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Hedonism Lifestyle: Definition, Causes, and How to Overcome It

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3 February 2023
Hedonism Lifestyle: Definition, Causes, and How to Overcome It

Hedonism is a term that you may have often heard in everyday life. This term is commonly interpreted as an extravagant lifestyle that should be avoided.

The reason is, rather than bringing a positive influence, hedonism tends to plunge people into an unhealthy lifestyle and bring misery in the future.

So, what is hedonism exactly? Check out the full review in the following article.


1. What Is Hedonism?

Literally, the word hedonism comes from the Greek word 'hedone' which means pleasure. Hedonism is an ideology or a way of life that believes that happiness can only be obtained by seeking as much pleasure as possible and avoiding painful feelings.

In philosophy, hedonism is a school that considers happiness to be the most important thing in life and emphasizes that happiness can be achieved through fulfilling personal needs and desires. This school also believes that happiness should be the main goal in one's life and everything will have value if it is able to make us happy.

Meanwhile, the meaning of the word hedonism in lifestyle refers to actions and habits that focus on fulfilling personal desires and enjoyment, such as excessive consumption of food, drink, and shopping, and spending time and money on activities that only satisfy personal desires.

From this existing understanding, we can conclude that hedonism is a lifestyle that focuses on enjoyment and personal satisfaction without being concerned with the impact on oneself and the surrounding environment. Hedonism is closely related to wealth, inner pleasure, power, freedom, and so on.

2. Definition of Hedonism According to Experts

Launching from various sources, experts also define hedonism from a variety of perspectives that are quite broad.

2.1 Hedonism According to KBBI

Quoted from the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBB), hedonism is a view that considers pleasure and material enjoyment as the main goal of life in the world.

2.2 Collin Gem (1993)

Gem defines hedonism as a doctrine that states that pleasure is the most important thing in the world. Pleasure or enjoyment is the purpose of life and human action.

2.3 Burhanuddin in Antonius Sepriadi (2010:12)

Hedonism is something that is considered good, according to the pleasure it brings.

2.4 Pospoprodijo in Antonius Sepriadi (2010:12)

Hedonism is an assumption that pleasure or enjoyment is the ultimate goal of life and the highest good.

2.5 Benthem in Faqih (2004)

The hedonic lifestyle is an individual encouragement to behave by adhering to the principles of worldly pleasures.

3. Characteristics of People Who Have Hedonism

Hedonism is a view of life that believes that everyone will be happy if they continue to seek happiness and avoid pain. Making pleasure the goal of life and human action. The following are the characteristics of people who have hedonism.

3.1 Make happiness the main goal

Never feeling satisfied, always wanting something more, and constantly brushing off feelings of pain or running away from things that are considered to be a burden are the first characteristics of people who have hedonism. They believe that happiness is the main goal that must be fulfilled by every human being, especially themselves.

3.2 Consumptive

Consumptive nature can be said to be an absolute trait possessed by those adherents of hedonism. It doesn't matter whether the item they want is a need or just a wish, they will find a way to get it. In short, the hedonist does not have a priority scale in his life. It's no wonder that many of them have no savings, let alone investments.

The hedonistic lifestyle is often associated with materialism, in which a person treats goods and experiences as a source of happiness and satisfaction. People who live a hedonistic lifestyle often feel dissatisfied with what they have, and they tend to continually seek more pleasure and satisfaction through consumption.

3.3 Picky friends

The hedonic lifestyle makes a person tend to compartmentalize the circle of friends. They are selective in choosing friends and will prioritize friends who are felt to be able to provide benefits and agree with them.

They are not the type who wants to be friends with people who are not able to materially or even rich people who don't like to have fun like them.

3.4 Want everything that is completely luxurious

Those who have a hedonistic lifestyle are people who tend to want luxury and dissolve in the glitter of the world. People with this characteristic are divided into two types. First, those who are financially capable. Second, those who tend to force circumstances and are willing to do anything to meet the standard of living they want. The second type tends to be extreme and justifies any means to achieve its goals, such as going into debt and pawning assets owned for consumptive needs.

3.5 Tend to be anti-social

Apart from being selective in choosing friends who agree with them, hedonists also have anti-social tendencies or generally, people call it 'ansos'. They tend to be selfish, only want to be selfish, or in other words, have no sensitivity to the social environment.

4. Causes of People Having Hedonism

Hedonism is human behavior that can arise due to various factors, such as internal factors and external factors. For a complete explanation, see the description below.

