. In conflict, you can understand what triggers these emotions and learn to deal with them.


2.5 Developing Patience

Conflict in a relationship can also teach you patience. Sometimes, issues in relationships cannot be resolved quickly, and you must learn to wait, give space to your partner, and allow time for change. Patience is a valuable asset in any relationship and in everyday life.


2.6 Boosting Self-Confidence

Each time you and your partner successfully resolve a conflict, it can boost your self-confidence. You feel stronger in your ability to overcome obstacles, which brings greater self-assurance in your relationship and personal life. With each conflict you navigate together, you build the confidence that you can face any challenges that come your way.


3. Relationship Development and Strengthening

3.1 Closer After Conflict

After experiencing conflict, many couples feel closer to each other. This is because they have shared an intense experience together and successfully overcome it. Conflict can strengthen the relationship by testing your resilience and commitment to each other.


3.2 Getting to Know Your Partner Better

Conflict can also help you get to know your partner better. When debates arise, people often speak from the heart. This can reveal deeper values, desires, and expectations. The better you understand your partner, the easier it is to build a satisfying relationship.


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3.3 Building Intimacy

Conflict can help build a deeper level of intimacy in your relationship. When you both face issues together, it creates a stronger bond. You become comfortable with each other's vulnerabilities and imperfections, providing a solid foundation for a strong relationship.


3.4 Creating Shared Memories

After resolving conflicts, you and your partner will have shared memories. Sometimes, these memories are emotional journeys you've experienced together, which can deepen the bond in your relationship. If you can celebrate the progress and growth you've achieved after conflicts, these memories can become bright spots in your relationship.


3.5 Increased Emotional Intimacy

Conflict allows you and your partner to develop deeper emotional intimacy. You express feelings and thoughts that you may not have shared before. This can result in a more intimate and meaningful relationship because you are more emotionally connected to each other.


3.6 Facing Challenges Together

When you overcome conflicts together, you build mutual trust. This is crucial when you encounter larger life obstacles and problems, such as financial issues, career challenges, or family matters. The ability to fight together as a team is a vital asset when facing these challenges.


4. A Sign of Compatibility in the Relationship

4.1 Ability to Endure Through Conflict

Many couples who can endure through conflicts and stay together demonstrate a high level of compatibility. This indicates that both of you have the willingness and commitment to make your relationship work, even in the face of obstacles. The sustainability of a relationship is not about avoiding conflict but about how you face it together.


4.2 Satisfaction in Conflict

Some couples find satisfaction in facing conflicts together. They see conflicts as opportunities to grow and strengthen their relationship. When you find happiness in resolving differences and conflicts together, it is a positive sign of your compatibility.


In conclusion, it's important to remember that having fights with your partner as a hobby doesn't always signify incompatibility. Instead, it can indicate sincerity, openness, and compatibility in your relationship. Every relationship will experience conflict, but how you handle it and whether you can grow together are what matters most. With good communication, problem-solving, and commitment, you can navigate conflicts and strengthen your relationship. Conflict is not the end of a relationship but a part of the journey towards a better and stronger one.


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