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Cost of Transfer of Name of Land Certificate and How to Calculate It

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22 December 2022
Cost of Transfer of Name of Land Certificate and How to Calculate It

You need to know the cost of turning over the name of a land certificate if you are planning to buy a plot of land or have just received an inheritance in the form of land. The reason is, by transferring the name, the land will fully belong to you in terms of applicable law.

There are a number of procedures that you need to follow if you want to return the name of the land certificate. Among other things, knowing the terms, fees, and how to calculate them. To make it easier for you to understand, see the complete information here.


1. What is the Fee for Returning the Name of a Land Certificate?

Not many people know about the meaning of the cost of transferring the name of a land certificate. Like the cost of returning the name of a motorbike, this one procedure must be carried out to change the ownership name of a property. It usually occurs when buying and selling land or inheritance, where the new owner wants his name to be legally registered on the certificate.

With this change in ownership, you not only officially own the land in your name, but also all existing administrative needs will be easier to take care of.

2. Conditions for Returning the Name of Land Certificates

After you know the meaning behind the name of the land certificate. Next, you need to know what requirements you must meet before preparing the cost of returning the name of the house certificate. These administrative requirements include the following important documents.

  • Deed of sale and purchase (AJB) and original certificate from PPAT
  • Signed application form
  • Photocopy of e-KTP and KK of the land seller and buyer (if represented, also include the identity of the authorized third party)
  • Photocopy of the deed of establishment & approval of the legal entity
  • Permit for transfer of rights (if the land certificate may only be transferred if permission is obtained from the competent authority)
  • Photocopy of SPPT and PBB for the current year
  • Proof of SSB (BPHTB) and proof of income payment

Apart from that, you also need to prepare some additional documents such as:

  • Land information (area, location, use)
  • Dispute free statement
  • Declaration of physically owned land

Note, if there are no problems with the land purchased, the land buyer is required to pay a PPH tax of 2.5% of the sales value of the land (gross value) to the PPAT Office. This policy is in accordance with PP No. 34 of 2016.

When carrying out a transfer of names, make sure all the required documents are complete, pay the applicable fees, and follow the transfer process in accordance with the rules that apply at your domicile.


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3. Fees Incurred When Returning the Name of the Certificate

During the process of transferring names, there are a number of fees for transferring land titles that you must prepare. These costs include:

3.1. Issuance of Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB)

AJB issuance costs can vary for each region, depending on the price set by each PPAT office. However, generally, the fees charged range from 0.5-1% of the transaction value. So, the greater the transaction value, the greater the AJB issuance fee will be charged. Therefore, you can first consult several PPAT offices to get the appropriate price.

3.2. Checking the Legitimacy or Authenticity of the House Certificate

Documents that have been submitted to the Office of the National Land Agency (BPN), will then be checked for the authenticity of the land certificate to prove if the certificate is free from disputes or other problems. The fee charged for this check is IDR 50 thousand.

3.3. Fees for Acquisition of Land and Building Rights (BPHTB)

The BPHTB that you need to prepare is 5% of the land price minus the NPOP (Untaxable Tax Object Acquisition Value).

3.4. Cost of Transfer of Title of Land Certificate

You can calculate the cost of returning the name of a land certificate using the following formula:

The selling price of the land is divided by 1,000 (land value (per square meter) x land area (square meter) / 1,000).

For example, if you buy 100 meters of land at a cost of Rp. 1 million per meter, the fee for returning the title certificate that you need to pay is Rp. 100,000.


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4. How to Calculate Transfer Fees for Land Certificates

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Calculating the cost of returning the name of a land certificate is not difficult if you understand each of the components described above. The formula for calculating the cost of land certificate transfer is the total of all the cost components above (AJB fee + BPHTB fee + land certificate checking fee + transfer fee).

Among the four cost components, only the cost of checking land certificates has a fixed value of IDR 50,000. The amount of other cost components follows the NJOP amount and the value of the buying and selling transactions that occur.

