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4 Ways to Prepare Vacation Funds Safely and Conveniently

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9 July 2022
4 Ways to Prepare Vacation Funds Safely and Conveniently

Can't believe it, in 6 months we will be dealing with the end of 2022. Who has planned a vacation agenda with family or relatives? Vacation activities are certainly very useful to restore our minds and energy so that we can carry out the next activity with more enthusiasm. Whether it's a staycation or a long-term vacation, it never hurts to give it a try! Well, in preparing for a long vacation, of course, there are a number of funds that must be prepared. In addition to saving, another alternative in preparing vacation funds is to apply for a trusted online loan in the form of a loan product for vacation expenses.

Careful holiday preparation is certainly needed so that the trip can be carried out smoothly. What are the things that must be considered in preparing for vacation costs? Come on, take a look at some of the following tips!


Tips for Preparing a Vacation Fund

Plan Vacation Budget

To get an idea of ​​​​the funds that we should spend on vacation, set an itinerary or travel plan in advance. This includes the estimated cost of accommodation, transportation, tourist destinations, and others. It is also recommended to set aside extra funds for emergency needs that may require funds outside the plan.

Making a Separate Savings

In preparing vacation funds, the main way to do it, of course, is to set aside some of your income. Now, in saving, prepare separate savings from the main savings. This is done so that the funds that have been prepared are not used for other purposes. The main savings are not drained and your cash flow is not disturbed. In addition, you can also take advantage of the year-end bonus or THR to increase your vacation savings.

Reduce Consumptive Expenditure

In addition to saving, a fairly effective way to prepare vacation funds is to reduce unnecessary, consumptive, or impulsive spending. For example, following a hedonistic lifestyle or shopping for things you don't really need. Although it looks trivial, this will make it difficult for you to raise funds for your vacation savings.

Customize Destinations With Ability

If you need additional funds in preparing vacation funds, there's nothing wrong with applying for a trusted online fund loan through a financing company whose credibility is guaranteed, and which provides vacation expense loan products that suit your needs. So, you can run your vacation plans without a hitch.

But it must be remembered, that when planning and budgeting a vacation, you still have to adjust it to your financial capabilities. Although you can get additional funds, but if the destination you are going to requires a budget that is more than it should be, there is nothing wrong with delaying until the funds are deemed sufficient so that the finances do not fall apart.

Types of Vacation Expenses That Often Appear

1. Accommodation

Accommodation costs cover the cost of where you live while on vacation. Make sure you can adjust your accommodation needs to the budget you have. You can choose from various types of accommodation such as hotels, hostels or villas. Renting hotels and villas as a place to rest for a while will certainly feel more comfortable. You can consider choosing a hostel or dormitory room that contains 4 to 8 shared beds to reduce your accommodation budget.

Some of the important things to consider in choosing accommodation are:

  • What facilities do you expect? Do you need wi-fi to support work, a spacious room for vacationing with family, and other considerations.
  • Distance from hotel to tourist attractions and city center
  • Price
  • Hotel cleanliness

2. Transportation

The cost of a vacation that goes into another top priority is none other than transportation costs. This fee includes the cost of going to and returning from the city where you are on vacation and attractions in that city. You can consider the choice of the most effective mode of transportation to use, whether by plane, train, bus, or private car. If you choose to use a plane, usually ticket reservations are made in advance to get cheap ticket prices.

You also have to compete with other travelers when hunting for tickets, because during the holiday season usually tickets for transportation modes such as planes and trains will run out faster. It's different if you use a private car as the main mode of transportation. You need to consider the cost of gas and tolls if any.

3. Meal Cost

Every time we visit a new tourist spot, of course, we want to try the city's traditional food. Allocate more money to try the city's specialties. In addition, do not forget to allocate the cost of regular meals three times a day. Of course, we don't want our stomachs to feel hungry and rumbling while exploring tourist attractions, right?

4. Entrance Fee for Attractions

There are times when we enter a tourist attraction that requires buying an entrance ticket. It would help if you did some research beforehand on which attractions require admission tickets and how much they cost. Usually, there are also tourist attractions that can be ordered online by purchasing tickets. Please take advantage of these conditions because it will make it easier for us without having to queue long when compared to buying tickets on the spot.

5. Shopping for Personal Necessities

It doesn't feel complete, BFI pal, if you visit a new tourist spot but don't have the city's typical souvenirs. Yep, it never hurts to budget for buying souvenirs typical of the tourist city you are visiting or items that can't be found in the city you come from. However, you must still be able to control your expenses. Don't go crazy shopping!

6. Souvenirs

The next vacation budget that you need to consider is the budget for buying souvenirs. This gift budget is not mandatory, BFI friends. If you have more budget, it never hurts to allocate this budget. You can buy gifts for your family or relatives as a token of gratitude. The souvenirs can be in the form of souvenirs or typical food of the tourist city.

7. Unexpected Costs

The final vacation budget that you need to prepare is the number of funds to deal with unexpected conditions. Of course, no one can predict the activities that will happen to us next, so it is advisable to allocate 10% of your vacation funds for unexpected expenses.

So, those are tips for preparing vacation funds and the types of vacation expenses that often appear. Hopefully, the above article can help you plan your vacation well, yes.

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