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What is the Strawberry Generation? Here is the Full Explanation

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8 December 2022
What is the Strawberry Generation? Here is the Full Explanation

There are many terms embedded for each existing generation. One of them is a popular term that is becoming a hot topic of conversation on social media channels called the strawberry generation.

This term is generally aimed at the younger generation who are dependent on technology and social progress. Not a few people also use this term in a negative sense to show that this generation tends to be too weak, give up easily, and lose traditional values.

So, is that true? Let's peel one by one the discussion about the strawberry generation in the following article.


1. What is the Strawberry Generation?

The strawberry generation is a term that describes the phenomenon of today's young generation. Where they usually have high ideas and creativity, but when given a little pressure they break easily like strawberries.

As mentioned by Prof. Rhenald Kasali in his book entitled Strawberry Generation, he stated that this generation is a generation that has many bright ideas and high creativity. But unfortunately, they are very easy to give up, easily hurt, slow, selfish, and pessimistic about the future.

If traced back, the term strawberry generation first appeared in Taiwan to describe the younger generation who were born after 1981 (post-80) and have difficulty dealing with social pressure unlike their parents when they were young.

Over time, much debate has arisen regarding the existing year groupings for this term. Not a few people believe that the term is more appropriate for those who have behaved like a strawberry.

2. Characteristics of the Strawberry Generation

Not all young people can be called the strawberry generation. In fact, there are certain characteristics that make a person belong to this group. In general, this can be seen in social behavior and the world of work. The characteristics that appear for this generation are divided into two types as below.

2.1. Characteristics of the Strawberry Generation Positively

1. Likes Challenges

The strawberry generation tends to avoid monotony or the same routine. They like something new and challenging. This is considered quite good because it can help their career in the future.

2. Not only working for money

It is common knowledge that one of the goals of working is to make money to make a living. But the strawberry generation, they have a different perspective on work. For them, work is not only a matter of money but also the development of interests and talents (passion). This is also one of the reasons why this generation has a lot of creativity.

3. Dare to Express Opinions

They do not hesitate to express what they feel or the brilliant ideas they have. This is certainly good for supporting the progress of a business or company.

4. Easy to Adapt to Technology

The strawberry generation has a good understanding of technology. Their ability to easily adapt to the times can help various aspects of life to be better.

2.2 Characteristics of Strawberry Generation Negatively

1. Stuck in the Comfort Zone

Parenting plays an important factor in creating the strawberry generation. Parental education that spoils children too much can result in an unrealistic mindset. For example, in the field of work, many young people today tend to ask for a large salary without knowing whether their skill capacity is appropriate or not to market needs.

2. Not Having a Sense of Responsibility

There is an inherent reluctance in this generation to take responsibility for actions they consciously commit. Not infrequently, many of them even delegate the blame to others.

3. Easy to Give Up

This third characteristic is the hallmark of the strawberry generation which is easy to recognize. They are very fragile and easily succumb to various social pressures that arise around them. Making them very easy to complain and feel offended.

4. Have Unrealistic Expectations

Hopes and desires do not always materialize according to plan. This generation is known for having unrealistic expectations and often forcing their will. In the world of work, they are often labeled as slow, disobedient, arrogant, and selfish workers.


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3. Triggers the Emergence of Strawberry Generation

Quoted from a book written by Prof. Rhenald Kasali, there are several factors that trigger the emergence of the strawberry generation. These factors consist of the following:

Generasi Strawberry

Image Source: Pexels/cottonbro studio

3.1. Parenting

Parental education or upbringing has an important role in the growth and development of children, especially in building children's character. If parents are too indulgent, overprotective, and constantly interfere with what the child is facing, this will make children dependent on their parents, so they find it difficult to decide everything, good and bad for themselves.

Instead of getting too involved and 'driving' children, parents can act as adults who are able to provide opinions and enlightenment on a problem or decision. For example, telling the consequences of an action seen from various sides.

Teach children how to appreciate hard work by indirectly giving what children ask for, making them understand that everything requires process and struggle.

Apply a policy for the consequences that children do, and don't continuously neutralize their mistakes because this can have an impact on children's arbitrary, selfish, and always wanting to be understood.

3.2. Labeling or Calls Given by Parents

The trigger for the emergence of the second strawberry generation is the labeling or designation given by the parents. A word even though it is said accidentally can have a tremendous impact, especially if the word is said repeatedly. As today's parents often do by labeling their children using certain names. Both those with good connotations and words that should not be spoken.

For example, calling a child lazy, slow, incompetent, difficult to manage, and so on will have an effect on the child's mindset in the future. They will feel less confident in themselves and are reluctant to fight for what they want because they believe in what their parents have said.

Likewise labeling that has a positive meaning such as calling princess, the smartest child, the greatest child, and others will make children tend to get big heads and feel that they are always right, so they tend to find it difficult to accept the fact if there are other children out there who greater than them. Not infrequently, positive labeling on this one can also make children overconfident and become selfish.

3.3. Self Diagnose Without Expert

Advances in technology currently support our society to be more advanced and easy to get the latest information. But unfortunately, this convenience, it is not accompanied by sufficient literacy, so many generations of strawberries have swallowed everything without wanting to spend a little time digging into the truth.

For example, if something happened to them. They tend to ask Google or netizens directly on social media. This is not completely wrong, but the result will be different if they immediately believe without validating the truth.

As is the case with mental health. Many generations today are quite aware of the importance of maintaining mental health. But unfortunately, many of them tend to self-diagnose.

4. Steps to Become a Stronger Strawberry Generation

Even though it seems to have a bad connotation, the strawberry generation still has a positive side and excels in other things. Such as proficiency in using technology that makes them more adaptable to significant technological changes.

Then there is an attitude of being open to new, innovative, and creative challenges. They are also more courageous to speak up about what they feel and experience, concern for gender equality, and mental health issues.

Of the various problems that exist and the advantages possessed by the strawberry generation, of course, they can become even better individuals if they are given sufficient stimulus and support. As stated by Prof. Rhenald Kasali, there are various solutions that can be done to deal with this phenomenon.

1. Equip Yourself with Good Digital Literacy

Try not to take the information you receive for granted, be sure to validate it by reading trusted references or consulting directly with people who are experts in the field. Don't be in a rush to self-diagnose.

2. Parenting and Parental Support

Parents must be able to be good role models for their children and be firm about any consequences that are carried out by the child. Allow them to explore various things while continuing to educate them on the things they need to know about the outside world.

3. Education System

Each generation has its own uniqueness, including how to educate and transfer knowledge. Educators can adjust the way of teaching with the explorative attitude possessed by the strawberry generation.

Sobat BFI, that's a discussion regarding the strawberry generation. Basically, each generation has its own strengths and weaknesses. The most important thing is how we, as the previous generation or the current generation, can work hand in hand in creating a better civilization. Hopefully, this information can be useful for you.


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