Entrepreneur Is: Definition, Characteristics, and Types

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4 May 2023
Entrepreneur Is: Definition, Characteristics, and Types

What comes to your mind when you hear the word entrepreneur? Most of us would probably think that an entrepreneur is someone who is involved in a business field and is able to present various contemporary innovations.

This understanding is basically not wrong. However, is the notion of entrepreneur only limited to that? Let's discuss in more detail in the following description.


What is Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who has creative and innovative ideas that are able to develop a business to achieve success. Every entrepreneur has a different definition of success.

But in general, when they have reached the desired point of success, entrepreneurs will not sit still and feel satisfied. Instead, they will always continue to innovate and create positive changes for society.

According to Investopedia, an entrepreneur is someone who is able to create a new business and dare to take on most of the existing risks. In return, they can enjoy a large portion of the income earned.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, you may also have heard the term entrepreneurship. This one term can be interpreted as a process in which an entrepreneur establishes a business.

Entrepreneurship is an important factor in economic growth because it is able to open various job vacancies, create innovations, and encourage technological developments.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

As with other jobs, an entrepreneur is a person who has unique characteristics that you can recognize easily. Here are some characteristics you need to know!

1. Optimistic

A person can be called an entrepreneur if he has this trait. The reason is, an entrepreneur will always think positively and be optimistic about the various challenges that are in front of them. No doubt, even though they are faced with various existing problems they are still able to solve them and achieve their goals.

2. Be Open

The entrepreneur has an open nature that makes it easier for them to adapt to the times as well as criticism and suggestions that can lead them to good changes.

3. Focus On Goals

Entrepreneurs generally have a very good focus on the various things they do, including when they have a goal to achieve. They will not use their time for anything.

4. Have Good Problem-Solving Skills

In addition to the three things previously mentioned, an entrepreneur is someone who is able to solve problems well (problem solver). So, not only are they able to create creative and innovative ideas in doing business, but they are also able to solve problems that arise effectively and with minimal risk.

5. Dare to Take Risks

The next characteristic of entrepreneurs is their courage in taking risks. This does not just happen without careful calculation.

6. Berkontribusi dalam Menciptakan Lapangan Pekerjaan

Finally, an entrepreneur is able to create jobs that directly contribute to improving the economy of a region and helping the welfare of the surrounding community.

Types of Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Entrepreneurs are those who do business with courage and innovation. In fact, there are several types of entrepreneurs that are commonly found in Indonesia, including:

1. Technopreneur

Technopreneur is a term that comes from two words namely technology and entrepreneur. Technopreneur is an entrepreneur who is able to combine business fields with technology. In other words, the person not only masters entrepreneurial skills but also masters the latest technology.

2. Ecopreneur

Ecopreneur is someone who is engaged in an environmentally friendly field. So, apart from running a business, they also participate in protecting and preserving the environment.

3. Sociopreneur

In accordance with the origin of the word, sociopreneur comes from the word socius which means social, and entrepreneur which means a businessman. So, a sociopreneur itself can be interpreted as a businessman who runs his business but with the aim of having a positive impact on society.

In other words, sociopreneurs may not be concerned with profit or profits for the business being run, but are obliged to provide some social changes or positive impacts on people's social life.

4. Food Preneur

Foodpreneurs are one type of entrepreneur that many people work with every year. As the name implies, this profession is engaged in the F&B sector where they offer food and beverage products to meet the primary needs and lifestyles of many people.

4 Types of Entrepreneurs

Quoted from, there are at least 4 types of entrepreneurs that you need to know about. The types of entrepreneurs are as follows.

entrepreneur adalah

Image Source: Freepik/@benzoix

1. The World Changer

The first type is called the world changer. As the name implies, this type has a very noble goal where they build a business to create positive change for the world.

This type tends to have a high sense of empathy and is able to understand the problems that are happening in society. One example of a world changer is a solopreneur.

2. The Survivor

Have you ever heard the story of an employee who chose to resign from his workplace and build a personal business? This person belongs to the next type of entrepreneur called the survivor!

Entrepreneurs with this type are individuals who feel bored working 9 to 5 or have less experience at the company where they worked before.

No doubt, they chose to build their own business with a system that they made according to their wishes. Apart from helping those around them, they also want to achieve their main goal, namely financial freedom.

3. The Visionary

The third type is the visionary. People with this type have a lot of creative ideas that are out of the box! They have a tendency to create something new that no one else has ever thought of before.

One example of a visionary that is well known to the world is Steve Jobs, a founder of one of the giant companies in the field of technology called Apple.

4. The Strategist

The last type is the strategist. In contrast to other entrepreneurs who run a business because they see an opportunity and desire to change the world, but are not really experts in their field.

This type is those who really understand the field of business they are in, so they are able to make strategies and analyze in depth.

The difference between Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs

Reporting from, entrepreneur and entrepreneur are two different terms. But unfortunately, many people don't know this and think the two are the same.

Here are some differences that exist between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

1. Idea

The difference that exists between the two lies in the business idea being carried out. An entrepreneur generally runs a business that has proven to be profitable, unlike an entrepreneur who builds a business starting from problems or needs that exist in society. They are innovators who are able to create new opportunities and make beneficial impacts on the surrounding environment.

2. Purpose

The second difference lies in the goals to be achieved. As previously mentioned, for an entrepreneur doing business is a matter of how we can benefit many people and the world.

This is of course a differentiator from the goals of an entrepreneur who generally focuses on his financial goals and tries to make monetary profits.

2. Nature / Character

Next is the difference in terms of the nature or character possessed by the two, especially when making decisions in business. An entrepreneur has a tendency to act calculatingly when making a choice.

Then, they will try to identify the consequences of each choice. Try as much as possible to avoid losses in business.

Meanwhile, an entrepreneur has an intuitive nature with high creativity. They have a tendency to focus on creating useful products in the future.

Even so, that does not mean an entrepreneur does not think about the actions they take. They still act with great care to avoid mistakes that could hinder their goals.

4. Courage in Taking Risks

An entrepreneur is a businessman who dares to take big risks. This is because the business they are running is relatively new and still lacks supporting data. In contrast to entrepreneurs who run a business that has been proven to produce and is supported by a lot of valid data.

5. Reaction to Change

Change, whatever its form, is something that is unavoidable. For an entrepreneur, change is an opportunity to develop ideas that can bring change for the good of many people. Generally, an entrepreneur will be challenged to continue to innovate and create new things.

Meanwhile, not a few entrepreneurs see change as something negative and capable of threatening their business operations.

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