Features of the Best Fast Process Loans

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22 October 2021
Features of the Best Fast Process Loans

Today, quite a lot of multipurpose loan companies carry out their operations online. Of course, this becomes an advantage for you, when you need an injection of funds for various purposes. It's just up to you to be smart in choosing the best fast-process loan that suits your circumstances.

Because it is related to money, the lender's activities are still monitored by the OJK, a financial service institution in Indonesia.

To avoid bad loans and other problems in the credit process, OJK also has its own provisions. These provisions can also be your reference when choosing a financial loan product.


Features of the Best Fast Process Loans

Before applying for a money loan, it's a good idea to first check the list of financial companies that have been registered with the OJK. A registered company means that it has complied with government regulations and regulations regarding online-based credit services.

The following are some of the best signs of a fast-process loan that you can consider.


A trusted fast process loan company certainly has legality in the form of a business entity. This has the aim of providing protection for consumers who apply for loans. The legality of the company is also a value for its own credibility, related to its financial health. If likened, how could a company that is not financially sound help your financial needs?

Interest Rate

Online financial solution providers generally apply a daily interest system. Now, the nominal interest applied by an OJK-licensed company must not exceed 1% per day. OJK views this regulation as a step to reduce the possibility of bad loans occurring during the credit period.

Customer Care

Another criterion that a trusted fast loan company must have is the availability of services for customers, which are commonly referred to as call centers. OJK requires lending companies to have this division handle customer complaints. So, choose a fintech company that has a fixed phone contact number, yes.


All transaction activities between finance companies and their customers must be carried out as transparently as possible. The element of transparency, in this case, is that customers or prospective customers must know from the start about the interest applied, maturity, calculation of fines and sanctions, and other sensitive matters.

The purpose of transparency according to OJK is so that customers can manage their finances after getting a loan. In the end, OJK always hopes that online bank customers will not be trapped in a debt hole because they fail to understand the provisions in lending and borrowing money online.

Application Status

One aspect of loan services is the speed of all the processes. Starting from submission, and verification, to disbursement of funds. All these processes can even be completed in just one day.

Well, a trusted finance company should have a place so that its customers can monitor the status of the application. How far has the process been, and whether or not the application submitted passed? This convenience is one part of the transparency described in the previous point.

Company Attitude toward Customers

Trusted loan companies certainly have good service standards. This is done because they are supervised by the OJK. The attitude of fintech companies when dealing with customers should not have an element of coercion. Even if they make an offer, the decision remains with the customer.

In addition, a trusted company will not ask for fees other than the loan discount fee. The fee will be withdrawn when the funds are ready to be disbursed. If you are required to pay additional fees in advance, then immediately report it to the OJK or YLKI which oversees the customers.

Thus, some of the points that characterize a best fast process loan company that has high credibility. If you need a quick and easy financial solution, BFI Finance is here to support all your financial needs.

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