What is a Unique Selling Point and its Benefits for Business?

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12 June 2022
What is a Unique Selling Point and its Benefits for Business?

A unique Selling Point or USP is one of the important things in a company or business. The existence of a USP in the company is also a differentiator between this business and others. In this article, BFI Finance will discuss more deeply the Unique Selling Point or better known as the USP. For the information, make sure to read to the end!


1. What is Unique Selling Point (USP)? 

Apa Itu Unique Selling Point - Pengertian Unique Selling Point

USP stands for Unique Selling Point which means a point or things that can differentiate your business from other competitors. In the business world, of course, you will meet competitors from the business you are building. However, consumers can choose their needs through the products presented and also the USP or Unique Selling Points owned by a company or business. USP or Unique Selling Point usually includes the advantages of the product or business is run.

2. Why Are Unique Selling Points Important?

USP or Unique Selling Point can bring potential customers to buy or use the services of your company or business because of their interest in the USP of your business. Unique Selling Point becomes very important in the business world because it can attract consumers with several specific advantages offered and become a guarantee of the product. Unique Selling Points between companies are also different in order to provide their respective identities and advantages.

Unique Selling Point also puts pressure on internal business managers or companies to think about how worthy and quality the product is marketed. The better the product or service offered, the wider the USP that can be used.

3. The benefit of Unique Selling Point

After seeing the explanation above, of course, you already know that Unique Selling Point has an important role in the business world and has several benefits. Here are some of them.

3.1. Become a Business Identity

The first benefit of a Unique Selling Point is that it becomes a business identity that differentiates it from competitors. You can show some unique features, quality materials/materials, easy-to-understand application display, affordable prices, good service, and so on as the USP of your business products/services.

3.2. Increase Income

When your business has a Unique Selling Point that contains the advantages of the product/service offered, consumers will see this as something good and will certainly have an impact on business income. The more accurate the Unique Selling Point offered with the service perceived by consumers, the greater the opportunity to earn income.

3.3. Creating Image

In addition to increasing sales, you can also build a loyal market because of a good image. Therefore, try to provide the best service in accordance with the Unique Selling Point that was built so that consumers can become loyal consumers.

3.4. Easly Do Promotion

Apa Itu Unique Selling Point - Manfaat Unique Selling Point

The last benefit of a Unique Selling Point or USP is that it makes it easier for you to do promotions. If you have loyal customers, there is a possibility that these customers promote products/services that are used to other people to use your business products/services because the services are in accordance with the Unique Selling Points presented.

4. How to Determine Unique Selling Points

If your business doesn't have a Unique Selling Point yet, here's how to determine a Unique Selling Point.

4.1. Position Yourself as a Customer

To determine a Unique Selling Point, be sure to position yourself as a customer. By positioning yourself as a customer, you will know the needs of consumers. When you know the needs of consumers, you can improve the services needed by consumers. You can do research with surveys or receive input from consumers on the business you are running.

4.2. Know Consumers' Motivation to Buy

Next is to know the motivation of consumers when buying products. Usually, consumers will buy a product/service according to their characteristics and needs. Therefore, make sure to make sales that are tailored to the charm of consumers who match your target.

4.3. Comparison with Competitors

The last is to do a comparison with competitors. Do not let the USP or Unique Selling Point offered have similarities with competitors. You can see competitors' weaknesses into your business advantages and make them a Unique Selling Point.

5. Develop Business with Unique Selling Point and BFI Finance

Well, that's information about what a Unique Selling Point is in a business whose role is important to attract consumers to use/buy products or services from your business. For those of you who are building a business or MSME, you can start using Unique Selling Points as your selling jargon. BFI Finance can help develop your business by providing additional business capital loans with vehicle BPKB guarantees or house certificates.

Apa Itu Unique Selling Point

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