How to Increase Brand Awareness for Online Business Sales

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6 August 2022
How to Increase Brand Awareness for Online Business Sales

Advances in increasingly sophisticated technology have a good impact on life. With technology, it is easier for humans to do things efficiently and effectively. Everything can be done in just one hand, from ordering food, using the services of other professions, to making sales. In terms of sales, of course, you are no stranger to e-commerce. E-commerce itself is a buying and selling activity carried out using the internet network. In the process, you don't need to meet face-to-face, just select the goods and make payments online.

It turns out that online sales can also help economic growth and development. Not infrequently, sellers actually have a relatively large profit when selling online compared to offline. Not only that, running an online business also requires relatively low capital because you don't need to open a physical store so that operational capital for store rentals and store employees can be saved.

Another advantage is that consumers receive information about the product faster because they can see the details of the product being sold by reading the product description. Doing business online can also reach a wider range of potential buyers without being limited to one area. The wider reach increases the potential for goods to be sold faster and in demand. Because the sale is online, the payment methods offered are also diverse, even buyers can choose the option to use pay later offered by several digital wallet brands.

Technological advances also make business image easy to form making it possible to have a good image. When selling online, buyers can provide suggestions, input, thank you, and a sense of satisfaction with the products purchased, the services provided by the seller, and the safe packaging process. Well, this will provide awareness and good sentiment. Therefore, it is very important to use brand awareness and build a good image in online business.


Understanding Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the ability of consumers to remember a product, service, or brand. Brand awareness or brand awareness is formed because consumers have bought the product, know from a third party, or because the image built by the brand is very good so that consumers can remember the product or brand. Brand awareness is not always good, usually the better the image, the better the brand awareness. On the other hand, consumers can also remember a brand because of dissatisfaction when buying a product or using the services of a brand.

Brand awareness is important for businesses because it can influence consumers to buy products or use services from a brand. Online businesses that experience a decline in sales will improve and increase their brand awareness. Then, how to increase brand awareness? Check out the following information.

How to Increase Good Brand Awareness

1. Utilize Social Media

The first way is to use social media. Make sure to be active on social media. According to data from Digital Around The World in 2019, people who use social media in Indonesia are more than 150 million people, or about 78% of the total population. This can be the right medium to promote your online business and cover a wider audience so that it can increase awareness.

2. Create Marketing Content

After being active on social media, you can also create marketing content as a form of promotion of the products or services offered. Content marketing itself is the marketing process of business activities to create and distribute content that is interesting, relevant, obtains, and engages target consumers. In order to generate a lot of engagement or interaction from the audience, try to create content that discusses the issues or things that are trending at that time. However, avoid creating and publishing content containing SARA.

3. Running Ads (Conventional or Paid)

The next way is to run ads. There are 2 things that can be done, namely running conventional or paid ads. Conventional advertising is generally through banners, billboards, radio, and other media. Meanwhile, paid advertising will be much more time and cost-effective. To run paid ads, you can advertise through social media or the Google platform. You don't have to worry about the costs because you can set the desired budget or costs when running ads.

Furthermore, you can use influencers as a medium for promoting the products or services of your business. Influencers have many followers or followers who have the potential to buy products or services used by their idols. The fees or rates set by each influencer are different. The more followers and the number of engagements in social media posts, the more expensive the fees will be.

4. Giving Promotion

You can also provide promotions by providing discounted prices for the products or services offered. Promos in the form of discounts can increase consumer interest in buying products from your online business. So that brand awareness continues to increase, make sure to provide the best service so that consumers know your online business brand and make regular purchases.

5. Do Co-Branding

Various well-known brands have implemented this strategy as a way to increase brand awareness. Co-branding itself is a collaboration between 2 brands with the aim of improving the image of their products.

6. Hold an Event

Finally, by holding events and giving gimmicks in the form of prizes for participants who enliven the event. However, keeping this event costs a lot of money. Instead, you can do a giveaway on your business's social media platforms. You can do this activity regularly every month to increase the engagement of your business's social media followers on the content provided.

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