4.1 Internal Factors (From Within Yourself)

According to Susanto in Nugroho J. Setiadi (2003:24), one of the factors that cause a person to have hedonism is the presence of internal influences originating from within the person. These factors include attitudes, personality, motives, perceptions, experiences, and observations.

Many people feel the need to fulfill all their desires to be able to feel happy and have a better quality of life. No doubt, they will always do anything to fulfill the coveted 'standard of living'.

4.2 Parenting and Family Roles

The second factor of hedonism is parenting and family roles. Those who are born into a family that is always fulfilled and pampered by various existing facilities have a tendency to have a hedonistic lifestyle.

4.3 Environmental Influence

The pressure exists in the environment where a person is able to pull the person into a lifestyle of hedonism. The hedonistic lifestyle is often promoted and accepted in society, and some people may feel forced to follow this trend to live up to social expectations.

5. Impact Of Hedonism

Various negative things can arise due to lifestyle changes that turn into hedons. Some of the common impacts of the hedonistic lifestyle are as follows.

hedonisme adalah

Image Source: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

5.1 Financial Problems

Excessive consumption in a hedonistic lifestyle can lead to financial problems and financial stress, such as excessive debt and unnecessary spending of money.

5.2 Health Problems

A hedonistic lifestyle that includes overeating, drinking alcohol, and spending time in unhealthy activities can reduce the quality of life and negatively affect health.

5.3 Social Issues

Hedonism is able to bring social problems to one's life. Makes people egocentric and ignores the needs and feelings of others, creates social problems, and affects interpersonal relationships.

5.4 Environmental Issues

Excessive consumption and unsustainable hedonistic lifestyles can affect the environment and accelerate environmental degradation.

6. Examples of Hedonism Lifestyle

The hedonistic lifestyle can be seen clearly through one's actions. Examples of a very common hedonistic lifestyle are as follows.

6.1 Spending Time For Useless Activities

Remember that hedonism is not only about spending habits casually. The hedonistic lifestyle is also reflected in how a person uses the available time.

Those with this lifestyle like to spend time on activities that only satisfy personal desires, such as lazing around, playing video games without knowing the time, and shopping unnecessarily.

6.2 Do not have an Emergency Fund or Investment

Because the money used is used to fulfill desires and momentary satisfaction, they tend not to have savings or investments. For them, life is about the present and therefore the pursuit of pleasure is paramount.

6.3 Consumptive / Likes to Shop

People who have a hedonistic lifestyle tend to be consumptive because they seek satisfaction and enjoyment in their lives through the consumption of products and services. They believe that having lots of things and experiencing lots of pleasures is the way to achieve happiness.

6.4 Excessive Consumption of Food and Drink

Hedonists tend to have no standard in consuming something, including food. If the food they choose brings pleasure and the inner satisfaction, they will continue to buy it without considering their financial condition and physical health.

7. How to Overcome the Habit of Hedonism

Every problem comes with a solution, as well as a hedonistic lifestyle. There are several things you can do to overcome hedonism, including the following.

7.1 Define Your Life Purpose

Take a moment to think and redefine the life goals you want to achieve. Focus on something that brings long-term happiness and meaning to your life.

7.2 Reduce Useless Activities

Hedonism is closely related to pleasure. Unfortunately, not all pleasant things are good or benefit us. Therefore, try to avoid activities that don't benefit you.

7.3 Find Happiness in Simple Things

Look for happiness in simple things but full of meaning. For example, reading books, talking to the closest people or beloved family, gardening, exercising or helping others.

7.4 Ask for Support from the Closest Person

Discuss the problems you have with the people closest to you and those you can fully trust. Their advice and support become reinforcement for better changes in your life.

7.5 Seek Professional Help

If you find it difficult to overcome the hedonistic lifestyle, seek help from a professional, such as a psychologist or counselor.

7.6 Change Your Circle of Friends

The environment in which we are located, one of which is the circle of friends, is one of the biggest factors in shaping our personality. If you feel that your circle of friends is pushing you to become a person who likes to have fun, buy and do things that are less useful, it's a good idea to start looking now.

7.7 Understand That Happiness and Satisfaction Do Not Come From Consumption

Happiness and life satisfaction do not come from consumption, but from things that are more essential and meaningful in life such as good relationships, health, and positive contributions to the environment and society.

BFI friends, that was the discussion about hedonism. While hedonism can provide short-term satisfaction and enjoyment, this lifestyle can create long-term problems. Starting from deteriorating health, financial problems, and social problems. Therefore, it is important for us to limit our hedonistic lifestyle in order to live a more meaningful life.

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