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7 Ways to Save Electricity To Reduce Monthly Electricity Bills

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26 July 2022
7 Ways to Save Electricity To Reduce Monthly Electricity Bills

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, several sectors in Indonesia have also been affected. Including the economic sector. As a result, both individual and corporate economic activities were disrupted. At times like this, we must save our expenses as much as possible so that in the future we are not trapped in financial difficulties. In this review, BFI Finance Indonesia will provide tips so that you can save on one of the biggest expenses, namely electricity bills.

As of July 1, 2022, the Government of Indonesia has increased the basic electricity tariff for certain groups, namely non-subsidized household customers of 3,500 VA and above (R2 and R3) and government groups (P1, P1, and P3). For groups R2 and R3, the basic electricity tariff is set from Rp. 1,444,7 per kWh to Rp. 1,699.53 per kWh. Meanwhile, government customers with groups P1 and P3 from the original Rp. 1,444,7 per kWh to Rp. 1,699.53 per kWh. For the P2 class, from Rp. 1,114.74 kWh to Rp. 1,522.8 per kWh.

This electricity bill is of course always there every month. Because every house definitely needs electricity to carry out daily activities. Apart from this policy, this expenditure can actually be reduced every month. Here are 7 ways to save electricity that can help you reduce your electricity expenses.


7 Ways to Save Home Electricity, Effectively Reduce Monthly Electricity Bills

1. Turning Off Electronic Devices When Done

The first way to save electricity is to turn off electronic devices after use. This activity sounds trivial, but sometimes it is still often forgotten. What is often forgotten are the lights and television. Many of us encounter lights that stay on during the day even with sufficient natural lighting. This is what we do not realize makes electricity bills increase. In addition to turning it off manually, you can also use a timer or a reminder sticker pasted near the switch. That way, hopefully, you won't forget to turn off devices that are not in use. This includes unplugging the power cord from the socket when it is not in use. This is because a device whose cable is still plugged in will still absorb electrical power even when not in use. This method can save your electric power up to 30%, you know. Another alternative way to save electricity is to turn off the lights before bedtime.

2. Using Energy Saving Devices

If you want to replace electronic devices at home, be sure to buy electronic products that are energy efficient. For example AC, refrigerator, TV, and so on. Indeed, equipment like this is generally a bit more expensive. However, your electricity bill can be significantly reduced. Another way you can do this is to use substitution electronic devices that are more energy efficient. For example, replacing the air conditioner in the living room with a fan. In addition to keeping the room cool, electricity costs can be reduced.

In addition, the use of LED lights is the next way to save electricity that you can try. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, LED lamps can relieve 60% to 70% of the burden of electricity usage. The light produced by a 3-watt LED lamp is parallel to the light produced by a 40-watt incandescent lamp. In addition, the lifespan of LED lamps is longer than other types of lamps. Because 1 LED lamp can be used for up to 50,000 hours. Of course, this will cut the cost of replacing the lamp. Although LED lamps have a higher selling price compared to ordinary lamps, the effectiveness of using LED lamps can reduce the cost of electricity bills in the long term.

3. Cleaning Electronic Devices

Cleaning electronic devices often can also help you reduce electricity bills, you know. One of the electronic devices that must be cleaned frequently is the refrigerator and air conditioner. If the AC filter is dirty or ugly, dirt will more easily enter the AC engine and make the AC performance heavier. This causes more wasteful electricity consumption for the cooling process. Clean the refrigerator and air conditioner filters often so that electricity usage can be more efficient.

4. Using Prepaid Electricity

As you know, apart from providing a postpaid electricity meter, PLN also provides an alternative to using a prepaid electricity meter. You can try using a prepaid electricity meter to save on monthly electricity bills. Because with a prepaid system, you can adjust the amount of electricity consumption per month. With a prepaid system, you can control the use of household electrical equipment more wisely.

5. Use AC wisely

The average AC has electricity usage above 300 watts. This amount is sufficient to contribute to the amount of electricity bills per month. Using AC is beneficial because it can reduce the heat of the room, but be wise in its use. For example, by turning off the air conditioner if you go out of the house or only use it when it is bedtime.

An alternative to how to save electricity on this one is to use a fan or make good air ventilation so that the air that comes out is used as a natural air conditioner.

6. Adjust The Air Vents for Better Air Circulation

A good position of air ventilation determines the circulation of air in the room which is healthier and can be a source of natural lighting. A natural light source obtained from good air ventilation will save the use of electrical power during the day. In addition, the room will feel fresher, so it can also reduce the use of air conditioning.

7. Use The Refrigerator Wisely

The last way to save electricity is to use the refrigerator wisely. Refrigerators also contribute to the consumption of a fairly large amount of electricity, not much different from AC. Set the refrigerator temperature to a low temperature if you don't store too much food. In addition, if you travel out of the house for a long period of time, it is better to unplug the refrigerator so that the electricity bill does not run continuously and saves freon usage.


Well, hopefully, some of the ways to save electricity from BFI Finance above can help you reduce your monthly electricity costs. The tips above are also expected to help you if the policies set by the government have ended. It's a shame, isn't it, if the funds that should have been saved were actually used to pay excess electricity bills? Hopefully, you can reduce expenses at times like this and keep your finances healthy, yes.



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