To facilitate the calculation, consider the following simulation of calculating the cost of transferring the name of a land certificate.

Assume, you buy a land area of ​​300 m2 with a building area of ​​150 m2. The land price per m2 is IDR 750,000 and the building value per m2 is IDR 650,000. The transaction value of the sale and purchase of land and buildings is IDR 322,500,000. The fee for returning the name of the land certificate that must be paid is as follows:

1. Cost of Issuing Purchase Deed (AJB)

AJB fees have different amounts for each PPAT. However, it can be ascertained that the amount is in the range of 0.5% - 1%.

Assume that in this condition, the AJB fee is 1% of the Land Purchase Transaction Value. Thus, the cost of issuing a Sale and Purchase Deed is 1% x Rp. 322,500.00 = Rp. 3,225,000.

2. Land and Building Rights Acquisition Fees (BPHTB) Fees

BPHTB fees are generally 5% of the Tax Imposition Basis (NPOP - NPOPTK). The calculation simulation is as follows:

Land price = 300 m2 x IDR 750,000 = IDR 225,000,000

Building price = 150 m2 x IDR 650,000 = IDR 97,500,000

Total Purchase Price of the House = IDR 225,000,000 + IDR 97,500,000 = IDR 322,500,000

Non-Taxable Value = IDR 97,500,000

The value for calculating BPHTB = IDR 225,000,000

BPHTB fees to be paid = (5% x IDR 225,000,000) = IDR 11,250,000

3. Cost of Checking Land Certificates

The next fee is the cost of checking land certificates which will be paid to BPN. BPN will check the validity of the land certificate or in other words, there is no problem. The cost required to check the validity of this land certificate is IDR 50,000.

4. Transfer fee

This cost is calculated using the formula for the sale value of land and buildings divided by 1,000. So, with the example calculation above, the costs to be incurred are IDR 322,500,000/1,000 = IDR 322,500.

The total cost of returning the name of the land certificate that you have to pay is IDR 3,225,000 + IDR 11,250,000 + IDR 50,000 + IDR 322,500 = IDR 14,847,500.

5. Procedure for Returning the Title of Land Certificate

You can reverse the name of the land certificate with two options. First, you can take care of it independently. Second, the transfer of names is taken care of by the PPAT where you don't have to bother visiting the BPN (National Land Agency) office.

The documents that need to be prepared if you use the services of a PPAT are exactly the same as the documents mentioned regarding the requirements for returning the name of the land certificate. The cost of returning the name of the land certificate at the PPAT can vary, depending on the PPAT rate of your choice.

6. Easy way to check land certificates online

Land certificates are authentic proof of ownership of a property. So, for those of you who want to ensure the authenticity of a land certificate before buying it, now you can check it online in two ways. The first way is to use an application called 'Touch My Land' made by the National Land Agency. The second way is to check it online through the official website of the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs/BPN.

6.1 How to Check Land Certificates in the Application

1. Download the Touch My Land application on the Play Store or App Store

2. Register by entering your username, email, and password

3. Activate your account by clicking the link sent to your email

4. Next, click 'activate' to activate your account

5. Open the application, and log in with the username and password that you created

6. In the application menu, select 'Check BPN Files Online'

7. Select 'certificate info'

8. Information regarding the data on your land certificate will be displayed on the screen

6.2 How to Check Land Certificates on the Official Website

Second, you can also check land certificates through the official website of the ATR/BPN Ministry. The method is as follows.

1. Visit

2. On the homepage select 'Publication'

3. Click 'Services'

4. Select the option you need: Discussion Forum, Map, File Check, Announcement of Lost Certificate, Land Service

5. Click and then wait a moment for the information you want to appear on the screen

Sobat BFI, that's the information regarding the cost of returning the name of the land certificate. The hope is that this information can make it easier for you to understand each existing process.

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