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How to Get Rid of Light and Deep Car Scratches

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17 October 2022
How to Get Rid of Light and Deep Car Scratches

Berets or scratches on the car can make the car look less pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, not a few also think that a car with scratches indicates its owner is not good at taking care of the vehicle.

Therefore, as car owners, we should know how to remove car scratches. Whether it's a light beret to a deep beret.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a powerful way to remove car scratches, the following article will really help you. Listen carefully!


9 Ways to Remove Car Berets

Here are some ways to get rid of car scratches that you can try at home without having to go to a repair shop!

Apart from not needing to spend a lot of money, you can find the following equipment used to remove fine and moderate car scratches everywhere.

1. Removing Car Scratches with Compound

The first way you can do to remove scratches on your car is to use the compound. The compound is a cream that contains chemicals and is proven to be quite effective in removing scratches or scratches on cars.

The compound works on the surface of the car that is smeared with cream by scraping the existing surface.

The steps are as follows:

1. Clean the surface of the car that has scratches with clean water

2. Wipe the part to dry

3. Apply the part of the car that has the beret with enough compound

4. Make sure you apply it properly before the compound dries

5. Scrape the part slowly and in one direction using sandpaper that is not too rough

6. After the beret is gone, you can rinse the part that contains the compound thoroughly with water and then dry it

2. Remove Car Scratches with Liquid Mosquito Repellent

This second method does sound unreasonable or actually makes you wonder. Even so, the following ways to remove car scratches can help disguise the scratches on your car.

Perform the following steps:

1. Prepare liquid mosquito repellent, free brand

2. Pour enough insect repellent onto a dry cloth made of soft material

3. Wipe the part of the car with the beret with the rag containing the mosquito repellent

4. Wipe evenly with a circular motion

5. Wait 15-20 seconds

6. Clean with a clean and dry cloth

3. Remove Car Scratches with Brake Fluid

Is your car's body scratched? Brake fluid could be the solution! You only need to provide simple equipment such as a clean chamois made of smooth. Also make sure the chamois you use is clean, OK!

Then you can follow these steps:

1. Pour enough brake fluid on the prepared chamois

2. Also apply brake fluid to the scratched car body

3. Make sure you apply it evenly and only on the beret

4. Wipe the scratched area carefully

Make sure you do this very carefully. The reason is, the material contained in brake fluid is quite hard and can have an impact on other parts that are not exposed to scratches.

4. Remove Car Scratches with Toothpaste

Besides being able to be used for everyday purposes, toothpaste can help you in removing existing scratches.

How to remove car scratches with toothpaste you can do by following these steps:

1. Wet the cloth with enough water

2. Pour the toothpaste according to the existing beret

3. Rub the beret until smooth by rubbing it in a circle

4. If it is enough, rinse the affected part of the toothpaste with clean water

5. Remove Car Scratches with Scratch Remover

Scratch remover is one of the most effective liquids for removing scratches, just like compounding. Especially if the scratches on your car body are classified as light car scratches.

How to remove car scratches with scratch remover:

1. Apply scratch remover to the scratched area

2. Apply evenly and only on the beret

3. Wipe the scratched area using a microfiber cloth

4. If it is enough, rinse the area with a wet cloth or chamois to remove the remaining scratch remover

6. Remove Car Scratches with Liquid Ammonia

Is your car glass scratched? Liquid ammonia may be the solution! This liquid is powerful enough to help restore the car's appearance as before.

How to remove car scratches with liquid ammonia:

1. Prepare liquid ammonia of approximately 15ml

2. Mix with a half liter of water

3. Stir the two liquids until evenly distributed

4. Dip a soft cloth into the prepared ammonia solution, make sure you use plastic gloves

5. Wipe the scratched part, especially the windshield evenly

7. Removing Car Scratches with Tipe Wax

This tipe of wax is often used to remove fine car scratches. There are two types of wax that can be used, namely liquid and solid types. The liquid type of wax is abrasive and therefore better able to cover scratches on the car. As for the solid wax type, it tends to be safer to use because it doesn't really erode the scratched part.

How to remove car scratches with wax type:

1. Apply a type of wax to the car body with scratches

2. Rub the part that has the type of wax slowly and carefully

3. If you have, rinse the existing part with a wet cloth so that the remaining type of wax on the surface is also lifted

8. Remove Car Scratches with Paint Markers

Paint marker is a practical and easy way to remove scratches on your car's body. This is because the paint markers have the exact same color as your car, are affordable, and are easily found in shops and supermarkets.

