10 Tips for Starting a Skincare Business for Beginners and Its Product

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15 September 2022
10 Tips for Starting a Skincare Business for Beginners and Its Product

The skincare business is one of the hottest businesses in 2022. This is of course in line with the trend of beauty and body care in Indonesia, which is increasingly booming. The quality of local skincare products is no less good than foreign products.

This business can also be regarded as a promising business opportunity. The reason is, that the need for healthy and well-groomed skin care will continue to exist, especially for women.

So, what should we prepare if we want to be in the skincare business? Immediately, let's look at the tips for starting a skincare business on this one!


1. Tips for Starting a Skincare Business A la BFI Finance

There are many ways you can do to start a business. However, in starting a skincare business you can apply the following methods, especially for beginners.

1.1. Determine the Type of Business

Starting a skincare business does not have to be a large capital or must have a place of business. You can start with an adequate budget. One way that you can take is to start this business through a drop shipper or with a courier service.

Both options are quite easy to work with, you only need a mobile phone and a stable internet network, and the courage to offer products online.

1.2. Understand the Latest Trends and Do Market Research

Understanding the latest industry trends can bring you great opportunities. This can be started by doing research and understanding skin and beauty problems that exist in society. For example, the most common problem is dull skin and acne. In addition, beauty trends such as smooth, healthy, supple, and radiant faces.

From this skincare business market research, you can get various kinds of insight into skincare products that are in demand by the public. So, later you will not be confused to choose what product to sell.

1.3. Determine the Target Market

With the development of the era, the skincare products that are present in the community are also increasingly diverse. This of course has been adapted to the needs of the skin types of Indonesians who are very diverse.

Well, leaving from here you can start determining what kind of products and skincare you will sell and the target market or consumers that will be offered later.

For example, acne skin problems are common among teenagers. You can sell special acne skin care products that contain active ingredients that can help heal and disguise acne scars. The target market itself can start from the age of 15 to the '20s.

Or if you want to focus on selling products with a target market of mothers or adult women, you can focus on selling Anti Aging products that help disguise signs of premature aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, and others.

In essence, by determining the target market, it will be easier for you to formulate the right marketing strategy and promotion of the skincare business.

1.4. Choose a Trusted Supplier

So that your business can run well and avoid customer complaints and the availability of stock is always there, make sure to choose a trusted supplier or distributor, yes!

Choosing a supplier that suits your skincare business needs is not easy. You need to do research and make comparisons from one supplier to another before establishing yourself to choose 1 supplier.

If you have succeeded in choosing the right supplier, don't forget to maintain the best possible communication and relationship so that existing business barriers can be minimized.

1.5. Make sure the product is safe and has a distribution permit

Selling skincare products can't just sell. You also have to ensure the safety of the products you sell and of course have an official distribution permit, which is registered with BPOM and DinKes.

Surely you don't want to have to accept a series of complaints from people who actually feel aggrieved because their skin is damaged by fake products?

In addition, there are clear regulations governing the circulation of cosmetic products where you can be ensnared in Article 197 of the Health Law with a maximum imprisonment of 15 years and a maximum fine of 1 billion 500 million rupiahs if you are proven to be selling illegal goods, or skincare products. dangerous.

1.6. Intensively Promotion and Dissemination of Educational Information on Social Media

Social media has a very strong influence in disseminating a variety of information. Its existence which has become a part of our daily life makes social media an ideal habitat to promote your skincare business.

Try to do a soft selling marketing strategy to attract many customers while contributing to educating many people about the importance of using skincare products for a long period of time.

As tips for using social media as promotional advice, you can apply the following methods:

1. Prioritize the visual appearance or product images as attractive as possible

2. Use simple copy or product descriptions but have high selling power

3. Create attractive promotions related to the products you sell. For example, discounted skincare price promos, giveaways, and so on. This aims to attract more people to visit your store's social media pages.

