Is It Better to Sell a House, or Make a Certificate Guarantee Loan?

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15 April 2021
Is It Better to Sell a House, or Make a Certificate Guarantee Loan?

When you need big funds for important needs, the house can be a means for you to get additional funds. For example, by being sold or used as a certificate guarantee loan. But, which one is more profitable, right?

Selling or making your home as collateral for a certificate loan has its own advantages and risks. Of course, this decision also depends on your conditions and needs. If you sell a house, you cannot occupy the house once it has been sold. If you apply for a certificate guarantee loan, you can still live in the house after you have paid off the loan.

So, what do you need if you decide to apply for a certificate guarantee loan? Here are the requirements that must be considered before applying for a certificate guarantee loan!

Requirements for Prospective Borrowers

Of course, not everyone can just apply for a loan with a certificate guarantee. There are requirements that must be met by prospective borrowers. That is, the borrower must be aged 21 to 65 years, and have a fixed income for one year with the profession of an employee or entrepreneur. Some financial institutions also set a different minimum income. This is necessary in order to estimate the ability to pay the prospective borrower.

Certificate Guarantee Loan Document Requirements

In addition to the requirements for prospective borrowers, if you want to apply for a certificate guarantee loan, there are a number of documents that you must complete. This is done to estimate your profile as a potential debtor and the feasibility of the assets to be pledged as collateral. The required documents are approximate:

  • Certificates, IMB, PBB
  • SHM / SHGB in the name of yourself and/or partner
  • Salary Slips for the last 3-6 months (Employees)
  • Business legality ( SIUP, TDP, AKTA CV/AKTA PT, NPWP USHA) (Entrepreneur)
  • Current Account / Business Bookkeeping 6 Months – Last 1 Year

Guaranteed Asset Terms

Finally, make sure the house that you are going to guarantee meets the requirements. The reason is, not all houses can be used as collateral for loans. Houses that meet the requirements are houses that can be accessed by 1 car, not close to SUTET, public facilities, cemeteries, or flooded areas. This is because the finance company also considers that a house that does not meet the requirements does not have a high selling value.

If you decide to make a certificate guarantee loan, the preparation is more extra than selling it. However, there are various advantages that you get. In addition to the house that you guarantee can be lived again, you can also get a disbursement in a short time and a large enough fund.

You can apply for a home certificate guarantee loan at BFI Finance, where you can get a disbursement of funds up to 60% of the value of the house you guarantee. Come on, immediately apply for a certificate guarantee loan at the nearest BFI Finance!


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