12 Easy Ways to Start a Property Business Without Capital, Everyone Can Try!

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13 July 2022
12 Easy Ways to Start a Property Business Without Capital, Everyone Can Try!

The property business is one of the most profitable businesses. This business is in great demand because the need for housing, business space, and property prices will always increase from time to time.

Unfortunately, many people think that if you want to start this business, you must have large capital. In fact, this one business can be run by anyone as long as they know-how and are willing to take advantage of opportunities, including young people, housewives, or those who are looking for additional income. You can get started without any capital!

Interested in knowing more about the property business? Here's how you can start this business starting from zero or without capital. See how through the following description.


What is Property Business?

The property business is a business that is engaged in asset ownership. The assets that are traded vary widely, ranging from places of residence: to houses, apartments, villas, and boarding houses. Commercial property or place of business: shophouses, malls, hotels, office buildings, factories, manufacturers, and many more.

This business not only trades assets but also includes leasing. In addition, the property business can be run individually (individually) or by companies such as developers, property developers, capital gains, and others.

Property Business Type

This type of business is divided into 2, namely the conventional/ordinary property business or the ones we often encounter everywhere, and the sharia property business (property business that is in accordance with Islamic religious law).

Conventional Property Business

This property business runs like the property business in general and follows the property business rules that apply in Indonesia. The regulation is contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Number 11/PRT/M/2019 concerning the Preliminary Sale and Purchase Agreement System (PPJB) for houses.

Sharia Property Business

The sharia property business is different from the usual or conventional property business. The business model applied is the concept of buying and selling Islamic sharia. Here are things you should know if you want to run a sharia property business.

  • Sharia property businesses must avoid things that are prohibited in Islam, for example, loans with interest or usury.

  • Mortgages can partner with Islamic banks.

  • There is no element of monopoly and one must avoid uncertainty in the object of buying and selling.

  • The properties sold are used for needs that do not violate Islamic teachings.

  • All transactions use sharia schemes or contracts.

  • Forbid bribery.

  • The sharia property business is a business model based on the concept of buying and selling Islamic sharia.

The Advantages of Business Property

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Starting a property business as an independent agent or intermediary has several advantages that you should consider. Among them are:

Minimal Capital Doesn't Even Require Capital At All

The property business does not require a lot of capital and can even be started without capital. One way is to become an independent property agent or commonly referred to as a broker. You only need to be an intermediary for buying and selling assets owned by people around you, acquaintances, or collaboration with other brokers.

Selling Value Always Up

The selling value of assets or property always increases every year, this is based on the fact that the human need for housing continues to increase. With an increase in the selling value of the property, you will get a good competitive commission.

Minimal Risk

Because this business can run without a capital, the risk you receive is minimal. You don't have to be afraid of losing if the assets you offer don't sell. Because the profits you get come from commissions or profit-sharing.

Earn Full Commission

Another advantage that you get when you start this property business as an independent agent or broker, you will get a full commission rather than being an agent for a property company. This is because property companies apply a number of commission deductions from the sale of existing assets.

No Special Requirements Needed

As we mentioned earlier, anyone can start this business and become an independent property agent or realtor. You don't need to go to any specific education or vocational school. Enough with the willingness to learn and never give up.

Chance to Get More Clients

Becoming an independent property agent gives you the flexibility to search for and offer available property assets. This is an advantage for you because you can reach more consumers.

12 Easy Ways to Start a Property Business Without Capital

Speaking Skills That Sell

Although this business can be started without any capital, communication skills are one of the main requirements. Through good communication skills, you will be able to convey information precisely and clearly.

Cooperating with Developers

Starting a property business without any capital? Not a problem! You can collaborate with developers to become part of their agency.


Make sure you fully understand the property for sale. The things you need to understand include the following.

  • Price information

  • Location

  • Facility

  • Infrastructure

  • Business needs

  • Climate

  • Flood-prone area or not

  • Location near the highway

  • Access to nearby places

Business Brand 

Even though you can do this business alone, it never hurts to create a business brand so that your property business is easily recognized by many people.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is a strategy that cannot be underestimated. You can take advantage of the widespread use of social media to advertise existing properties and attract more potential buyers. To advertise it, you can choose Paid Ads or paid ads. From this ad, you can target an audience based on geographic location, age, gender, and others.

Expand Networking

Doing business is closely related to many people because without communication with other people, how can we succeed in selling a product or service? This also applies to the property business.

The more relationships you have, the wider the possibility for you to get prospective buyers or the latest information about the property. So, try to be a person who is easy to get along with!

Starting From the Environment

Opportunities can come from anywhere, including the surrounding environment such as neighbors, relatives, friends, or people around us who we don't really know. If they plan to sell or buy an asset in the form of a house or land, you can take the initiative to offer yourself as an intermediary. By becoming an intermediary you have the opportunity to earn commissions or money for the services you have provided.

Diligently Check Ads

Seems trivial but can actually be a way to earn money, diligently checking ads can give you a lot of useful information. For example, knowing the property market of an area, the potential of a particular area, and knowing the market price as a comparison so that the price of assets sold later is not too cheap or expensive.


Honesty is the main point that we must uphold as property businessmen. By being honest, we will be able to gain the trust of potential buyers. This trust will later help us in achieving a good reputation in the eyes of consumers and existing businesses can run smoothly in the future.

Looking for Partners

Interested in expanding consumer coverage in other regions? Looking for a partner can be a solution for you. The reason is, that partners or better known in property business terms as co-brokers can help you to get listings and other useful information related to property.

Looking for Employees

In addition to luck, the success factor of a business lies in the persistence and hard work that we strive for. If your business is growing and gaining more customers, you can hire new employees as your assistant. For example, to schedule a meeting or recap data from sales.

Setting Aside Some of the Profits

Not everyone is able to set aside the profits obtained well enough. One of them is to set aside existing profits to be set aside in part to expand or develop the business. Because it is not impossible that this property business can become even bigger if you are well known by many people.

Broker License

Interested in becoming a real estate sales agent or professional broker?

You can take training through the Property Broker Professional Certificate Institute (LSP). This license will be very useful for your future career. By having this certificate, the property agent is considered to have the ability to carry out work as a broker.

Property agents who are interested in getting a certificate or license can come to the LSP Property Brokerage Secretariat on Jl Jambu No. 2, Menteng, Central Jakarta (Tel: 021-3909913).

If you live outside Jakarta and Java Island, the LSP Property Broker will come directly if there are many who want to get a certificate/license.

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