What is Jastip? Can it be Used as an Additional Income?

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13 August 2022
What is Jastip? Can it be Used as an Additional Income?

Talking about getting extra income, one of the businesses you can get into is JASTIP. Jastip himself is well known to the public and has emerged in recent years. So, what exactly is jastip?


Definition of Jastip

Jastip is a business model where you as an executor act as an intermediary to buy products from providers of goods to consumers. At first, this business only offered rare products or goods or goods originating from abroad. However, with the development of the times, jastip also serves shopping storage within and between cities.

In the jastip business, there are various risks that may be encountered such as being deceived by buyers due to fake transfers, damaged goods in the shipping process, and not so much promotion time. The jastip business itself has a pre-order or PO system where you as a business person need to agree with consumers that they are required to pay a certain amount of money at the beginning, then the goods deposited will be sent afterward according to the agreement. To avoid being deceived by fake transfers, you can double-check the transfer or incoming money so you don't lose.

In addition, in the jastip business, you must pay attention to the quality and safety of the delivery of the goods/products that are deposited. Do not let the product to be sent or when sent is damaged. When the goods are damaged, consumers will complain and even reduce the sense of trust in you and the business you are involved in.

Jastip business does not require initial capital if you do it with a PO or pre-order system. You only need a camera or cellphone to take photos of the products you want to offer. Well, the drawback of this business is that there is too little or too little time to take photos, record product details, and market them. If the targeted store is holding a discount, then you have not much time and there is the potential for the promoted item to be sold out. However, you can work around this by looking for products in other stores if there is demand from consumers.

What Items Can Be Justified and How to Get Started with Jastip?

There are many jastip items that you can sell, nausea from branded bags, imported beauty care products that are rarely marketed in Indonesia, limited edition or limited edition shoes, souvenirs, snacks, makeup, and so on. To make your jastip business profitable, here are tips to get you started.

1. Have the Ability to Communicate to Goods Providers

In starting a jastip business, the first thing you need to have is the ability to communicate with local residents and the country that provides goods so that you can buy goods at a fairly cheap price. This will certainly be more helpful than if you don't have this ability. You can use English as the international language or preferably the local language (if you are in the country or abroad).

2. Doing Market Research

Next is doing research. You need to make sure that the product you offer to deposit is a product that has a lot of interest, but not all of them can buy it because of limited costs. If you ensure that the goods are located close to where the target consumers live, then you have the potential to lose customers because consumers prefer to buy them themselves.

3. Doing Interesting Promotions

Jastip business is indeed relatively easy, but you still have to pay attention to small things, one of which is taking product photos. We recommend taking photos from various sides and taking pictures from far and near. Interesting product photos will certainly increase the interest of consumers. On the other hand, if you cannot take detailed photos of the product, you can use product photos from that brand/manufacturer. Or it can be done by taking pictures from the brand's official website. Also make sure to write product descriptions so consumers can read them before buying them.

4. Jastip Rates Are Not Too Expensive

You also need to determine the jastip rate at a price that is reasonable and not too expensive. You can take a sizable profit when buying products from abroad. However, it is not uncommon for consumers to research the prices of these products. Therefore, to avoid consumers switching to cheaper courier services, you need to do price calculations and comparisons with competitors. You can check this on competitors' social media accounts.

If the goods that are confirmed are products originating from abroad, don't forget to take into account the 10% import duty, 10% VAT tax, and 2% PPH tax.

5. Maintaining Quality and Consumer Expectations

The last is to maintain the quality of goods and consumer expectations. Don't let the product photos you provide don't match the original shape of the product or get damaged during shipping. Use more security and protection when packaging so that jastip goods arrive in the hands of consumers safely without the slightest defect.

That's the understanding of what jastip is, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as tips on starting jastip to get an advantage that you can try to generate additional income. This business idea is suitable for those of you who travel frequently and love to travel. Good luck!

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