1.7. Take advantage of the presence of Ecommerce / Marketplace

In today's era to offer products can be done in various ways without having to offer directly. One of them is utilizing technological innovations such as e-commerce or marketplaces to introduce your skincare business.

The marketplace is an ideal place to sell because like a supermarket, in the marketplace we can find anything. People also tend to buy a lot of things at once when using them. On the other hand, the marketplace also offers attractive benefits for both sellers and buyers, such as free shipping vouchers.

Some great tips for selling products on e-commerce platforms:

1. Make sure the product name is clear

2. There is a product description and brief information about the store. For example, delivery hours and how to choose a variant of skincare products

3. Product photos and videos are clear and attractive

4. Include genuine testimonials from satisfied buyers

5. Install prices that are competitive with competitors. For example Rp500 - Rp1,000 cheaper

6. Package products safely and uniquely, you can also embed a thank you card in which there is a little information about your store

1.8. Work with Influencers

To increase sales and brand awareness of the skincare business, you can use influencer services as your marketing strategy. Namely by using paid promote or endorsement.

As a tip, choose influencers with a good track record and self-image, genuine followers, and actively interacting with existing followers. Also, make sure to choose an influencer that fits your budget.

1.9. Use the Ads Feature on Social Media

The existence of the ads feature available on social media will really help your skincare business to reach more customers. Choose one or two ad features available on social media with the most target market.

If you are still in doubt, you can try doing A/B testing by trying the minimal ads budget feature. As long as the ad target is right, there will definitely be people who are interested in just visiting and even buying your product.

1.10. Prioritize Service Quality

The last skincare business tip is to prioritize service quality. Good service or service is very, very important in maintaining the continuity of your business. Good and satisfying service will make your customers feel happy, satisfied, and comfortable shopping.

This can also be a clever tactic to maintain good relations with customers, so they are more likely to order or buy the products we sell.

Some of the ways you can do in providing good service include:

1. Provide special offers or promos

2. Provide product bonuses to customers

3. Provide special prices for loyal customers

4. Package products safely, uniquely, and eye-catching

5. Serve kindly and patiently

2. The Most Interested Skincare Recommendation

Planning to sell skincare but still confused about choosing the right product to sell? The following skincare recommendations can be a worthy reference!

Bisnis Skincare

Image Source: Unsplash/Kevin Laminto

2.1. Moisturizer

Moisturizer is one of a series of facial treatments that should not be missed and is classified as 'basic skincare' after facewash or face wash. Having the function of maintaining skin moisture and elasticity, this one product will certainly always be hunted by anyone.

There are various types of moisturizers out there and certain brands that are loved by skincare lovers, you can choose brands with affordable prices that are widely used by the public so you will have no trouble selling them.

2.2. Sunscreen

Like moisturizers, sunscreens also include a series of 'basic skincare' that are no less important. The use of sunscreen is considered very important and mandatory in order to protect the skin layer from various damages caused by exposure to direct sunlight.

2.3. Acne Fighter Kit

Acne is the most common problem for many people. Acne-prone skin can be caused by various factors such as hormones, lifestyle, to the use of inappropriate make-up or skincare.

Since this is something that is common and experienced by many people, you will have no problem selling it. It's just that you need to pay attention to the content or ingredients in it. Because not all acne has the same solution.

2.4. Whitening Series

Beauty trends that are currently oriented to South Korea make many people flock to be beautiful, smooth, and with radiant supple skin. You can use this trend as an opportunity to sell products that focus on brightening the skin. For example, products with Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and so on as ingredients.

2.5. Anti-Aging

Looking young with healthy and well-groomed skin is a dream for many people, especially women. Anti-aging products are never empty of fans from time to time. In fact, research and product innovation continue to be carried out in order to present the best products that are able to overcome various complaints. For example, minimizing wrinkles, disguising black spots, and tightening the skin.

3. Easy Ways to Get Business Capital

That's how to start a skincare business, especially for beginners. Are you getting more and more interested in trying it? If you are interested in getting started but find it difficult to get capital, BFI Finance can be the solution!

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