How to Sell on the TikTok Shop: 6 Easy Steps for Beginners!

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27 December 2022
How to Sell on the TikTok Shop: 6 Easy Steps for Beginners!

Talking about how to sell on TikTok, who doesn't know this video-based platform? TikTok has become a trend and a part of our daily life. This application is widely used by all groups, especially teenagers.

Not surprisingly, many accomplished businessmen call TikTok a wetland for making lots of profits. Moreover, in the last two years, TikTok has developed many new business-focused features such as business profiles, advertisements, and the TikTok Shop.

So, for those of you who are interested in growing a business or planning to start selling on TikTok, you shouldn't miss the following ways to sell on TikTok! Come on, let's peel them one by one.


1. Why Should You Sell on TikTok?

According to Business of Apps and Wallaroo, here are some solid reasons why you should sell on TikTok or at least why this platform is worth considering as your business field.

1. TikTok's monthly active users reach 1.4 billion worldwide as of the second quarter of 2022.

2. The TikTok application has been downloaded more than 3 billion times worldwide.

3. Internet users in the world have reached 8.8 billion with 20.83% of existing users being TikTok users.

4. Gen Z. 60% of TikTok users are generation Z with an average age of teens to early 20s.

5. TikTok is available in more than 150 countries.

6. TikTok users generally spend 1.5 hours each day viewing TikTok videos.

7. 1 million video views every day.

8. There is a video analysis feature that allows users to analyze videos that have been uploaded. Like total views, audience reach, and so on.

9. TikTok has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature that allows unique and interesting videos to appear on the FYP (For Your Page) page, thereby allowing existing content to go viral and reach a wider audience.

10. Duet feature. This feature allows collaboration between two accounts, making the promoted content appear more attractive.

2. Get to know the TikTok Shop

Before going into discussing how to sell on TikTok, let's get acquainted with the TikTok Shop.

The TikTok Shop is a feature provided by TikTok and allows users, creators, businesses, and brands to offer their products directly by linking videos, LIVE, or on the shop window.

Based on a survey conducted by Adweek, as many as 49% of TikTok users will buy products or services after they watch existing advertisements, reviews, or promotions.

These findings, of course, further strengthen the reason for selling on TikTok. The way to sell it is as follows.

3. 5 Ways to Sell on the Tiktok Shop for Beginners

Not only how to sell on Instagram and Facebook that beginners can do. TikTok is also a beginner-friendly platform that allows new businesses to run their business easily. So, what are the ways to sell on TikTok that you should apply? Come on, follow the steps below.

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1. Change To Business Account

The first step you have to take to be able to sell on the TikTok Shop is to create a business account. It's easy, you only need to visit the TikTok Shop Seller page. If you already have a TikTok account, then select 'Sign Up with a TikTok Account'. Conversely, if you don't have a TikTok account yet, you can register yourself directly on the same page by filling in your personal data such as cellphone number, email, and password. Then click 'submit' and follow the next steps.

2. Complete your Sales Account Data and Verification

After you have successfully registered with the TikTok Shop, the next way to sell on TikTok is to complete your account information or personal data. Starting from addresses, contact persons, cellphone numbers, bank accounts, and more.

If so, then verify your account by completing your personal data in the 'Verify Documents' section on the homepage. Select the type of account you want to create, whether individual or corporate. Then, upload a KTP photo with a size not exceeding 10 MB. Make sure the information you upload is correct because the information that has been sent cannot be updated.

3. Add your selling products to the Tiktok Shop

After your account has been successfully verified, you can now start adding products to your TikTok Shop account. The trick is as follows:

  • Enter the TikTok Seller Shop Center.
  • Make sure the product you want to upload is not a prohibited product or violates TikTok policies.
  • Scroll down then click 'Add First Product' and select 'Upload Now'.
  • Enter the product name and other details such as product dimensions, weight, color, and so on.
  • Select a product category.
  • Add product brand if any.
  • Upload product photos with a minimum of 3 images and a maximum of 9 images. Make sure the photos used are high resolution with dimensions of 1:1 and show product details clearly.
  • Upload a product video if you have one.
  • Add a choice of variations such as size and so on.
  • Check again then hit 'Publish'.

Tips for Adding Selling Products in the TikTok Shop:

  • Use 1:1-sized photos.
  • Use catchy descriptions. An interesting description is in the form of active sentences equipped with emojis to display a visual impression of the existing text.
  • Upload ownership documents to explain the product is yours or certify its authenticity.
  • To make it more interesting, add a product video.

4. Create Interesting Content To Reach Many Audiences

The fourth thing that you shouldn't miss as a way to sell on the next TikTok is creating interesting content, content that can reach a large audience, and if possible, this content can be included in FYP (For Your Page).

Tips for Creating Interesting TikTok Content:

  • Determine the niche or theme of the content. This aims to make it easier for you to determine and produce the type of content that is able to attract an audience, especially an audience that has an interest in the topic.
  • Use music that is currently viral or energetic music. Music can attract the attention of the audience and provoke their curiosity. Most importantly, make sure the music matches the theme of the content you're creating.
  • Use fun effects and transitions. TikTok has a variety of effects and transitions that you can use to train your creativity and beautify the results of existing videos.
  • Pin popular or searched hashtags. Using existing hashtags can increase the visibility of content and reach more people.
  • Create original and creative content so your account can stand out from other similar business accounts.
  • Create entertaining content. TikTok is a short-form video broadcasting application that is often chosen as an entertainment medium. Therefore, to increase account visibility and increase brand awareness, it's a good idea to produce content that is entertaining and fun for anyone who watches it.

5. Give Attractive Promos

The fifth way to sell on TikTok is related to promotion or marketing. There are various marketing strategies you can do to increase sales on TikTok. One of them is by providing attractive promos such as product discounts, B1G1 (buy one get one), and many more. Apart from that, you can also implement other promotional strategies such as the following promotional ideas.

Promotional Ideas on TikTok:

  • Giveaways
  • Collaborate with influencers or TikTok accounts that have lots of followers (endorse)
  • Create informative content about the latest information or trends
  • Use popular hashtags
  • Start a LIVE
  • Create content or challenge with prizes

4. Advantages of the TikTok Shop

What are the advantages offered by the TikTok Shop for business people or content creators?

1. Increase Sales

TikTok is a video-based platform that emphasizes visuals. This platform is a suitable place to market your product.

When an audience is interested in your video or LIVE session, they can easily buy your product without leaving the app.

2. Easy to set-up

Registering for a TikTok Shop account is very easy, it doesn't require special skills such as coding or anything else. It only takes a few moments until your account is completely ready to use. Then next you can follow how to sell on TikTok.

3. Low Application Fees (Commission)

Each sales platform generally charges a commission. TikTok is one of the platforms that implement low commission.

For the first 90 days, the sales discount on TikTok is 1.8% and after passing 90 days, the existing commission will increase to 5%. This sales commission is still relatively low if we compare it to Amazon, which costs between 8-15%.

4. Make it easy for influencers and affiliates to promote your product

Having TikTok makes it easy for you to work with influencers. You simply find the right influencer, submit the product, then ask them to post a video that links to your product.

This also applies to affiliates where they will compete to create interesting content and embed product links in their videos. This method can certainly help increase your product sales!

BFI friends, that's a series of ways to sell on TikTok. Hopefully, this article can inspire you to open a personal business or develop an existing business.


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