Beware of These Things, Besides Illegal Online Borrowing!

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12 August 2021
Beware of These Things, Besides Illegal Online Borrowing!

The presence of online loan services makes it easier for people to meet various financial needs. However, you must still be careful not to get caught and apply for an illegal online loan. What are the characteristics of a loan that you should be aware of?

Fast online lending provides many benefits for the community. You don't need to go to the finance company's office to apply for a loan. It is enough to provide your personal data and the required documents online, and you can get the loan of funds needed in just a matter of days. The process is simple and uncomplicated, making it easier for people to meet their financial needs.

Unfortunately, this convenience is not accompanied by qualified education for some people. There are still many mistakes made by online loan customers. In addition to being trapped in illegal online borrowing, there are still some common mistakes made in applying for a loan.

What are the mistakes in applying for a loan that you should be aware of? Come on, see the full review below!

Not Considering Financial Ability

The first mistake that is often made by online borrowers is not considering financial capabilities. Keep in mind, that there is interest that accompanies the loan bill. Make sure that you apply for a loan that is not too large or that suits your needs and abilities.

You can do a loan simulation first to find out how much nominal bills you have to pay each month. For example, if you are only able to pay monthly installments of Rp. 1 million per month, do not apply for installments of more than Rp. 1 million.

Dig Hole Close Hole

Applying for a loan online is easy, but this often makes users unwise in applying for a loan. Many even use it to dig holes to cover holes. One loan has not been paid off, instead applying for another loan to pay off the previous loan. This is not wise and will actually make your financial situation worse. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply for a loan for consumptive needs.

Not Carefully Choosing Financial Institutions

Another mistake that is commonly made by online loan users is not being careful in choosing a financial institution. Not all loan services are legal and reliable. Make sure that the financial institution you are aiming for is registered with the OJK such as BFI Finance Indonesia. So, you don't get caught up in illegal online borrowing.

Those are some loan mistakes that you should avoid. Stay wise and alert, OK!

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