The Best Time to Apply for a Fast Process Loan

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2 November 2021
The Best Time to Apply for a Fast Process Loan

Applying for a fast process loan is a common way to meet various financial needs in a short time. Unfortunately, there are still some people who fail when applying for a loan.

Mostly because the files do not meet the requirements or because the application submission time is not right.

So, when is the best time to apply for a loan?

The Best Time to Apply for a Fast Process Loan

When the Financial Condition is Prime

Fast funds that can be immediately disbursed a few days or weeks after applying for a loan are very tempting. But, can your current income pay the installments in full?

If the answer is no, you should not force yourself to apply for a loan, even if you managed to find a fast, low-interest loan. The best time to borrow funds is when your financial condition is really prime.

Need Emergency Fund

Almost everyone who applies for a loan reasoned to use it as an emergency fund. The emergency conditions in question are very diverse, such as medical expenses, education costs, house renovations, or other sudden conditions.

Emergency needs cannot wait because they must be resolved immediately. While there is no savings left in the account or other money savings. So it doesn't hurt to apply for a fast loan to trusted loan service.

It would be wise if you don't apply for a loan on a whim. If you want something, make sure that it is something important, not an unimportant need that can still wait.

Build a Business

Trusted fast loan service providers provide a variety of loans that can be accessed by all Indonesian people. And the product that is most frequently accessed is business capital loans.

So, it never hurts for you to take a loan to build a certain business. Whether it's a small, medium to high scale business.

But also make sure that the type of business you want to do has good prospects. So before applying for a loan, all business preparations must be done.

Because through business, you can get a lot of benefits, especially if the business that is run goes well according to plan. Loan funds can be repaid immediately, there will be no arrears.

Have a Fixed Income

In addition to having healthy finances, a person must also meet the requirements for submitting a loan application, namely a fixed income. So, even if you have remaining credit dependents, you can still make payments for the latest credit.

In contrast, if your income is not fixed or even insufficient, it is better if you refrain from applying for a loan, especially in large amounts. Besides being a high risk of being rejected, it also affects your monthly expenses.


That's the best time recommendation for someone to apply for a loan. If you plan to apply for a fast process loan in the near future, you can apply for a trusted loan at BFI Finance.

Just guarantee your vehicle BPKB or house certificate, you can get a disbursement of funds in a short time and low interest. Come on, apply for financing at BFI Finance!

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