How to remove car scratches with a paint marker:

1. Determine the surface color of your car

2. Choose a paint marker that matches the color of the car

3. Carefully brush the scratched car surface with a paint marker. Do this in a place with sufficient lighting

9. Remove Car Scratches with Eucalyptus

As with the mosquito repellent and scratch removal fluid previously mentioned, removing scratches on the car body can also be done using eucalyptus. Especially if the scratches on the surface of your car are classified as light scratches.

How to remove car scratches with eucalyptus:

1. Prepare a microfiber cloth

2. Apply eucalyptus on the surface of the car that has baret

3. Wipe the part that has been smeared with a cloth in a circular way

4. If it is enough and the existing beret is gone, then clean the part that is affected by eucalyptus oil with a wet cloth or chamois

Removing Deep Car Scratches

Is your car scratched deep enough? You can take the following ways to remove deep car scratches.

1. Repaint

Various ways have previously been done to remove car scratches but the existing scratches don't go away. Repainting is the solution!

You can visit a trusted car repair shop to do this or do it yourself at home if you are used to it or have done this before.

Equipment needed:

Base paint

  • Paint the outer layer
  • Polishing compound
  • 2000 grit sandpaper
  • Polishing cloth
  • Primary coating material
  • Duct tape
  • Tinner

How to remove car scratches with repaint:

1. Cover the area that is not scratched around the car beret using masking tape

2. Sand the scratched area carefully until the surface feels quite smooth or until the metal layer on the car is visible

3. Apply the beret that has been sanded with a primer layer

4. Mix the car paint with enough thinner

5. Spray the scratched area using a special paint sprayer

6. Do it slowly until the scratched surface is no longer visible

7. If it is dry, apply a polishing cream so that the part looks shiny

Tap Magic

One way to get rid of car scratches that are deep and common to people is by going to a magic tap place.

Tap magic is often a mainstay for various problems such as beret cars, pockmarked cars, to cracked and crushed car parts.

Well, if the scratches on your car are deep enough and are very distracting, you can immediately go to the nearest magic knocker in your city.

Cara Menghilangkan Baret Mobil

Image Source: Freepik/prostooleh

How to Avoid Car Scratches

Car scratches can appear at any time and are caused by various factors. Ranging from mild friction to heavy.

As vehicle owners, of course, we don't want the appearance of our favorite car to be unsightly just because of the beret.

So, here are some tips that you can follow to keep the surface of the car smooth and smooth.

1. Be careful when driving

Car scratches generally occur without us realizing it while driving. So, make sure to drive carefully. Especially if the traffic conditions are heavy or when you want to park your car.

2. Washing the Car Regularly

Diligent car washing is one of the preventive measures to prevent scratches on your car. Because a car that is not diligently washed will leave stains that are difficult to clean and have the potential to damage the surface of the car. As a result, your car will have quite a lot of scratches, especially in parts that have not been cleaned for a long time.

3. Use a Quality Car Cleaner

In addition to washing your car regularly, you also need to pay attention to the car cleaner you use. This is because the use of car soap with an inappropriate chemical composition will make the surface of the car too rough and have the potential to be scratched. Likewise with the use of a rag or car cloth. Choose soft material such as microfiber.

4. Do a Car Wax

Car wax is recommended to be done for more protection for your car. especially the protection of your car paint from sun exposure, dust, and dirt.

How Severe Are Your Car Scratches?

Before you try how to get rid of the car scratches that we have described above, it's a good idea to first know the severity of your car scratches.

As reported by, here are some of the severity of the car.

Slightly Scratched Car

1. The paint color on the car surface is slightly faded

2. When touched by a finger, the existing surface does not feel rough

Medium Scratched Car

1. The color of the paint on the surface of the car that was hit by the scratch turns white or gray

2. When touched by a finger, the surface feels quite rough

Heavy Scratched Car

1. The color of the paint on the surface of the car changes to iron or rusty color

2. When touched, the surface affected by the scratch feels rough and deep

Now, after you know the severity of the scratches, you can determine how to get rid of car scratches that suit your problem.

Sobat BFI, that's the information related to how to get rid of car scratches. If you find it difficult to do it at home, you can directly visit a trusted car repair shop of your choice.

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